Spark data centre reaping energy savings

New ZealandDatacenter News — A new cooling system means Spark is saving a street’s worth of energy every year, according to a company statement. The New Zealand telecommunications firm says a new cooling system implemented in one of its Central Auckland data centres has turned into an annual energy savings equivalent to more than 45 homes.

New Zealand expands mobile phone coverage in rural areas

New ZealandEnterprise Innovation — New Zealand has added 15 new cell towers to existing networks to expand mobile coverage to more than 1,700 square kilometres of rural areas. This development was a result of the auction of the 700 MHz band of radio spectrum  won by Spark and Vodafone in 2014.

Infrastructure Report: Demand for mobile data surges

New ZealandNZ Herald — Spark saw a surge in the amount of data traffic humming through its cables and airwaves earlier this year. Chief operating officer David Havercroft says though the company anticipated and planned for an increase in data demand and had invested in the necessary infrastructure, the jump was sudden. “We worked on the assumption there would be a 100 per cent year-on-year growth in data. That’s more or less been the case,” Havercraft says.