Big data in Vietnam: the untapped treasure

VietnamVnex Press ーーー Enormous data is waiting to be turned into gold in Vietnam. While giant technology firms like Google, Facebook and Amazon are cashing in on their users’ data, Vietnamese companies remain largely oblivious.

China Clears Way For Cloud Computing Industry In Himalayan Plateau, Despite Immense Obstacles

ChinaIB Times — GUIYANG, CHINA — The promotional showroom for China’s data storage and analysis industry here combines a computerized other-worldliness straight out of Hollywood’s “The Matrix” with the hard-sell of Madison Avenue. Sleek artwork outside the building plays on the phrases “cloud computing” and “Big Data.”

Fujitsu builds first maritime big data platform

JapanEnterprise Innovation — Fujitsu has built a maritime big data platform for Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, an international ship classification society also known as ClassNK. The platform collects and accumulates machinery operational data from moving vessels, such as engine data, as well as marine weather information, as big data.

Big Data and Cyber-Security Analytics: The Current State of Play

APACNetworks Asia — Despite the best efforts of cybersecurity teams, security breaches continue to plague corporations worldwide. In 2015 alone there were at least 79,000 reported security incidents and 2,122 confirmed breaches. The sheer number of attacks is troubling, but what raises greater concerns is that many of the world’s largest companies, which support well-funded, sophisticated security teams, were among last year’s security breach victims.

SoftBank to hit the streets with US traffic analysis venture

JapanNikkei — TOKYO: SoftBank has partnered with an American startup that performs big-data analysis on city traffic, aiming to provide efficient traffic systems to Japanese bus, taxi and transportation companies.  Urban Engines, founded by Google researchers and a Stanford University professor, counts the search engine giant as an investor. Its strength is creating software and systems to analyze masses of traffic-related data.

AliCloud launches a big data platform

ChinaMIS Asia — AliCloud, the cloud computing business of Alibaba Group, has launched a big data platform at its Computing Conference – 2016 Shanghai Summit. Supported by AliCloud’s in-data management, the big data platform offers 20 new solutions covering all aspects of the data development chain including computing engine, data processing, data analysis, machine learning and data application.

AliCloud launches one-stop platform for big data

ChinaTelecom Asia — AliCloud has launched its Big Data Platform which offers 20 new solutions covering all aspects of the data development chain, such as computing engine, data processing, data analysis, machine learning and data application. Simon Hu, president of AliCloud, said Big Data Platform fulfils the company’s vision of sharing vast data troves that promise to create immense value to users.

China Unicom Establishes JV For Big Data Service With Telefonica

ChinaChina Tech News — China Unicom and Telefonica will establish a joint venture named Smart Steps Digital Technology Co., Ltd for big data services. China Unicom will hold a 55% stake in the joint venture while Telefonica will hold the remaining 45%. They will operate and manage the joint venture in accordance with the market mechanism. Total investment in the venture was not released.

China Unicom Establishes JV For Big Data Service With Telefonica

AliCloud launches one-stop platform for Big Data products

ChinaAliCloud, the cloud computing business of Alibaba Group announced the launch of the “Big Data Platform” at its Computing Conference – 2016 Shanghai Summit. The Big Data Platform offers 20 new solutions covering all aspects of the data development chain, such as computing engine, data processing, data analysis, machine learning and data application.

21 data and analytics trends that will dominate 2016

APACNetworks Asia — Along with social, mobile and cloud, analytics and associated data technologies have earned a place as one of the core disruptors of the digital age. 2015 saw big data initiatives moving from test to production and a strong push to leverage new data technologies to power business intelligence. As 2016 gets underway, five insiders share their predictions for what 2016 holds in store for the data and analytics space.

Why open source is the ‘new normal’ for big data

APACNetworks Asia — it’s no secret that Hadoop and Apache Spark are the hottest technologies in big data, but what’s less often remarked upon is that they’re both open-source. Mike Tuchen, a former Microsoft executive who is now CEO of big-data vendor Talend, thinks that’s no coincidence. “We’re seeing a changing of the guard,” he said. “We expect the entire next-generation data platform will be open source.”

What cyber trends to expect in 2016

APACNetworks Asia — 2015 was another tumultuous year of more cybersecurity attacks and no different from the past few years. While it is nice to finally see cybersecurity becoming a priority with executive leadership teams and company boards alike, there is still plenty of room to improve as the attack vectors continue to evolve.

Dentsu Aegis and Tencent strike big data deal

ChinamNm Brella — Tencent, China’s leading internet company, today formed a strategic partnership with Dentsu Aegis Network to allow joint access to its smart data and establish an integrated big data ecosystem in China, by bringing together disparate data islands. Network brands will be able to leverage Tencent’s data to improve Data Management Platform, facilitate programmatic buying, e as well as the ability to analyse consumers’ brand experience and attitudes that will guide advertising spend.

‘Big-data’ departments common in major Japan companies

JapanNikkei — TOKYO — Major Japanese companies increasingly are forming departments to analyze “big data” as part of efforts to cut costs, raise product quality or otherwise improve operations. The Nikkei Inc. group annual survey on big-data use targeted company chiefs including presidents and chairmen, collecting responses from 86 businesses. It found that 67% of the companies use big-data analysis to improve operations, up 14 percentage points from 53% in 2014.

ITU agrees on standard for big data

APACTelecom Asia — ITU members have approved the first ITU standard for big data, defining the requirements, capabilities and use cases of cloud-based big data. The new standard was developed by the ITU-T’s Study Group 13, the expert group responsible for future networks, cloud computing and network aspects of mobile communications.

MapR opens R&D centre in Hyderabad

IndiaThe Hindu Business Line — HYDERABAD: MapR Technologies Inc., a provider of converged data platform, announced the opening of its new R&D Center in Hyderabad today. With 41 employees at present, the 11,000 sq ft facility, will cater to companies’ needs through its platform which helps integrate the power of Hadoop and Spark with global event streaming, real-time database capabilities and enterprise storage.

Keppel DC REIT poised to benefit from growing cloud computing trend

SingaporeSingapore Business —- Keppel DC REIT (KDCREIT) is poised to enjoy the proliferation of big data and cloud computing trends in Asia, according to a report by OCBC. “Being the first data centre REIT to be listed in Asia, KDCREIT offers investors a unique pure-play exposure to this fast growing industry, in our view,” stated OCBC.

Singapore’s Crayon Data sets up operations in India

IndiaTimes of India — MUMBAI: Singapore-based big data startup Crayon Data is setting up India operations in alliance with WPP-owned media investment management firm GroupM and its subsidiary Mindshare. Ratan Tata had recently invested an undisclosed amount in Crayon Data.

4G-ready CAT forecasts big data, from Thailand

ThailandBangkok Post — Vice President, Carrier Business Department of CAT Telecom Public Company Limited (CAT), Mrs. Ubonpan Chuenchom, joined in a pannel discussion on the topic of ‘Spotlight Focus –Thailand: Maintaining competitive edge in the APAC wholesale carrier market’. She highlighted CAT’s marketing campaign for service providers in Asia and specifically Thailand where IT shifts continuously.

China to fight online fakes retail with big data, cloud computing, user id tracking

China.gifDeal Street Asia — China plans to crack down on the sale of fake goods online by using cloud computing, big data and tighter rules on user identity in its latest moves to quash counterfeiting. China has been trying to reign in its counterfeiters, who have copied everything from Apple iPhones to Louis Vuitton handbags, since it joined the World Trade Organization in 2001 and was required to adhere to global standards on intellectual property rights.

IBM, CEC To Establish Joint Innovation Lab

ChinaChina Tech News — IBM and China Electronics Corporation jointly announced that they will establish a joint innovation lab and begin in-depth cooperation. By teaming with IBM in the establishment of joint innovation lab, CEC will enhance its technology joint innovation, realize win-win cooperation, bring greater value to customers, and promote the development of Chinese information technology industry.

Singapore and UK researchers investigate privacy in big data era

SingaporeComputer Weekly — Academic organisations in Singapore and the UK collaborate on the privacy questions raised by big data and the cloud Researchers in Singapore and the UK are working together to explore challenges posed by threats to cyber security and privacy in the cloud. A proposal has been submitted for a joint big data project between Singapore and UK industries and government agencies to collaborate on privacy-preserving data analytics.

Fujitsu launches MetaArc digital business platform

JapanTelecom Paper — Fujitsu announced its Fujitsu Digital Business Platform MetaArc, which incorporates cloud, mobile, big data, and IoT technologies. Fujitsu offers an initial lineup of six new MetaArc products and services, led by Fujitsu Cloud Service K5. MetaArc integrates the systems of engagement (SoE) that enable customers’ digital transformations, such as business process innovations and the creation of new businesses, and systems of record (SoR), which are existing information systems, including mission critical systems, on a single platform.–1105034

China unveils guidelines for big data

ChinaChina is gearing up for big data, with the launch of a pilot zone in the southwestern province of Guizhou and the release of a set of guidelines setting frameworks of the country’s development on big data in the next five to 10 years. China launched last Friday its first ever big data zone in Guizhou, using it as a testbed for big data sharing, use, innovation and security, China Daily reports.

Local governments prep for China’s big data development

ChinaWant China Times — Many local governments in China have established their own big data management departments in response to the State Council’s plan to boost the development of the industry, reports the Guangzhou-based Time Weekly. The newly established units are mainly responsible for setting up standards and rules for the collection, management, and development of big data applications and transactions.

Free cloud storage opens market for corporate clients

ChinaWant China Times — Chinese society is entering the era of big data as the rapid development of the internet, smart devices, intelligent household equipment, the Internet of Things and gene sequencing is leading to the geometric growth of the volume of data processed at the request of enterprises and individual users.

Hitachi Data Systems is Betting Big on Smart Cities

JapanForbes — Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), once known as a storage leader, is now making big strides into smart cities, Internet of Things, and analytics. Branded as social innovation solutions, HDS is integrating Big Data analytics and IoT with its domain expertise. The company is ambitiously seeking to partner with various government agencies in Asia Pacific to drive the agenda of smart cities.

Building Smarter Cities with Data

APACNetwork Asia — The United Nations has projected that 66% of the world’s population will be living in urban cities by 2050 with Asia being a major driving force behind this phenomenon. In 1950, only 17% of the Asian population lived in urban areas. By 2030, more than 55% of the population will be urban. This amounts to an increase of the total urban population in Asia from 232 million people to 2.7 billion.

Chinese banks getting in position for big data banking

China.gifWant China Times — Privately owned Chinese banks will need to use big data if they hope to compete with rivals backed by internet companies in the growingly important online market, according to an executive at business software company SAS. These private banks rely mainly on an “asset-light” business model with fewer brick-and-mortar outlets and a relatively strong focus on online operations, said Irene Xu, practice lead for customer intelligence at SAS North Asia, in an interview with China Entrepreneur.

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd Signs Partnership Agreement With Unilever Plc

ChinaBusiness Finance News — Alibaba Group Holding Ltd is reported to have a signed a tactical deal with vastly diversified portfolio supply company, Unilever plc on Sunday. The deal will help Unilever to tap into a much wider consumer-base in China, with the help of Alibaba’s vast e-commerce network. Although, initial reports lack deal’s financial details and its date of implementation.