Wow. MyRepublic just gave to a crowdfunding campaign for a Singapore-made game

SingaporeTech in Asia — These things just don’t happen, but it did. MyRepublic, an internet provider that’s in the running to be Singapore’s fourth telco, just backed a Singapore-made game on Kickstarter. It’s a small amount – US$3,600 to be exact – but it’s the symbolism that matters. The game is Masquerada: Songs and Shadows, made by Singaporean studio Witching Hour.

5 amazing Asian IoT crowdfunding campaigns you have to fund NOW!

APACe27 — Browsing through a crowdfunding website can sometimes be akin to walking through museum filled with Jetsons-esque contraptions. It presents an idealistic vision of the future. Sure, some may dismiss these ideas as delusions of a crackpot, but that doesn’t take away the fact that it is a playground for the futurists and budding inventors — eager to plant their legacy in the fast-growing fields of technology. Some are whimsical, while others game-changing.

This Japanese politician is crowdfunding a personal trip to the US to study Bitcoin

Mineyuki Fukuda, a member of Japan’s House of Representatives, has taken a novel approach to fund an overseas Bitcoin research tour. The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) lawmaker and head of the central government’s IT Strategy Committee has launched a crowdfunding campaign  that will send him to the US as a private citizen – without using taxpayer funds – to author a report on American Bitcoin businesses.

Singapore’s StarHub launches world’s first telco-backed crowdfunding site

Crowdfunding is kinda hot right now in Asia, not in actual money pledged by consumers or the size of campaigns, but in terms of the number of companies riding the wave in the name of innovation. StarHub, Singapore’s second largest telco, has put its weight behind the movement. It announced Crowdtivate, which it calls the world’s first telco-backed crowdfunding platform.