Missed the boat on a Xiaomi flash sale? Take heart, Finland’s Jolla just sailed into India

India has been a through and through Nokia country until recently when the smartphone revolution slayed the feature phone giant from Finland. It was only in the second quarter of 2014 that Nokia was dethroned for the first time as the top feature phone supplier in India by homegrown phone-maker Micromax. But now, a new star from Finland has just arrived with its smartphone, Jolla.


Finnish smartphone maker Jolla says holla to Hong Kong

Finland-based smartphone maker Jolla  has taken its first steps in greater China today, as it announced a partnership with Hutchinson Telecom carrier Three to sell its devices in Hong Kong. Consumers looking to get their hands on the Jolla can purchase one exclusively on Three’s website . Most consumers, if they’ve heard of Jolla at all, probably know little about it other than the fact that it doesn’t run on Android. Instead, it comes installed with Sailfish OS, a mobile operating system with origins dating back to Nokia and Intel’s MeeGo OS, built by the company’s in-house team.