The approximately $16 billion transaction sees SanDisk become a product line within Western Digital. #cloud #asia #sandisk #westerndigital

APACZDNet — The acquisition of SanDisk by Western Digital closed on Thursday, US time, with the combined company set to have around 74,000 employees, and the “integration process” to begin immediately and happen in phases over the next two years.

Western Digital, Seagate in 10TB HDD competition, from TW

TaiwanDigi Times — Following Western Digital’s releases of shingled magnetic recording (SMR)-based helium-filled 10TB hard disc drive (HDD) and perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR)-based 10TB HDD, Seagate is also expected to launch its 10TB HDD in the near future. Western Digital’s 10TB HDDs were both released by its subsidiary Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (HGST) and the company currently is a leader in helium-filling technology.

Western Digital and Unisplendour create Chinese datacentre storage joint venture

ChinaZDNet — Western Digital and Tsinghua University-owned Unisplendour have extended their relationship and announced the creation of a joint venture company to sell Western Digital datacentre storage arrays in China. The unnamed business will be 51 percent owned by Unisplendour and its Unissoft subsidiary, with Western Digital holding the remaining 49 percent stake.

China’s top university invests $3.8B into US hard drive maker

China.gifTech In Asia — China’s prestigious Tsinghua University is investing a whopping US$3.8 billion into hard-drive maker Western Digital, reports Bloomberg. It’s China’s biggest ever tech investment in the US. It tops the US$1.75 billion that Lenovo paid for IBM’s PC division in 2005, as well as last year’s acquisition of IBM’s server business by Lenovo for US$2.3 billion.