Shinra’s ‘persistent world’ platform rethinks the cloud-based video game

JapanSquare Enix made its reputation on console games. Its new Shinra subsidiary is working on a platform that aims to change how online gamers interact with digital worlds. Imagine playing a video game that is so realistic that the world within it continued to change regardless of whether you were playing it. Imagine a game that responds to the way you play it, devising intelligent strategies based on your tactics. The strategies of the game—perhaps its very structures and geography—would be different from one visit to the next.

Final Fantasy XV Demo Release Date Not Yet Confirmed

Square Enix clarified that the release date of Final Fantasy XV demo is not yet confirmed, in contrast with the reports of March 2015 as its launching date. The Japanese video game developer and publisher has announced earlier this week that a demo code for Final Fantasy XV would be packaged along with the copies of Final Fantasy Type-0. However, Dan Seto, a member of the Square Enix community team, denied the reports on the said release date and added more details.

Square Enix announces Shinra Technologies, a new cloud gaming service for 2015

Square Enix unveiled Shinra Technologies at Tokyo Game Show today, a new cloud gaming business to be led by Yoichi Wada, former president of Square Enix. Shinra Technologies, named after the organization from Final Fantasy 7, is headquartered in New York City with offices in Tokyo and Montreal. The new company has partnered with Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios, which also has offices in New York, to develop games and technology.