Victorian govt mobile apps lack privacy policy

The Victorian Privacy Commissioner has raised concerns about the state government’s approach to privacy after a sweep of government-developed mobile applications found little offered a privacy policy to users. The Victorian Privacy Office participated in the Global Privacy Enforcement Network (‘GPEN’) Privacy Sweep of mobile applications in May this year, a movement designed to examine issues such as privacy protections raised by the use of mobile apps.,victorian-govt-mobile-apps-lack-privacy-policy.aspx

Da Nang on track to become intelligent city

One big challenge set for Da Nang authority is to integrate the current infrastructure and diversified IT platform into a unified entity, paving the way for the development of a modern administration platform, where people enjoy public services quickly and efficiently. This is an essential step in implementing the vision of Da Nang authority in bringing the city into an intelligent and worth-to-live place.

Cyber attacks a threat in VN

Experts voiced their concern over the recent case of a private firm, which sold software that allowed a few hundred customers to spy on more than 14,000 private cell phones users. Viet Hong Company, based in Ha Noi’s Thanh Xuan District, advertises its Ptracker app that helps users track other people’s Android phones, read their SMS messages and contact books and record their phone calls. The app can even turn on features like camera, 3G or GPRS connections of the target devices from the tracker phone.

Made in China Untethered Jailbreak Tool Hacks the Latest iPhone 5S and iPad Air

Another brainchild of the Chinese hacking community, the recently released Pangu iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak tool has received so much attention. It works as advertised, and according to reports, is free of the Made in China spyware that concerns past users. Pangu iOS 7.1.1 has an English display screen and lets users perform an untethered jailbreak on any device that runs iOS 7.1.1. This includes Apple’s iPhone 5S and iPad Air, said, tech website Redmond Pie.

New online service disruptions in China; activists see HK protest link

BEIJING, July 4 — Access to online services such as messaging app Line and photo-sharing site Flickr was disrupted in China this week, a step that anti-censorship groups said was carried out by the government to block information about pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. Reuters reporters in China were unable to send messages on Line, owned by South Korea’s Naver Corp, and KakaoTalk, owned by South Korean firm Kakao Corp. Both companies told Reuters they did not know the cause of the disruption or when service would return to normal.

KeyPoint and Lava collaborate to enhance user experience with UI localization

BANGALORE, INDIA: KeyPoint Technologies, an award-winning company in intelligent user interface technology, has partnered with Lava to enhance Iris 402e user-experience with a complete localization solution for the Indian Market. “We are very well known for the Adaptxt Keyboard that offers over 120 languages. We have chosen to partner with Lava to provide end-to-end localization services for their flagship device, Iris 402e. Localization is about being relevant to the local culture.

India’s Bombay Stock Exchange halts trading after network problem

The Bombay Stock Exchange, India’s oldest exchange, halted trading early Thursday after it encountered network problems. The exchange, which closed the market shortly after start of trading, resumed trading within about three hours. A number of users were logged out abruptly because of the “misbehavior” of some of the components in its network, BSE said in the afternoon after trading had resumed. It did not say what led the components to malfunction.

9 months after launch, Xiaomi’s flagship Mi3 smartphone hits 10 million sales

Xiaomi founder Lei Jun revealed today that the upstart phone-maker’s flagship device, the Mi3, has hit 10 million sales. The announcement coincided with the reveal of a new “champagne gold” version of the Xiaomi Mi3 (pictured below), adding to the five other colors that have been available since its launch last October.

Indian Prime Minister overtakes Indonesian President to become Twitter’s third most followed world leader

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has just become the third most followed world leader on Twitter. With over 5.1 million Twitter followers, Modi has overtaken Indonesian President SB Yudhoyono (5.09 million) to reach the third spot. Modi is behind the Pope, who has a cumulative 14 million followers from nine Twitter accounts in different languages, and US President Barack Obama with 43.9 million followers.

1 year and $92 billion later, Alibaba’s massive mutual fund starts to stagnate

Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba’s premiere mutual fund savings product Yuebao turned one year old this week, and announced it now holds RMB 574 billion (US$92 billion) in assets. That makes it the fourth-largest money market fund in the world, according to the company’s official blog. That’s pretty impressive, but those assets are growing at a much slower clip now than they were in the first quarter of this year. This is due to a variety of reasons.

MediaTek confident of attaining 2014 target of 15 million 4G processors #cloud #cloudcomputing

IC design house MediaTek in early 2014 set target shipments of 15 million APs (application processors) for 4G smartphones, and is confident of reaching the goal due to expected large demand in the China market in the second half, according to the company. MediaTek targets China-based smartphone vendors for its 4G APs.

Xiaomi looking to establish Android tablet ecosystem to compete against iPad, says CEO

Commenting on the company’s plans to join the tablet industry, CEO of China-based Xiaomi Lei Jun has said that the lack of a healthy ecosystem was the main problem holding Xiaomi back, and now Xiaomi is stepping up to try to establish an Android tablet ecosystem that is able to compete against Apple’s iPad.

Robust IT infrastructures are steadily developing

According to Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA), Australia, Singapore, Japan and New Zealand are the 4 top countries ranked as ‘Cloud Ready Leaders’ by developing fresh approaches towards next generation and cloud computing services. “The countries’ cloud readiness are assessed against 10 criteria, namely privacy; international connectivity; data sovereignty; broadband quality; government regulatory environment and usage; power grid and green policy; intellectual property protection; business sophistication; data centre risk; and freedom of information.” Asia Cloud Computing Association.

Asian countries most at risk from cyber crime

As firms increasingly do more business online, the risks they face from IT sabotage have also grown, with liabilities ranging from business interruption and regulatory fines for losing customers data to legal action and reputational loss. Stella Tse, managing director and financial and professional liability practice leader for Asia at Marsh, says: “The direct and indirect costs of data breaches are growing exponentially, with business interruption, lost market value and remediation expenses just some of the consequences.”