BPhone maker has trouble in domestic market

VietnamBKAV initially stated that the first batch of products would be delivered to customers on June 11. However, at the last minute, BKAV said the delivery would come one week later. Do Thu Hang, BKAV’s PR Director, said since there are some changes in upgrading some apps on operating systems in the MADA (Mobile Application Distribution Agreement) signed between Google and OEMs (original equipment manufacturer), BKAV will need more time to update the upgrades. Do Hoai Nam, a technology expert, said he advocates the BKAV decision on delaying the delivery.


Here’s Vietnam’s first homegrown smartphone

VietnamHere’s another huge Vietnamese company that you’ve probably never heard of: Bkav. It’s one of Vietnam’s oldest and most established tech companies but most people – even in the country – barely even know about it. If a Vietnamese person does recognize Bkav, they probably know the firm’s free antivirus software and might possibly know of Bkav’s outspoken founder, Nguyen Tu Quang. But Bkav is a company with technology interests that span security software and services to smart home hardware – and now a new phone called the Bphone.