PM kicks off Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park infrastructure development project

VietnamVietnam Net — The project, which was approved by the Government in 2010, is funded through 400 million USD from Japan ’s official development assistance (ODA) and the balance from the Vietnamese Government. In March 2012, the Ministry of Finance and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) signed a loan agreement worth over 15.2 billion JPY (123.2 million USD) for the project.

Will Vietnam block Facebook?

VietnamVietnam Net — A report released days ago by the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) and Gallup Institute showed that Vietnamese youth do not watch TV for information but instead get updated information through online channels. Facebook is one of the three most popular sources of information. Facebook’s business report shows there are 20 million people using Facebook in Vietnam each day and 30 million a month.

Microsoft acts against copyright infringement in Vietnam

VietnamVietnam Net — Ministry of Cultures, Sports and Tourism inspectors and police found In September 2013 that 41 computers at the company were illegally using software of Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk and Lac Viet. Trimmers Vietnam admitted wrongdoing and promised to stop using the pirated products. It also committed to compensation and damage management. The company has done nothing about the problem.

Summit probes IT growth areas, from VN

VietnamVietnam Net — The two-day summit attracted the participation of more than 500 representatives, with two-thirds of them coming from organisations and firms that have applied IT in their operations. This proves that IT has been receiving growing attention from all sections. Participants at this year’s summit, themed “ITC and Smart Management,” discussed how to apply IT in all aspects of life, especially in the Government’s areas of concern such as health care, transportation, and other public services.

HCM City agency boasts higher tech spend than upper limit

VietnamVietnam Net — Le Huynh Minh Tu from the department unveiled the city’s higher-than-allowed spending on science and technology at a meeting between the Economic and Budgetary Committee of the HCMC People’s Council and the HCMC Department of Science and Technology last week. HCMC’s spending on scientific and technological investments and research was over VND1.32 trillion in 2013, VND1.75 trillion in 2014 and an estimated VND1.34 trillion this year.

Vietnam advances e-governance

VietnamVietnam Net — Addressing the Vietnam ICT Summit 2015- a high-level forum on information and communication technology (ICT) – in Hanoi on June 25, Son emphasised his ministry’s continuous efforts to consult and coordinate IT application among State agencies, organisations and enterprises. The improvement of the national e-governance steering committee and IT management boards at lower levels will be also prioritised, he said, adding that the heads of public agencies and administrations at all levels are responsible for IT advancement inside their organisations and localities.

Vietnam ISPs plan new fiber optic networks

VietnamVietnam Net — So far this year, the AAG cable has been repaired four times. The latest repair was just completed last week. These incidents severely affected internet access in Vietnam. Last year, this cable was also broken several times. In this situation, domestic ISPs have been thinking of construction of new cables. Mr. Mai Tri Dung, Director of the International Business Center of Viettel Telecom Corporation, said that Viettel had increased the reserve capacity for 2015 in case the AAG was broken.

Vietnam in 2015: a light at the end of the tunnel

VietnamI’ve been covering the Vietnamese startup scene for the last three years, and I can tell you, it’s been through hell and back. When I first arrived in December 2012, my first article was on the fall of Nhom Mua, a very controversial daily deals site that was rumored to be pulling in $2 million in revenue per month (it was acquired last year by a local competitor). In the aftermath, Vietnam’s startup scene reeled. But it remained resilient.

Viettel dominates domestic telecom market

VietnamThis was announced in Circular No. 15 issued by the Ministry of Information and Communications on June 15. Earlier, in Circular No. 18 that was issued in 2012, the ministry listed three telecom companies dominating the Vietnamese market, namely Viettel, Viet Nam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT)’s MobiFone, and VinaPhone. According to the country’s Competition Law, an enterprise is considered to have SMP if its market share is higher than 30 per cent, or has the ability to restrict competition in the relevant market. At the moment, Viettel enjoys more than 50 per cent market share.

Telecoms rush to provide 4G, from Cambodia

CambodiaCambodian telecom companies are scrambling to jump on the 4G bandwagon and tap into the Kingdom’s growing mobile internet usage, as front-runner Smart announced last week that its 4G LTE network now spans across the whole country. Thomas Hundt, CEO of Smart, which is the only provider of 4G LTE services, said the decision to expand its network was consumer-driven, as even smaller provinces wanted access to high-speed mobile internet.

Microsoft opens first authorized reseller store in Vietnam

VietnamLocated in Hanoi, the maiden Microsoft Store will offer an assortment of best-in-class Microsoft products, including Windows phones, feature phones, Surface devices as well as Windows, Microsoft Office 365, among others, the Vietnamese unit of the Windows operating system maker said the same day on its website. Laptops and tablets manufactured by Microsoft partners are also available at the reseller store, whereas users can test out the Live Experience Table, which will show them how they can enjoy seamless integration across multiple screens through Microsoft devices, apps and services.

BPhone maker has trouble in domestic market

VietnamBKAV initially stated that the first batch of products would be delivered to customers on June 11. However, at the last minute, BKAV said the delivery would come one week later. Do Thu Hang, BKAV’s PR Director, said since there are some changes in upgrading some apps on operating systems in the MADA (Mobile Application Distribution Agreement) signed between Google and OEMs (original equipment manufacturer), BKAV will need more time to update the upgrades. Do Hoai Nam, a technology expert, said he advocates the BKAV decision on delaying the delivery.

The ISPs take it all: No compensation for Vietnam’s snail-like Internet

VietnamLocal Internet service providers (ISPs) are willing to suspend services over payments that are even one day late, but do nothing when they cannot ensure service quality, many readers have complained to Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper. Internet users in Vietnam had to suffer snail-like speed between June 7 and 12, when the Asia – America Gateway (AAG), the submarine cable system that links Asia and the U.S., underwent major maintenance.

Mobile network operators ready to provide 4G services for low fee

VietnamSuvi Lenden, the ITU Special Envoy for the Broadband Commission for Digital Development, said at a workshop on the future of broadband technology in Vietnam in late May that the broadband service fee in the world was still too high. In theory, the spending on services should not be higher than 5 percent of users’ monthly income. In order to reduce the broadband services fees, she said governments need to apply comprehensive policies on frequency band management and measures to encourage competition among network operators.

Maintenance of Vietnam’s Internet to finish ahead of schedule

VietnamThe Internet in Vietnam has been extremely slow recently, as the Asia-America Gateway (AAG) underwater cable system has been undergoing major maintenance since June 7. The operator of the AAG had said the maintenance would end at 7:00 am on June 17, but some Vietnamese network operators said Wednesday repairs will be finished on June 13. “Repairs to the cable system have been sped up to finish ahead of schedule,” Bui Quoc Viet, director of public relations with VNPT, a leading Internet service provider, told Tuoi Tre(Youth) newspaper.

Why does the AAG underwater cable have to be repaired so often?

VietnamIn the first half of 2015, the cable was in trouble four times, on January 1, April 23, May 26 and early June. In Vietnam, Internet service providers (ISP) such as FPT Telecom, Viettel, VNPT, VDC, and SPT all use this important cable route to connect to the world. Any problem with the AAG network seriously affects Internet users in Vietnam. It is difficult to determine the exact cause of the incident to submarine optic cables because there are many different causes leading to incidents such as natural disasters (seismic activities), maritime activities (anchors of ships), by operation of fishermen or unusual technical incidents.

ISPs ensure Internet connectivity as AAG undergoes maintenance

VietnamThe announcement has come at a time when Asia-America Gateway (AAG), the submarine cable that is utilised the maximum, is undergoing maintenance work and repair till June 17. FPT Telecom Company said it had laid cables over land and had increased its international Internet capacity to 50Gbps to reduce the impact of AAG to the minimum. In the past few months, FPT has continuously expanded its international bandwidth to increase the Internet capacity for customers, and to limit the problems that occur when one of the lines connecting with other countries has a breakdown.

AAG submarine cable to cease activity for 10 days

VietnamThe 20,000 kilometer long submarine communication cable system Asia-American Gateway (AAG), connecting South-East Asia with the mainland of the United States, across the Pacific Ocean via Guam and Hawaii, will have to shut down for about 10 days for maintenance, starting from June 7 to 16, due to consecutive breakdowns in the past five months. The information was confirmed by Internet services providers in Vietnam on June 4. Deputy general director of Vietnam Data Communication Company Nguyen Hong Hai said that the AAG submarine cable system has been operating unsteadily since late 2014.

Vietnam’s smartphone sales top $625mn in 1st quarter: data

VietnamVietnam’s smartphone sales in the three months reached 3.02 million units, up 25 percent from the same period last year, a local retailer has told Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper, citing data by German market research firm GfK. The Vietnamese company declined to be named as it is not allowed to reveal the nonpublic information to the media. The more than three million unit sales were collectively worth VND13.6 trillion (US$624.71 million), meaning the price of a smartphone averaged VND4.5 million ($207), according to data from the same source.

Maintenance to slow down Vietnam’s Internet speed for ten days

VietnamThe Asia-America Gateway (AAG) underwater system will enter a ten-day major maintenance phase on Sunday, a representative from a local Internet service provider told Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper on Thursday, speaking on condition of anonymity. This will greatly slow down Internet speed for users in Vietnam when they access services hosted outside the country. Internet speed in the Southeast Asian country has been unstable and extremely slow at some points since May 26, when what was said to be a glitch occurred to the AAG.