MyCHAT to get mobile payments, from Myanmar

MyanmarMyanmar Times  — MyPAY will operate like a mobile wallet, and users can deposit money on the app by visiting registered cash points staffed by agents, he said, adding the firm plans to offer peer-to-peer as well as peer-to-merchant services. Its parent, MySQUAR, announced yesterday it has linked up with MyPAY, a new company specialising in solving Myanmar’s mobile payment problems.

As Myanmar’s mobile, internet penetration soar, social payments could be next

MyanmarTech in Asia — The Myanmar market is getting online micropayments through social media, thanks to a deal between Singaporean social payments company Fastacash and MyPay, a Myanmar-focused payments provider. Fastacash will make a strategic investment into MyPay, powering the latter’s payments system with its paying-through-your-social-networks tech.