Singapore pilots NFC-enabled mobile phones for public transport payments

SingaporeEnterprise Innovation — Near Field Communication (NFC) technology would allow Singaporeans to pay for their public transport rides through their mobile phones. The Land Transport Authority (LTA), Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), and EZ-Link recently concluded a joint trial with the mobile network operators and public transport operators on the use of compatible mobile phones.

Singtel and Samsung get in on EZ-Link public transport NFC action

SingaporeDigital News Asia — Singtel has announced that customers can pay for their MRT, LRT and bus rides with the company’s Transit NFC SIM, while Samsung Electronics Singapore said that 10 of its phone models have been approved for use. In a statement, Singtel said its Transit NFC SIM will enable commuters to pay for public transit rides using just their NFC mobile phones.

Indian banks and fintech startups are making friends

IndiaTech on Asia — There’s a battle brewing to capture offline payments in India. Earlier this week, Indian bank HDFC partnered with ToneTag, a Bangalore-based “proximity identification” startup. ToneTag allows people to pay using sound waves or near-field communication (NFC). Each tone goes through multiple levels of encryption and communicates card details through “tokens”.

Apple And Samsung: The Drivers of NFC Mobile Payment Growth In 2016

KoreaDaze Info — The exploded adoption of smartphones has allowed manufacturers to embrace many mobile based solutions, most important of all being Mobile Payments. According to the latest study, titled Contactless Payments: NFC Handsets, Wearable & Payment Cards 2016-2020, from Juniper Research, the number of smartphone users making payments via their NFC based mobile payment solutions, i.e. Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, will reach 148 million in 2016.

Japanese startup Aquabit Spirals bags funding for IoT device

Japane27 – Japanese startup Aquabit Spirals has closed a seed round of US$330,000 led by venture capital K&P Partners Co. Ltd. The funds will be used to further development on the Smart Plate, a programmable intelligent card which delivers digital content from Near Field Communication-embedded and QR-code printed physical plates to a smartphone.

Swatch unveils its first NFC payment watch in Shanghai

ChinaWant China Times — Swiss watchmaker Swatch Group announced the launch of its first near-field-communication (NFC)-based payment watch, the Swatch Bellamy, at an event in Shanghai on Oct. 14. Swatch has teamed up with two Chinese partners, the country’s largest credit card issuer China UnionPay and the Bank of Communications, Shanghai-based online media outlet the Paper reports.

Korean Telecoms Operators Launch NFC Payment Services in China

KoreaBusiness Korea — Korean mobile carriers are launching NFC-based mobile credit card services in China. The target customers are expected to expand from Korean tourists in China to the Chinese in general in the long term. KT announced on Aug. 6 that it released the Union Pay Mobile QuickPass Card with BC Card. The QuickPass is an NFC and touch-based payment service developed by Union Pay International.

SK Telecom applies beacon to Kyobo Book Center

KoreaKorea Times — SK Telecom said Tuesday that it has set up Wizturn, the company’s indoor location-based service (LBS) platform for Korea’s largest bookstore chain, the Kyobo Book Center. WinK, SKT’s LBS platform specialized only for the Kyobo Book Center based on Wizturn, is expected to bring innovative changes to the online-to-offline (O2O) market, the company said.

China Telecom selects Gemalto to deploy mobile NFC transport in China’s two largest cities

ChinaGemalto has announced that China Telecom has selected its UpTeq Multi-tenant NFC SIMs to deploy secure NFC transport services in China’s two largest cities – Shanghai and Beijing. China Telecom is a leading operator in the country with more than 183 million subscribers. According to the digital security services provider, this deployment will enable up to 45 million daily commuters to ride their metros and pay for their everyday purchases with a simple tap of their smartphones.

Chunghwa’s NFC smartphones cleared for Visa payments

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Chunghwa Telecom’s (CHT, 中華電信) near field communication (NFC) trusted service manager (TSM) system was recently certified by Visa to provide Visa credit card payment services on NFC-enabled smartphones in Taiwan. CHT announced that it has obtained certification from Visa for its NFC TSM system and has become a Visa-approved vendor able to provide mobile Visa credit card payment services on NFC-enabled smartphones in the Taiwan market.

Asian Telecom Operators Form Asia NFC Alliance

Asian telecom operators Chunghwa Telecom (Taiwan), HKT (Hong Kong), KDDI (Japan), and SK Planet (South Korea) are jointly announcing the formation of the Asia NFC Alliance, with the support of the GSMA, today at MWC 2014. The Alliance aims to extend existing NFC services beyond national borders to further accelerate the adoption of convenient and compatible NFC services worldwide.