ASIC to lobby Govt for metadata access, from AU #cloud #cloudcomputing

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has expressed concern at being excluded from the initial batch of approved agencies under the Government’s mandatory data retention scheme, and has promised to apply for access within six months of the scheme’s implementation. The Government’s Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) Bill 2014 will allow organisations classified as “criminal law enforcement agencies” to access metadata stored for two years under the regime without a warrant.,asic-to-lobby-govt-for-metadata-access.aspx

Qld Govt lawyers up for battle against IBM

The Queensland Government has hired Minter Ellison lawyers to argue its case against technology giant IBM, as it goes after compensation for the botched replacement of Queensland Health payroll systems. The appointment of the top tier law firm to the case marks the first public step the state has taken in its legal battle to secure compensation from its former contractor since it filed a statement of claim in the Queensland Supreme Court in December 2013.,qld-govt-lawyers-up-for-battle-against-ibm.aspx

Spoilt for choice in a hot cloud computing market, from AU

Australia is now awash with public cloud providers. Here’s what you need to know to make a decision. Choice abounds for Australian customers looking to outsource computing infrastructure to the cloud. Besides Australian facilities by US providers Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Rackspace, there’s now also Microsoft’s Australian Azure, IBM’s SoftLayer, Fujitsu and Macquarie Telecom among others. Next year they’ll be joined by VMware’s vCloud Air with Telstra – which already has other cloud offerings – while the federal government will be served its own trio of dedicated clouds from Telstra, DiData and SAP.

IT departments in Singapore still struggle to meet employee expectations: Telstra

Majority of IT leaders in Singapore (98 percent) find it a challenge to effectively implement all the technology tools employees expect to use to communicate in the workplace. This is according to a new Telstra research conducted by market research company Vanson Bourne, which polled 675 IT decision makers across Singapore, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, United States and Australia.

5 Australian Companies That Took Their Brands Global

Australia is one of the most affluent and advanced countries in the world, and it is home to many multinational companies. These companies managed to achieve success both domestically and globally because they are able to develop great products and marketing campaigns that are appealing to consumers around the world. Businesses of all sizes can learn valuable lessons from them. Here is a look at a few of the top Aussie companies that succeeded in taking their brands global.

Data analytics lab in Melbourne will aid in smart city development

National ICT Australia (NICTA) has launched a data analytics lab this week in collaboration with RMIT University. Professor Mark Sanderson, Deputy Head Researcher of the Computer Science and Information Technology of RMIT University told FutureGov that the lab will improve how information is transmitted and analysed in transport and healthcare systems. “It might be that you have sensors that are telling you on how your roads are being used, or the number of passengers that you have on a train, or just the way that people are accessing your website

Australian Govt to rethink cyber security strategy

The Australian Government will soon seek advice from industry on a proposed update to the nation’s cyber security strategy, giving in to calls to review the ageing policy in light of a vastly different technological landscape. The existing cyber security strategy [pdf] was written in 2008 and introduced by the former Labor Government in late 2009. It aimed to increase the country’s awareness of and reaction to cybercrime incidents, and ensure government and local businesses used secure and resilient IT infrastructure.,australian-govt-to-rethink-cyber-security-strategy.aspx

Southern Cross Cable telcos ‘partnered’ with spy agencies

Telcos and network providers on the main cable system connecting Australia and New Zealand to the United States provided interception capability to British and American spy agencies, according to documents leaked by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden. Four global telcos and network providers operating on Southern Cross – BT, Vodafone, Level 3 and Global Crossing – are listed in the leaked documents under their codenames REMEDY, GERONTIC, LITTLE and PINNAGE respectively.,southern-cross-cable-telcos-partnered-with-spy-agencies.aspx

Australian Govt rolls out cybercrime reporting site

The Federal Government today launched a new website aimed at providing a secure way of reporting cybercrime incidents such as identity theft and online fraud. Dubbed ACORN (Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network), the website will enable the public to report cases of cybercrime and also offer information to the public on how to avoid such attacks.,australian-govt-rolls-out-15m-cybercrime-reporting-site.aspx

NEXTDC: How to get 3626% revenue growth, from AU

The first thing you notice when you walk into data centre operator NEXTDC’s Sydney facility is that the business is serious about security. Not one but two fingerprint impressions are taken, with the prints saved as an algorithm and stored on your identity access card. No one gets into the building – the front of which is made from bullet-resistant glass – without security clearance. The airlock entrance offers extra protection, just in case an intruder is able to climb the 2.1-metre anti-scale fence that surrounds the facility. More than 160 cameras monitor the building.

Sydney CRM vendor launches Australia-New Zealand partner program

Australian customer relationship management software company Tall Emu CRM has today launched a two-tier partner program to recruit resellers and affiliates across Australia and New Zealand to provide its customer sales and marketing platform to the small to medium sized businesses it is designed for, many of whom are in regional or remote areas.

Netflix sets sail for Asia-Pacific with launches in Australia and New Zealand

Currently, there are around 340,000 people watching Netflix in Australia. This would be considered normal, except for one very odd fact: Netflix isn’t officially available in Australia as yet. At the moment these users are accessing the US version of Netflix by using a VPN and paying with a non-US credit card which Netflix, unlike competitors such as Amazon, allows you to do.

Aus Govt CTO readies cloud email, desktop services

Australian Government CTO John Sheridan has revealed the Department of Finance will go to market to set up whole-of-government email and desktop-as-a-service buying schemes in 2015-16. Speaking at the GovInnovate conference in Canberra today, Sheridan said a second draft of a scoping study into the ‘GovMail’ and ‘GovDesk’ cloud-based procurement options – undertaken by Deloitte – is “in my inbox”.,aus-govt-cto-readies-cloud-email-and-desktop-services.aspx

Defence spends $50m to upgrade RAAF’s air traffic systems, from AU

The Royal Australian Air Force will receive three new mobile air traffic management and control systems as part of a $50 million contract awarded under the Defence department’s ten-year effort to overhaul its air traffic control infrastructure. The new contract – which replaces an almost 20 year arrangement with Raytheon – will see the RAAF make use of two new rapidly deployable systems and one larger air traffic management and control system courtesy of global air system provider Indra.,defence-spends-50m-to-upgrade-raafs-air-traffic-systems.aspx

Vic Coalition promises $25m for police smart devices, from AU

A re-elected Victorian Coalition government will spend $25 million on equipping the state’s police force with mobile devices, Police Minister Kim Wells announced today. He pledged the money towards a four-year ‘tech policing fund’ that will pay for projects leveraging technology to keep police out of the office and on the beat. Victorian police officers currently spend just over half of their day out in the community, with much of the remainder dedicated to filling out paperwork in the office.,vic-coalition-promises-25m-for-police-smart-devices.aspx

Financial managers tight-fisted on cloud, from AU

The survey found interest in cloud computing to be high, but only 37 percent of financial managers agreed or strongly agreed with the premise that hosted applications could help them reduce costs. They also remained unconvinced that cloud could help them reduce the time needed to deploy new tools that would facilitate faster analysis and improved business planning.

Telstra to create Government Cloud

To help drive the adoption of Cloud services within the public sector, Telstra has announced it will create a Cloud environment built specifically for federal, state and local government. In a statement, Telstra said the Government Cloud was a key milestone in the implementation of its long term Cloud strategy, which is to offer customers scalable and flexible Cloud services.

Data sovereignty preventing Australian Crime Commission going cloud first

Data sovereignty is one of the biggest barriers to the Australian Crime Commission putting all of its data on a shared cloud system, Narelle Lovett, CTO of the agency has told FutureGov. Third party servers for cloud are often placed in another country, she said, so Australia may face challenges if the government in that jurisdiction asks for information hosted on the servers. “There’s a court case in Ireland at the moment where the US government is asking Microsoft for Irish data,” she said. “One of the reasons we haven’t moved to cloud is because of the data sovereignty issue… it has to be on Australian soil.”

Alipay Expands Internet Payment Services To Australia

Chinese third-party Internet payment service provider announced that the company has established a new subsidiary in Sydney, Australia. Alipay will reportedly continue with a local joint venture with Paybang to meet the shopping demands of Australian and Chinese consumers. Alipay will also work together with Australia Post to promote Alipay shopping cards in 4,400 local retailing sites. With those cards, Australian consumers will be able to directly purchase products from and

SA Minister apologises for handling of rego systems outage

South Australia’s Public Sector Minister, Susan Close, has publicly apologised for the poor handling of a day-long outage which shut down the state’s vehicle registration system. Close yesterday read out a statement in the state’s parliament acknowledging that the government’s response to the outage “was not adequate” and promised that its communications strategy was “being reviewed so that we have an improved response should a similar event occur in the future”.,sa-minister-apologises-for-handling-of-rego-systems-outage.aspx