The 10 commandments of Wechat: new rules for what you can and can’t post

China.gifWeChat, the most popular messaging app and social network in China with 468 million monthly active users, yesterday set in stone 10 rules for users posting to the app’s news feed, called Moments in English (h/t to 36kr for spotting). An article from the WeChat Security Center says the service will “resolutely crack down on all kinds of illegal content and behavior.

Crowdsourcing heroes in Malaysia’s neighbourhoods

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 2 ― Recruiting crime fighters is hard work, as Chan Wei Chi, 24, has found out. But his blood, sweat and tears are worth it if what he is doing helps create safer neighbourhoods and cities, or, one day, even save a life. Digital media group Dino Media Publishing Sdn Bhd, which Chan founded in 2013, has been working on myHERO, a mobile app for crowdsourcing and mapping crime and accidents in real-time as they occur on local streets.

Government’s crowdsourcing portal MyGuv to be revealed in a new avatar soon

NEW DELHI: The government’s idea crowdsourcing platform is ready to roll out an update in the next month or so, with the new version expanding scope of activities, along with upgrade of technology tools being used to analyse data.  Version 2.0 of will have opinion polls related to policy issues, detailed surveys to supplement field data collection, and collaborative writing for white papers across different ministries and government departments, Gaurav Dwivedi, MyGov chief executive officer told ET.

Allied Asia Pacific Developed Facebook Crowdsourcing Service "ReFUEL4," Now API Partners of Facebook Advertising; Partnership Pact with Nanigans

TOKYO, July 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Allied Asia Pacific Pte LTD., subsidiary of Allied Architects, Inc. which offers social media marketing support business, is recognized as an official API Partners of Facebook advertising (*1) by Facebook, Inc. (Head Office: United States, California, CEO: Mark Zuckerberg) and developed the crowdsourcing service “ReFUEL4” which is specialized for Facebook advertising creation. Signed a partner agreement with sPMD (*2) certified company, Nanigans, Inc. and will start the service to the countries of the world.

Crowdsourcing is eating outsourcing, but Japanese giant Transcosmos will invest in startups to stay ahead

The older a Japanese company is, the more likely it is that the firm has only recently – and begrudgingly – upgraded out of Windows XP. Messages sent by fax are probably still commonplace and innovation is treated as a threat to The Way Things Are. “Venture,” assuming the word even exists in the company’s lexicon, is probably best defined as a tax-break. When Transcosmos, a 48-year old outsourcing and business process improvement firm, started diving into the startup world, eyebrows were raised and polite coughs of dismissal were heard.

New crowdsourced jobs site helps Japanese mothers get some income without joining the rat race

Japan is the worst developed country for working mothers as horrendous working hours combine with a culture that expects stay-at-home moms to stay home forever. That makes it tough for women with kids to get back into the workplace. Japanese web company CyberAgent (TYO:4751) has launched an online, crowdsourced jobs marketplace that allows these women to pick up small jobs and paid tasks as and when they have time. It’s called Mama and Crowd.

Indonesia’s design crowdsourcing site Sribu gets funding for regional expansion

We kick off this week with investment news from Indonesia. Today, the country’s design crowdsourcing marketplace Sribu 1 announced that it has raised a series A round investment from a publicly listed company in Japan called Infoteria Corporation (TYO:3853). According to the Japanese press release, Infoteria Corporation has acquired a 34.5 percent share of Sribu for an undisclosed amount. The new money will be used for regional expansion into Southeast Asia. Founder Ryan Gondokusumo comments: