Jas Mobile said to give up on funding for 900-MHz bid

ThailandTelecom Asia — Rumors that Jas Mobile has given up on securing funding for its 900-MHz auction have been given credence by a story in the Bangkok Post that said CEO Pete Bodharamik had given up and wants the regulator to simply seize the auction deposit and be done with it. The story quotes a series of anonymous sources stating that Pete’s father, former Commerce Minister Adisai Bodharamik, wants his son to continue the fight to launch a new mobile service to compliment its fixed-line broadband network.


Thailand may need replacement 900-MHz auction

ThailandTelecom Asia — Thai telecom regulator NBTC is reportedly preparing for the possibility of having to conduct a replacement auction round for 900-MHz spectrum, due to rumors one of the winning bidders of last month’s huge auction may be unable to pay.


Jasmine targets 10% market share in five years

ThailandTelecom Asia — Jasmine, a winner of last week’s marathon 87-hour Thai 900-MHz auction, will build on its fixed line market and existing retail networks to pursue a rapid expansion. The company will target 2 million subscribers in its first year rising to 5 million subscribers and 10% of the $8.3 billion (300-billion baht) mobile and IoT market in three years.


True, Jasmine win 87-hour 900-MHz bid for $4.2b

ThailandTelecom Asia — After 87 hours of bidding, Jasmine and True emerged victorious in the 4G auction that netted the Thai government a staggering $4.2 billion (151.95 billion baht), with each operator securing a coveted 900-MHz licence. The auction which started at 9 AM on 15 December ended after 199 rounds at a quarter past midnight on 19 December.