Indonesia’s only 4G service breaks hearts with stealthy price hike

Bolt, Indonesia’s only 4G mobile internet service, has been a ray of light for Indonesia’s techies since it launched 10 months ago. But the way the company is treating its users lately, it’s likely a backlash is coming. Operating in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi areas, Bolt currently serves over 750,000 users  in Indonesia – many of whom will notice big changes in the next billing cycle. The company has very stealthily increased prices and slashed data plans, without making any formal announcements on its website or social media accounts.

Indonesia’s Bolt launched 4G smartphones, targets 500,000 new users

Last year Bolt  entered the scene and became Indonesia’s first 4G internet provider with its two pocket wifi modems. Following nine months of strong growth, the company on Thursday launched its first handsets. Dubbed “Powerphone ,” Bolt hopes the Android-powered smartphones will attract more users to the fledgling internet provider.