Microsoft reaffirms commitment to Vietnam’s ICT 2020 Vision Policy

VietnamVietnam Net — The visit comes at a time when Vietnam is set to benefit significantly from the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal (TPP) and the need for digital transformation is more urgent than ever to help organisations continue to thrive. As a trusted cloud advisor and with over two decades of impact in the Vietnamese market, Microsoft has become a prominent enterprise that is active in supporting the government, local authorities and enterprises, to develop the IT capabilities of the country.

Internet and network security in Vietnam

VietnamInternet plays a key role in shaping a new world which is far beyond the imagination of not only normal people, but also those who invented it. Vietnam, since the day it officially connected to the internet on November 19, 1997, has been witnessing a lot of big social changes, both positive and negative.

Apple opens subsidiary in Vietnam, tapping smartphone growth

VietnamThe Star — HANOI: Apple Inc has opened a subsidiary company in Vietnam, allowing the maker of iPhones to import and distribute cellphones directly in one of the fastest growing smartphone markets in the Asia-Pacific.  Apple Vietnam Limited Liability was established on Oct 28 with a registered capital of 15bil dong (RM2.89mil), according to a news announcement recorded on Vietnam’s national business registry website seen by Reuters on Nov 5.

Microsoft and Southeast Asian VC collaborate to launch Vietnam startup accelerator

ChinaVietnam’s startup ecosystem is making strides toward maturity. From a growing ecommerce sector to the government itself taking an interest in entrepreneurship, it all points toward a growing opportunity for founders and investors alike. Now a new startup accelerator is about to open its doors to early-stage startups in the country.

Internet of Things to help Vietnam’s socio-economic development

VietnamVietnam Net — More than 70 enterprises attended the Internet of Things solution Summit in Hanoi on September 22, part of a series of IoT events held by Intel worldwide. At the conference, experts all affirmed the great potential of IoT. The IoT will offer opportunities in changing business methods and improving living conditions of people and the world in different ways.

Viettel to spend big money on upgrading undersea cable network

VietnamVietnam Net — The Prime Minister has approved the project to upgrade the capacity and change the technology of the InterAsia (IA) undersea cable. This comes after repeated problems with the Asia America Gateway (AAG) cable. In Vietnam, enterprises involved in the internet have to ask for the Prime Minister’s permission for plans related to undersea cables.

Compal begins mass production of smartphones in Vietnam, says paper

VietnamDigi Times — Compal Electronics’ plants in Vietnam have started mass production in small volumes and currently have about 100-200 workers. Compal aims to recruit a total of 2,000, according to a Chinese-language Apple Daily report. Compal has invested US$500 million in the Vietnam plants and will use the production lines to manufacture smartphones.

Vietnam’s IT incomes ranked second lowest

VietnamVietnam Net — Annual salaries of IT staff in Vietnam stand at an average of $30,938, ranking the country second from bottom and lower than other countries in Asia such as China, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Bulgaria pays the lowest annual salaries for IT workers, at $25,680 per year, while Switzerland pays the highest, at $171,465, followed by Belgium, Denmark, the US, and the UK.

Vietnam’s Ministry of Transport to integrate ETC systems

VietnamEnterprise Innovation — Vietnam’s Ministry of Transport has signed an agreement with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. (MHI), Sojitz Corporation and the Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade (VietinBank) for a demonstration project targeting the integration of Vietnam’s expressway electronic toll collection (ETC) systems.

Viettel to trial 4G from October

VietnamVietnam Net — Viettel said to use the 4G services, users will have to change their SIM cards but the rates will not be higher than the current 3G services. This telecom service provider plans to have 12,000 4G base transceiver stations by  the end of the first quarter 2016, besides 67,000 existing 2G and 3G stations.

4G war breaks out among telcos

VietnamVietnam Net — Viettel has officially kicked off the 4G new race among mobile network operators, stating that it will begin providing 4G services in October. Dat Viet quoted Viettel’s deputy CEO Do Minh Phuong as saying that Viettel is gearing up to prepare for the service launch. It has signed contracts on equipment procurement and will install equipment soon.

Alibaba authorises Vietnam reseller

VietnamVietnam Net — Ha Noi-based CleverAds, said in an online report, that after a year of negotiations it will now provide Alibaba’s Global Gold Supplier (GGS) service to international exporters.  Gold Supplier is the highest and most premium level of membership, helping maximise exposure to companies and business opportunities.

Vietnam’s Tech Boom: A Look Inside Southeast Asia’s Silicon Valley

VietnamPC Mag — More than four decades after choppers lifted the last U.S. troops back across the world, Vietnam’s Da Nang Hi-Tech Park hums with activity. The park, one of several established as part of Vietnam’s 2020 IT Master Plan, houses offices and factories for a growing number of international IT and software companies, hardware manufacturers, and infrastructure plants powering the central Vietnamese city at the heart of a tech boom.,2817,2490579,00.asp

Apple Inc. appoints two retailers in Vietnam

VietnamVietnam Net — In Apple’s distribution map, Diep said Viet Nam was ranked in the third group in the system. The first one includes the United States, Japan and China, while the second has Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong. The first group would be accorded priority to bring in new products, followed by the second, and then the third.–appoints-two-retailers-in-vietnam.html

VN to boost IT application in gov’t

VietnamVietnam Net — The target is for the country to break into the UN E-Government Readiness Index (EDGI)’s top four in ASEAN by 2016, and the top three by 2017, reported Hai Quan (Customs) newspaper. The resolution aims to boost the development of e-government and enhance the quality and efficiency of state agencies to better serve the public and enterprises. It will also make state agencies’ activities on the internet more transparent. According to the 2014 EDGI, Viet Nam ranked 99th out of 193 countries worldwide, and fifth among ASEAN countries.

Vietnam sees rapid growth in smartphone use

VietnamVietnam Net — The use of smartphones in the Asia Pacific region continues to grow rapidly, on par with the rest of the world, with page-view volume on mobile websites and apps also comparable with the global average. India, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines, countries which Opera refers to as the ‘P4’ (Power 4) sub-region, have witnessed a dramatic increase of 545% in the use of smartphones since 2013, making it one of the sub-regions with the fastest growth rates in the world.

A look at key numbers in Vietnam’s ecommerce market

VietnamTech In Asia — Base on the latest survey by MasterCard in 14 Asia Pacific countries in 2015, the proportion of people shopping online in the past 3 months has increased from 68.4 percent to 80.2 percent, achieving the second highest growth rate (11.8 percent) in the Asia Pacific.Aviation, consumer electronics products, and tourism are the top three areas where Vietnamese consumers spend the most money when they shop online.

Mobile network operators, broadcasters duel over fiber-cable internet market

VietnamThe fiber cable market, which is dominated by the big telecom companies, VNPT, Viettel and FPT, now has two rookies, VTVcab and SCTV. Being newcomers, VTVcab and SCTV are a good match for the experienced players.  They offer packages with much lower service fees than the average level and compete by offering 2-in-1 services (internet & TV). VTVcab and SCTV both have TV service advantages.–broadcasters-duel-over-fiber-cable-internet-market.html

VNPT VinaPhone set to launch

VietnamVietnam Net — The Corporation was created on the basis of unifying subsidiaries of the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group (VNPT), including VinaPhone, the Vietnam Data Communication Company (VDC), the Vietnam Telecoms National Company (VTN), and VNPT International, to focus business on telecommunications services and information technology under Decision No. 888/QD-TTg from the Prime Minister on the restructuring of VNPT.

Domestic bank websites contain security glitches, from VN

VietnamVietnam Net — Of those, two thirds are at high or medium risk of having their security breached. The most dangerous loophole that bank websites are facing is SQL Injection, which allows hackers to directly attack websites’ data. Others, including Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and Open Redirection, could take control over a site or redirect visitors to a spam site.