Crisis Management | Cyber Attack A Top Threat To Businesses, Study Shows, from Macau

MacaoMacau Daily Times — The Business Continuity Institute’s (BCI) Horizon Scan report was presented yesterday at the Asia Emergency Management Conference 2016 (AEMC), revealing that cyber attacks were the number one threat to businesses across the globe. Horizon Scan, an annual research report, is a tool used by those working in the fields of business continuity and risk or resilience, according to BCI’s community engagement manager David West.

Crisis management | Cyber attack a top threat to businesses, study shows

Communications Expo Held in Macao

A massive IT exhibition has been held in Macau. This year’s Macau Communication Expo has played host to over 70 companies from various parts of Asia. Ma Zhiguang headed the expo’s prep-committee. “Communication technology now plays a more and more important role in Macau’s economy, accounting for a higher proportion of the economy. With multiple large-scale entertainment projects in use by 2016, Macau’s economy is going to hit new heights. To plan ahead, Macau needs to advance its 4G technology, wifi and fiber optics. The SAR also needs a new data center and better cloud-computing. This will make Macao a real digital city, and will provide high-quality services for both locals and tourists in Macau.” Over 170-booths had displays at this weekend’s event in Macau.