Mobile network operators try to develop OTT apps of their own

BKAV, known in Vietnam as the leading Internet security firm, has officially joined the OTT market with its launch of Btalk, an app that allows users to make calls and send messages free of charge. The quality of Btalk is still uncertain. However, Nguyen Tu Hoang, Vice President of BKAV, said Btalk’s mission is to replace Viber, a very popular app among Vietnamese at present. Hoang hopes to make Btalk succeed in Vietnam, and then reach out to the world. Viber reportedly has 10 million users in Vietnam.

Will Btalk replace Viber as most popular OTT app for Vietnamese?

One month after VNG, the developer of Zalo, announced that Zalo had attracted10 million users, BKAV, known as an Internet security service provider, stirred up the public when it introduced its own OTT app, Btalk. Deputy Chair of BKAV, Nguyen Tu Hoang, at the Btalk launching ceremony, said that the mission of the OTT app is to replace Viber in Vietnam and reach out to the world market in the near future.