China Unicom, China Telecom setting up FDD LTE networks, say reports

ChinaDigi Times — China Unicom and China Telecom have been actively establishing FDD LTE networks in China since they obtained FDD LTE licenses in late February 2015, and aim to complete installing 500,000 and 460,000 base stations, respectively, by the end of 2015, according to China-based media reports.

Forget WeChat: China’s coolest new messaging app changes the game with selfies

The strength of China’s web giants and the diversity of its startups usually means that no one service dominates to the extent that, say, Google or Facebook does in other nations. But that hasn’t been true of messaging apps. To chat with a buddy in China, you use WeChat. There are other apps, but WeChat is the only real show in town, with well over 430 million active users to prove it. But that’s not stopping local startups from making new messaging apps. One of the newest and definitely the coolest of these is CatchChat . It’s based around selfies – or any kind of photo and video you want to share – with the option of overlaying some text.