Lonely on Valentine’s Day? These 5 Indian apps want to help you find your love

IndiaIt’s that time of the year again when the universe seems bent on reminding all the singles in the world that there’s a huge gaping hole in their lives. The Valentine’s Day frenzy on television, billboards, and malls in India will surely drive many an aching heart to take desperate measures. Before you do anything drastic, you might want to try out these 5 Indian apps that promise to help you find love.


Universal Studios Singapore, Marina Bay Sands top Facebook check-ins in 2014

SINGAPORE: Where did you check-in to the most this year? According to Facebook’s year in review, Universal Studios Singapore topped the list of the most popular check-in spots in the Republic, closely followed by Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay. Among the 10 most checked-into places here, five of them were attractions located in Sentosa, such as Resorts World Sentosa and the Merlion Park @ Singapore, while one was Sentosa Island itself.


China rolls out ‘cellphone lanes’ for slow walkers

Inner-city bike lanes are commonplace, but have you heard about cellphone lanes?  The Chinese city of Chongqing has launched the concept in an attempt to separate people who want to use their mobile phones whilst walking on the sidewalk from those who don’t, reports the Wall Street Journal. A section of the city’s sidewalk has been clearly divided in two using white markings, with one half featuring an image of a phone and the caption: “Cellphones / Walk in this lane at your own risk.”


A tech startup ecosystem in paradise

“What? You have a tech startup in Bali?” is the typical response when we tell people about the tech startup initiatives we are co-building here, on the island of gods. The world is slowly catching on, but the startup scene itself in Bali is very much an emerging concept that has manifested into great opportunities for growth, learning, building and networking with local and international talent.