Google and Mozilla decide to ban Chinese certificate authority CNNIC from Chrome and Firefox

ChinaGoogle and Mozilla have announced that their browsers will stop trusting all digital certificates issued by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), China’s main digital certificate authority. The decision follows last week’s newsfrom Google, which said on March 20 it discovered unauthorized digital certificates for several of its domains. Google found that the certificates were issued by Egypt-based MCS Holdings, an intermediate certificate authority that CNNIC allowed to operate.

Can the £20 smartphone upset Google and Samsung?

Intel and Mozilla have collaborated on a cut-price smartphone which will go on sale in India for just 1,999 rupees (£19.90) in a bid to grab a slice of the country’s rapidly expanding market. The Intex Cloud FX uses Mozilla’s Firefox operating system and is powered by a 1GHz processor and memory which can be expanded to a 4GB limit. Users will also get Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and dual-SIM slots.

Firefox smartphones to be launched in India in July, says Mozilla COO

Mozilla will launch a series of inexpensive Firefox OS smartphone models in the India market in July, with retail prices of up to US$50, according to company COO and Mozilla Taiwan CEO Gong Li. Mozilla initially launched Firefox smartphones in the Latin America and Europe markets in July 2013 and has sold about one million units, Gong said. Mozilla has been able to cooperate with only 1-2 mobile telecom carriers in each country in the two regional markets, but will instead cooperate with more than 10 retail chains in India, Gong indicated. Therefore, Mozilla expects better sales performance in the India market, Gong added.

Mozilla to Launch Low-Cost Smartphones in India and Indonesia

Mozilla has announced plans to release inexpensive smartphones for users in India and Indonesia in the coming months. The announcement was made during the Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai. Given the high competition in the smartphone market, it has become very difficult for smartphone manufacturing companies to stand out from the rest. And Mozilla is expected to take a large chunk of the market with the launch of its low-cost smartphones.

Mozilla inks pact with Intex & Spice to launch world’s cheapest smartphones

NEW DELHI: Firefox web browser maker Mozilla has tied up with handset makers Intex Technologies and Spice to introduce what could possibly be the world’s cheapest smartphones in a few months, but skeptics are worried about quality, which may not be good enough to make a dent in the surging Indian market. US-headquartered Mozilla has tied up with Chinese chipset maker Spreadtrum for these devices, which the company claims will cost around $25 (Rs 1,500), but the actual market price could be anywhere between Rs 1,800 and Rs 2,000 ..