Alibaba Cloud expands Singapore data center

SingaporeDatacenter Dynamics — The cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group has established a second availability zone in Singapore, which it says will provide higher capacity to meet enterprise users’ demands for high availability cloud services and disaster recovery. Alibaba Cloud set up an international headquarters in Singapore last year, and also established a local data center – its second overseas facility at the time, to provide enhanced cloud and big data services across Southeast Asia.

Alibaba cloud services business poised for record growth as global market expands

ChinaSMCP — Alibaba Cloud, a subsidiary of e-commerce titan Alibaba Group, has become the largest cloud infrastructure services provider in Asia-Pacific on the back of its massive market in China and strategic international expansion, analysts said.

Alibaba, SoftBank set up JV cloud services in Japan

JapanNetworks Asia — Alibaba Group Holding and SoftBank established a joint-venture firm SB Cloud to launch cloud computing services in Japan that use technologies and solutions from Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group. SB Cloud will open a new data center in Japan and provide competitive and enhanced public cloud computing services from Alibaba Cloud to meet the various needs of Japanese customers, ranging from startups to multinational companies.

Amazon Vs. Alibaba: Cloud Computing & Infrastructure Growth

ChinaNasdaq — Online retail giants Amazon and Alibaba have both seen massive growth in their cloud computing businesses over the past few years. Both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Alibaba’s cloud computing and infrastructure segments have outpaced the growth in total worldwide spending on cloud computing and infrastructure services.

Cloud computing offer targets Japan with branded Alibaba Cloud

JapanRC Wireless — SoftBank and Chinese online and mobile commerce company Alibaba Group formed a joint venture dubbed SB Cloud Corporation to provide cloud computing services in Japan. The company said it will use technologies and solutions from Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group.

Softbank, Alibaba Group form cloud JV

JapanTelecom Asia — Alibaba Group has teamed up with its largest shareholder Softbank Group to provide public cloud computing services in Japan. The two announced on Friday that they have formed a joint venture, called SB Cloud Corp, to deliver Alibaba Cloud’s technology and services for Japanese enterprises, ranging from startups to multinational companies.

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (NYSE:BABA) Teams Up With Softbank for A Cloud Venture in Japan

JapanMarket Exclusive — Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (NYSE:BABA) is expanding its cloud-computing footprint into Japan as it continues to pursue new opportunities for growth. The e-commerce giant has teamed up with its largest shareholder Softbank for the formation of a joint venture that will pursue new cloud clients in the country.

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (NYSE:BABA) Teams Up With Softbank for A Cloud Venture in Japan

Alibaba claims AliCloud is “one of the largest cloud providers in the world”

ChinaSilicon Angle — Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.’s cloud computing arm AliCloud is doing very nicely in its bid to become the AWS of Asia, reporting stunning growth of 138 percent in 2016 that saw it pull in $468 million in revenues. AliCloud said that it had more than 2.3 million customers as of March 31, 2016. Of those, it said that more than 500,000 were paying customers.

Alibaba Cloud launches IoT platform

ChinaTelecom Asia — Alibaba Cloud has unveiled a series of new products aimed at expanding its IoT, hybrid cloud, storage and security capabilities. At its Shenzhen Summit last week, Alibaba Cloud launched version 1.0 of IoT, its one-stop platform for IoT and cloud computing. The service will provide infrastructure for IoT deployments in areas including medical, energy, smart home and intelligent campus networks.

Ali Cloud is rolling out its cloud services globally in earnest through partnerships with content delivery companies and its startup program

ChinaThe Country Caller — Alibaba Group Holding Ltd’s (NYSE:BABA) computing arm, Ali Cloud is ramping out its global rollout through strategic partnerships and startup program called “Create@Alibaba Cloud” which launched globally just yesterday. The company has already joined into a partnership with Conversant Solutions in Southeast Asia.

Zone Telecom partners AliCloud, Microsoft, expands cloud services suite

SingaporeNetworks Asia — ZONE Telecom Pte Ltd (ZONE) has partnered with Cloud Service Providers (CSP), AliCloud and Microsoft, to expand its suite of cloud solutions to cater to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore, as well as to reach out to larger international markets.

AliCloud launches a big data platform

ChinaMIS Asia — AliCloud, the cloud computing business of Alibaba Group, has launched a big data platform at its Computing Conference – 2016 Shanghai Summit. Supported by AliCloud’s in-data management, the big data platform offers 20 new solutions covering all aspects of the data development chain including computing engine, data processing, data analysis, machine learning and data application.

AliCloud launches one-stop platform for big data

ChinaTelecom Asia — AliCloud has launched its Big Data Platform which offers 20 new solutions covering all aspects of the data development chain, such as computing engine, data processing, data analysis, machine learning and data application. Simon Hu, president of AliCloud, said Big Data Platform fulfils the company’s vision of sharing vast data troves that promise to create immense value to users.

Apple Maps service provider in China stores core businesses in Alibaba-owned cloud

ChinaZDNet — AutoNavi Software Co., Ltd, a Beijing-based mapping company which provides data to Apple Maps in mainland China, is reported to have put its core business system in the cloud owned by technology giant Alibaba.

Does China’s AliCloud Pose A Real Threat To Amazon Web Services?

ChinaTech Week Europe — With its latest investment, Alibaba pushes AliCloud’s global cloud ambitions even further, but can it take on global cloud competitors outside of China? “Our goal is to overtake Amazon in four years, whether that’s in customers, technology, or worldwide scale.” These are the words spoken last summer by Simon Hu, the president of Alibaba’s cloud computing division, AliCloud.

AliCloud launches one-stop platform for Big Data products

ChinaAliCloud, the cloud computing business of Alibaba Group announced the launch of the “Big Data Platform” at its Computing Conference – 2016 Shanghai Summit. The Big Data Platform offers 20 new solutions covering all aspects of the data development chain, such as computing engine, data processing, data analysis, machine learning and data application.

Alibaba Group Holding Limited Sings Strategic Alliance For Hybrid Cloud Services In China

ChinaStreet Wise Report — AliCloud, cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group Holding Limited and GDS Services Ltd largest high-level data center service Provider of China revealed formation of a strategic alliance to promote the development of enterprise-level hybrid cloud services in China. The collaboration will combine GDS’s broad high performance data center infrastructure and CloudMiX service platform and AliCloud’s cloud computing technology to deliver unique one-stop management solutions in the areas of cloud operation, maintenance and procurement services.

AliCloud expands HK data center to boost regional cloud adoption

ChinaNetworks Asia — AliCloud has completed the expansion of its data center operations in Hong Kong by establishing and operating a second availability zone to address increasing demand for cloud computing resources in the Asia Pacific, which includes enterprise-class availability and disaster recovery. AliCloud has also provided an English website tailored for international customers, providing English product descriptions and support for USD payments.

AliCloud’s FuxiSort sets world sorting records

ChinaMIS Asia — AliCloud announced that its distributed computation framework, FuxiSort, has set new world records for the Daytona and Indy categories of Sort Benchmark’s GraySort and MinuteSort benchmarks. The Daytona category of the GraySort and MinuteSort benchmarks has long been considered the gold standard for measuring the scalability and efficiency of general-purpose distributed computing systems.

AliCloud partners BGI and Intel to drive cloud solutions for precision medicine and gene research

ChinaMIS Asia — AliCloud, Alibaba Group’s cloud computing arm; together with Intel Corporation and BGI, a Beijing-based genomics research centre, have recently launched Asia’s first cloud platform that focuses on precision medicine and its applications. The new cloud platform is expected to accelerate the advent of precision medicine in China, benefiting the medical, healthcare and wellness industries with new applications and research discoveries.

AliCloud cements strategic partnerships to support start-ups success

ChinaNetwork Asia — AliCloud, Alibaba Group’s cloud computing arm, has announced strategic partnerships to support start-ups and develop cloud solutions for secure data communications through quantum cryptography. AliCloud and Hon Hai’s Foxconn Technology Group have revealed a collaboration to foster small, medium and micro enterprise (SMME) success.

AliCloud closes Maker+ competition in HK

Hong KongCloud-based retail business application developer LinkedTech has emerged victorious in AliCloud’s inaugural Hong Kong Maker+ start-up competition. Ten selected startups competed last week to pitch their business ideas to a panel of experts. LinkedTech was selected to advance to the final Maker+ competition at the Computing Conference 2015 in Hangzhou, China.