Note app developer Evernote closes Taiwan office

TaiwanWant China Times — US notetaking app developer Evernote Corp has announced the closure of its offices in Taiwan, Singapore and Moscow, creating concerns that the company may have become the latest victim of a tech bubble. A total of 47 Evernote employees were laid off, including the three full-time staff members in its Taiwan office, according to an announcement on Sept.

Evernote to close Singapore office as it fires 13% of global staff

SingaporeTech In Asia — Evernote, the startup behind the popular note-taking tool of the same name, is witnessing turbulent times. It is laying off 47 workers, piling on to the 20 it let go earlier this year. Its Singapore office is one of three global offices the startup will be shutting down. The latest layoffs were announced by new CEO Chris O’Neill, soon after he took over the role from founder Phil Libin, who cited a lack of passion in being the CEO that will take the company public.

Evernote nets $20M in partnership agreement with Japan’s Nikkei

Professional and personal lifehacking service Evernote and Japanese media corporation Nikkei Keizai Shimbun (“Nikkei”) announced a working partnership today that features a US$20 million capital investment by Nikkei into the American firm. The agreement means that Nikkei’s digital news services will be integrated into the Evernote platform from 2015. Japanese (paying) users of both services can look forward to more easily using Nikkei articles for completing work tasks. Nikkei articles will be automatically stored in Evernote so relevant articles will be suggested for further reference when users make business documents.

Evernote now has more than 30 million users across Asia

Talking to the Wall Street Journal , Libin says the service now has 100 million registered users in total, of whom over 30 percent are in Asia. Emphasizing the importance of embracing new markets, only 25 percent of Evernote’s user-base is in the US and Canada. That’s why Libin says Evernote will add more staff in Asia. It already has offices in Beijing, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei, and Tokyo. He adds that the firm is considering an office in India, and plans to enter the Australian market soon.

Evernote scouts for partnerships with Indian software makers

BANGALORE: Silicon Valley start-up Evernote is scouting for partnerships in India as the notetaking app maker prepares to open its first office in its third fastest growing market after the US and China. On his maiden India visit, Evernote chief strategy officer Ken Gullicksen told ET that the company is in talks with Indian software makers to forge strategic alliances.