AAG submarine cable to resume operations on August 24, from VN

VietnamVietnam Net — According to the AAG submarine cable management unit, a cable repair vessel will begin fixing the broken cable of the S11 cable branch to Hong Kong on August 20 morning. The last weld will be completed at 8.30am on August 21 and the repair will finish at 11pm on August 22. Meanwhile, the repair of the S1B cable toward Singapore will be fixed from August 17 to 20 and the repair will be completed on August 24.


Vietnam’s Internet to be affected by pan-Asia submarine cable cut

VietnamVietnam Net — This incident occurred shortly after the maintenance of the Asia-American Gateway (AAG) submarine cable route (connecting Vietnam with Hong Kong and the US). Viettel said this cable route was broken on June 27, coinciding with the maintenance of AAG but until July 12 it will be repaired. The broken point is 45km from the landing station in Singapore.


AAG submarine cable under maintenance, Internet in Vietnam to be slow for 6 days

VietnamVietnam Net — According to this source, the AAG cable maintenance unit will have to reconfigure the source system and weld the optical cable of the segments connecting Vietnam to Hong Kong and America. The segment between Vietnam and Hong Kong will be welded from June 22 to 27. Then this segment will be interrupted from communications and the source configuration will resume operation on June 28.


Vietnam’s Internet to slow down for six days

VietnamTuoi Tre News — Internet users in Vietnam are advised to be ready to suffer nearly six days of snail-paced connection speed from Wednesday, as the submarine cable system crucial to Vietnam’s Internet connectivity enters its infamous maintenance. The Asia America Gateway (AAG) cable system will be maintained from 11:00 pm on June 22 to June 27, tech newswire ICTNewsreported on Saturday, citing a trusted source.


Internet in Vietnam to slow down this weekend as cable undergoes maintenance

VietnamTuoitre News — The Asia-America Gateway (AAG) submarine cable system will begin three days of maintenance on Friday, a representative from Vietnam’s SPT Telecom firm said Tuesday. Internet speed for users in Vietnam is therefore expected to slow down, especially when they use services or websites hosted overseas such as Facebook and Google.


Asia America Gateway upgrades network with Ciena

APACTelecom Paper — The Asia America Gateway (AAG) consortium has upgraded its Asia and trans-Pacific cable network leveraging Ciena’s GeoMesh submarine solutions. Ciena said this will allow AAG to meet growing demand for international capacity. The AAG is a 20,000-km submarine communications cable system, connecting Southeast Asia with the US mainland, across the Pacific Ocean via Guam and Hawaii.


AAG Taps Ciena For Trans-Pacific Network Capacity

APACTele Analysis — The Asia America Gateway (AAG) consortium recently upgraded its Asia and trans-Pacific cable network leveraging Ciena’s GeoMesh submarine solutions. This will allow AAG to meet growing demand for international capacity. According to TeleGeography private networks share of total used trans-Pacific bandwidth is forecast to grow by more than 50 percent in 2016.


Viettel to spend big money on upgrading undersea cable network

VietnamVietnam Net — The Prime Minister has approved the project to upgrade the capacity and change the technology of the InterAsia (IA) undersea cable. This comes after repeated problems with the Asia America Gateway (AAG) cable. In Vietnam, enterprises involved in the internet have to ask for the Prime Minister’s permission for plans related to undersea cables.


Vietnam ISPs plan new fiber optic networks

VietnamVietnam Net — So far this year, the AAG cable has been repaired four times. The latest repair was just completed last week. These incidents severely affected internet access in Vietnam. Last year, this cable was also broken several times. In this situation, domestic ISPs have been thinking of construction of new cables. Mr. Mai Tri Dung, Director of the International Business Center of Viettel Telecom Corporation, said that Viettel had increased the reserve capacity for 2015 in case the AAG was broken.


The ISPs take it all: No compensation for Vietnam’s snail-like Internet

VietnamLocal Internet service providers (ISPs) are willing to suspend services over payments that are even one day late, but do nothing when they cannot ensure service quality, many readers have complained to Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper. Internet users in Vietnam had to suffer snail-like speed between June 7 and 12, when the Asia – America Gateway (AAG), the submarine cable system that links Asia and the U.S., underwent major maintenance.


PLDT eyes additional investment in Asia-US undersea cable

PhilippinesLEADING telecommunications provider Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) said it is targeting to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with a consortium of telcos on its plan to invest between $50 million and $100 million on a second Asia-America Gateway (AAG) submarine cable system and that it plans to construct a new cable landing station either in Daet, Camarines Sur or in Batangas. The telecom provider looking at “Asia-America Gateway (AAG) number 2 cable, but we’re still in the planning stage,” Genaro Sanchez, PLDT vice president for international network, said in a phone interview.


Maintenance of Vietnam’s Internet to finish ahead of schedule

VietnamThe Internet in Vietnam has been extremely slow recently, as the Asia-America Gateway (AAG) underwater cable system has been undergoing major maintenance since June 7. The operator of the AAG had said the maintenance would end at 7:00 am on June 17, but some Vietnamese network operators said Wednesday repairs will be finished on June 13. “Repairs to the cable system have been sped up to finish ahead of schedule,” Bui Quoc Viet, director of public relations with VNPT, a leading Internet service provider, told Tuoi Tre(Youth) newspaper.


Why does the AAG underwater cable have to be repaired so often?

VietnamIn the first half of 2015, the cable was in trouble four times, on January 1, April 23, May 26 and early June. In Vietnam, Internet service providers (ISP) such as FPT Telecom, Viettel, VNPT, VDC, and SPT all use this important cable route to connect to the world. Any problem with the AAG network seriously affects Internet users in Vietnam. It is difficult to determine the exact cause of the incident to submarine optic cables because there are many different causes leading to incidents such as natural disasters (seismic activities), maritime activities (anchors of ships), by operation of fishermen or unusual technical incidents.


ISPs ensure Internet connectivity as AAG undergoes maintenance

VietnamThe announcement has come at a time when Asia-America Gateway (AAG), the submarine cable that is utilised the maximum, is undergoing maintenance work and repair till June 17. FPT Telecom Company said it had laid cables over land and had increased its international Internet capacity to 50Gbps to reduce the impact of AAG to the minimum. In the past few months, FPT has continuously expanded its international bandwidth to increase the Internet capacity for customers, and to limit the problems that occur when one of the lines connecting with other countries has a breakdown.


AAG submarine cable to cease activity for 10 days

VietnamThe 20,000 kilometer long submarine communication cable system Asia-American Gateway (AAG), connecting South-East Asia with the mainland of the United States, across the Pacific Ocean via Guam and Hawaii, will have to shut down for about 10 days for maintenance, starting from June 7 to 16, due to consecutive breakdowns in the past five months. The information was confirmed by Internet services providers in Vietnam on June 4. Deputy general director of Vietnam Data Communication Company Nguyen Hong Hai said that the AAG submarine cable system has been operating unsteadily since late 2014.


Maintenance to slow down Vietnam’s Internet speed for ten days

VietnamThe Asia-America Gateway (AAG) underwater system will enter a ten-day major maintenance phase on Sunday, a representative from a local Internet service provider told Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper on Thursday, speaking on condition of anonymity. This will greatly slow down Internet speed for users in Vietnam when they access services hosted outside the country. Internet speed in the Southeast Asian country has been unstable and extremely slow at some points since May 26, when what was said to be a glitch occurred to the AAG.


AAG submarine Internet cable ruptures again

VietnamA source from the managing center of the Asia America Gateway (AAG) said the cable ruptured at around 4:30 p.m. Details of where the break occurred have remained sketchy. In the past the AAG cable, which is used by VNPT and three other Internet providers, FPT Telecom, Viettel and SPT, took place at the portion between southern Vietnam and Hong Kong. News website VnExpress quoted unidentified sources as saying that the rupture occurred at a section around 38 kilometers off the coast of Vung Tau.


Internet connection to be resumed on January 24

According to the latest notice of the AAG operator sent to Vietnamese Internet service providers, the repair began on January 17 and will finish on January 28. However, Internet connection between Vietnam and the world will be resumed on January 24. Earlier, on January 8, the operator said the repair would complete on January 23. The AAG submarine cable was cut at 8:04 am on January 5, at a point about 117km from the landing station in Vung Tau.


AAG Upgrades Trans-Pacific Submarine Cable Network with Ciena

The Asia America Gateway (AAG) consortium recently selected Ciena (NYSE:CIEN) for a 100G expansion to significantly enhance its trans-Pacific cable network to address the growing demand for anywhere, anytime broadband access. Ciena’s converged packet optical solutions will add multi-terabit data capacity, and enable AAG’s network to reliably meet the demands of on-demand data networking services and traffic growth driven by mobile applications, high-definition video and cloud computing.