China to surpass US in 3D printer shipments in 2016, says IDC

China.gifDigi Times — According to IDC, 3D printer shipments in the China market reached over 34,000 units in 2014, and are expected to have reached 77,000 units in 2015, exhibiting a growth rate over 120%. This growth rate is largely driven by sales of desktop 3D printers priced under US$5,000. As the China government continues to promote 3D printer awareness and usage within schools and educational institutions, the desktop 3D printer market is expected to maintain an annual growth trend in the coming years.

Japan researchers target 3D-printed body parts

Japanese scientists say they are on their way to being able to create custom-made skin, bone and joints using a 3D printer. Several groups of researchers around the world have developed small masses of tissue for implants, but now they are looking to take the next step and make them functional. Tsuyoshi Takato, a professor at the University of Tokyo Hospital, said his team had been working to create “a next-generation bio 3D printer”, which would build up thin layers of biomaterials to form custom-made parts.

Japan’s NEC rolls out counterfeit spotting technology

TOKYO: Japan’s NEC on Monday (Nov 10) unveiled a technology that sniffs out even the most convincing counterfeits by reading microscopic patterns on everything from a luxury purse to a metal bolt. The technology can be also be used to trace the origin of mass-produced offerings by reading so-called “object fingerprints”, or three-dimensional surface irregularities, the firm said.

HP opens digital printing centre in Tuas, Singapore

Tech giant Hewlett-Packard opened a multi-million-dollar facility in Tuas yesterday that will boost its commercial printing service. The plant expands HP’s Indigo ink manufacturing capability and is expected to quadruple production when it comes online next year. HP has a similar facility in Israel. The new two-storey plant also has a Centre of Excellence where HP and its customers and suppliers can exchange ideas and co-develop new digital printing solutions.