Software is Going to Define the Network: Swapna Bapat, Brocade India

IndiaComputer World — For the past two decades, networking technologies have not been able to quickly respond to the rapidly changing business demands. Software-defined networking promises to change that, says Swapna Bapat, Director for Systems Engineering, Brocade India.

SoftBank taps Brocade on new IP network

JapanTelecom Asia — Japanese telecoms operator Softbank is streamlining its data center operations by deploying Brocade VDX switches in its group-wide common service infrastructure network. Softbank said the new infrastructure will greatly reduce complexity and the cost of network operations within its data centers, giving the company greater agility to pursue new growth opportunities in OTT services.

Softbank streamlines data center operations, ups agility with Brocade switches

JapanData Center News — Japanese telco Softbank has deployed Brocade VDX switches to provide Ethernet fabrics, streamlining its data center operations and increasing business agility. The new infrastructure is designed to reduce complexity and the cost of network operations within SoftBank’s data centers, providing the company with more agility to pursue new growth opportunities with over-the-top services.

Brocade, Sugon partner to meet growing demand in China’s data center and virtualization market

ChinaNetwork Aasia — Brocade has announced a new OEM partnership with Dawning Information Industry Co. Ltd. (Sugon), one of the high-performance computing vendors formed under the purview of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.  The partnership is focused on incorporating Brocade VCS  Fabric technology with Sugon’s data center solutions, specifically for the Chinese market.

Brocade Opens New Support Base in Bangalore, Pushes its New IP Technology

IndiaBrocade announced the opening of a new state-of-the-art development center in Bangalore, which will act as an additional base to support the company’s new IP innovations, like SDx and network virtualization. In addition, Brocade will also be investing US $300 million in India over the next five years. This is a clear indication of the fact that the company is being aggressive about bringing its new IP innovation technology to India.