China’s latest censorship target: cloud storage

ChinaTech in Asia — Dropbox, Google Drive, and other international cloud storage providers have long been blocked in China – and now a number of domestic storage services are facing a similar fate. Vdisk, KuaiPan, and UC net disk – run by Sina, Xunlei, and Alibaba, respectively – have filled the gap left by the government’s censoring of international options, but now each one is partially or fully closing down.

Dropbox surpasses 10M Japanese users, inks biz cloud deal with SoftBank

JapanDropbox co-founder and CEO Drew Houston was in Tokyo this morning to announce the firm’s partnership with SoftBank Commerce and Service (SoftBank C&S). Speaking at the New Economy Summit, Houston also announced that Dropbox has surpassed 10 million Japanese users since opening a Tokyo office last October. Houston explained that the partnership with SoftBank C&S – Japan’s largest information and communications technology distributor – aims to bring Dropbox for Business to one million Japanese users over the next five years.

Dropbox Now Accessible For The First Time In China Since 2010

Access to Dropbox has been restored in China for the first time since it was blocked in 2010. While users have periodically been able to share files and sync files from within the country, this is the first time in three years that Dropbox has been available and stable for a relatively lengthy period of time. Tech In Asia first noticed that the cloud storage was accessible last week. We’ve emailed Dropbox for comment.