Smartphones surge in popularity: study

Meanwhile, the popularity of desktop PCs has risen by nearly five percent, accounting for 44 percent of the population. About 24 percent access the Internet on their smartphones. The results are part of a recent Google-backed study, entitled Global Connected Consumer Study 2014, carried out by TNS market research company. The study was done in the first half of 2014 and covered 1,000 respondents over the age of 16 in 56 countries, including Vietnam.–study.html

Internet connection to be unstable for the next two weeks

After the storm Kalmaegi weakened into a tropical depression, the operator of AAG (Asia America Gate Way) international undersea cable made a plan to repair the broken cable. Accordingly, at 8pm on September 29, a ship will arrive at the site and start the repair on October 1. The work is expected to end on the morning of October 4; it  will restore 100% of transmission capacity on the route. On September 15 evening, the AAG cable broke at a site 64 km from Hong Kong.

Vietnam plans to launch a nano satellite into orbit in 2016

Recently, Vietnam announced plans to send a 10 kilogram nano-satellite into orbit in 2016, according to Vietnamplus . This project is designed by a team made up of 100 percent Vietnamese engineers and experts. This nano-statellite is named NanoDragon. With a two-year countdown remaining, many scientists are excited to see this “made in Vietnam” dragon fly.

Vietnamese firms compete with tech giants in smartphone market

Mobiistar earlier this month unexpectedly marketed a smartphone model with 8-core, an impressive design and a manufacturer’s suggested retail price under VND5 million, far lower than prices of similar products from other brands. Meanwhile, sources said Q-mobile has joined hands with the US technology giant Microsoft in a plan to make low-cost smartphones running on the Windows Phone operating system for the domestic market.

Will Vietnam ever take its internet seriously?

This week, and not for the first time, one of Vietnam’s major internet cable was cut  by accident. That’s in a country with only five internet cables  and over 93 million people. By contrast, Singapore, a country of just over five million people, has 21 internet sea cables  connecting it to the world. This is ridiculous. This is at least the third time that an internet cable has been cut in Vietnam. Last time, it caused the internet to slow down to a near halt for an entire week before returning to normal.

36 percent of Vietnam’s population owns a smartphone

Vietnam’s total population is over 93 million people now. 36 percent of that amounts to over 33 million people. At 50 percent, that number will be well over 45 million.  That indicates Vietnam is the second most populated smartphone market in Southeast Asia just after Indonesia, whose population dwarfs it by over 150 million people. Thailand is especially bullish despite a smaller population, but it’s likely that Thailand’s smartphone numbers will slow as it hits a threshold while the Philippines and Vietnam will continue to increase as smartphones make it into rural areas thanks to ever decreasing prices.

Telcos gear up for 3G deployment, prepare for 3.5 and 4G, from VN

MobiFone said it had upgraded 1,000 3G BTS (base transceiver station) to raise the 3G speed to 42 Mbps in Hanoi, HCM City and Dong Nai province. It plans to put into operation another 1,000 BTS in Da Nang and Can Tho cities by the end of September, raising the total number of 3G 42Mbps BTS to 2,000. The maximum speed on a BTS or a cell is 42Mbps. It can be accessed on a customer device when the entire BTS serves only one device. The three network operators have all announced that the 3G access speed will be improved sixfold.–prepare-for-3-5-and-4g.html

Made-in-Vietnam nano-satellite to be launched in 2016

The NanoDragon satellite will be entirely designed and manufactured by Vietnamese experts, said Tuan. Last year, VNSC also successfully launched a micro satellite called Pico Dragon weighing 1kg. After infrastructure system of VNSC in Hanoi’s Hoa Lac area is completed, a 50kg satellite called MicroDragon will also be developed and is expected to be launched in 2018, he added. According to Tuan, by 2020, Vietnam will be capable of manufacturing and operating LOTUSat 2 – a commercial satellite weighing 500kg.

Germany aids wind power zoning in Vietnam

The four-year project will be initiated this year to support technological development and exploitation of wind power potential in Vietnam, build a relevant database, zone areas for wind farms, and improve capacities of administering agencies in managing wind power investments. The country now has three operational wind farms, including the first phase of Binh Thanh project with an annual generation output of 30 MW invested by Vietnam Renewable Energy One Member Company Limited in the south-central province of Binh Thuan.

Telecoms told to boost 3G quality – Vietnam

The Government wants internet service providers (ISPs) and mobile phone operators in Viet Nam to ensure a minimum 90 per cent success rate and 10-second delay for 3G internet service. The new regulation from the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC), contained in a circular entitled “The National technical specification requirement for mobile internet services on IMT-2000 standard,” takes effect on March 1, 2015. MT-2000 is the term which the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is using for a set of globally harmonised standards for third generation (3G) mobile telecommunication services and equipment.

Chinese hackers infiltrate Vietnamese websites reported that it appears Vietnamese retailers were the subject of a massive breach that may have exposed customer credit and debit card information at the start of the holiday season. Based on a preliminary analysis, the agency reports Chinese hackers attacked 289 Vietnamese websites on August 28, 84 websites on September 2 (National Day), and 373 websites on September 4. The attacks also affected government ( and education organizations (

Local users scramble to register for iPhone 6 reported on Tuesday that during the program there will be one lucky customer awarded a 60% discount for iPhone 6 and 10 other people will enjoy a reduction of VND1.6 million apiece a day. The website forecast iPhone 6 would appear on the Vietnamese market in October and that it would stop taking new orders by then. Apple has not confirmed the official launch of iPhone 6. However, it has sent out invitations to the media for a launching ceremony on September 9. Some foreign electronics media asserted Apple would present iPhone 6 and iWatch on the same day.

Smartphone giants relocate factories to Vietnam

In mid-August, Microsoft, the new owner of Nokia phone brand, announced that its factory in Bac Ninh would become a major smartphone production base in its global value chain. Nokia, the 150-year old phone manufacturer, is relocating its factories in Hungary to other sites. It is also closing some of its factories in China. More than 30 production lines from its factories worldwide will be brought to Vietnam by the end of the year.

Dep’t focus on cyber threat – Vietnam

The Minister of Public Affairs, Tran Dai Quang, congratulated on the recent achievements of the department and highlighted its important task of ensuring the security and safety of the information on the internet. In order to do that, Quang said, the department should “focus on comprehensively improving the standards of network security officials and officers”. “The Department has to strengthen the international cooperation and actively coordinate with security and law enforcement forces in other countries to mutually develop and organise rehearsals on defence plans against internet attacks”, Quang said.

Vinaphone, Vodafone clinch strategic partnership

Under the partnership, the Vietnamese mobile service provider hopes to benefit from Vodafone’s technology as well as its established systems to improve service quality and competitiveness. Customers will have the opportunity to enjoy useful services that have been deployed worldwide by the UK firm. “Vodafone’s seasoned customer care policy will be very helpful to enhance effectiveness of Vinaphone’s customer care service and help us meet customers’ increasing demands. The cooperation will also make the Vinaphone brand more popular around the world,” said the State-owned firm’s spokesman Doan Xuan Hop.–vodafone-clinch-strategic-partnership.html

OTT apps to thrive when Vietnam deploys 4G

Mobile network operators and OTT app developers have finally found a way to co-exist. According to Harald Preiss, a senior executive of Nokia Networks, in the countries which have been utilizing 4G technology like Japan, mobile network operators now provide free voice call and SMS service as a part of the monthly data package service, and they only charge fees for data services. As such, when customers use OTT services, mobile network operators can earn money, while users will be more satisfied because they can use high-quality services.

Gov’t approves use of IT outsourcing by enterprises, organisations

FPT, the Vietnamese largest IT group, has signed a cooperation agreement with the Vietnam Railway Corporation on the development of a new ticket distribution system, according to Ha Noi Moi newspaper. Under the agreement, FPT will build a modern e-ticket distribution system which allows people to buy tickets through different channels, either via websites, messages, or sale agents. With the new system, which will replace the current one, people will be able to book tickets at any time convenient to them and update information about the ticket distribution process, itineraries and schedules.–organisations.html

HCM City pushes forward with Microsoft Smart City model

Under this MOU, both parties will focus on implementing key areas including: General IT infrastructure and IT infrastructure for smart city, information security, cloud apps development, training for IT resources, E-government, high-tech and electronic information technology industries and IPR implementation. Attending the ceremony were Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Le Manh Ha; director of Ho Chi Minh City Information and Communications Department Le Thai Hy; Asia Time Zone SMS&P at Microsoft public sector director Rodrigo Becerra Mizuno; general manager of Microsoft Vietnam Vu Minh Tri and media representatives.

Viettel asked to stop “Internet for education” program

Sources from the Ministry of Information and Communications said that the Department of Telecommunication has told Viettel to stop the program to provide a fiber optic Internet connection for the education sector in the northern province of Ha Nam, called FTTH EDU. The agency said that the program violates the regulations on price management and promotion in the field of telecommunications. Reportedly, Viettel not only has to stop this program in Ha Nam, but also across the country, and to report on this issue to the Ministry.–internet-for-education–program.html

Vietnam adjusts VNREDSat-1 satellite to avoid cosmic object

Ngo Duy Tan, deputy director of the Small Satellite Operation and Exploitation Center, has confirmed that the satellite was saved from a possible accident as the center successfully adjusted its orbit. According to Tan, JSpOC (Joint Space Operations Center), the US command and control weapon system sent information that a possible collision would occur at 8.26 pm Hanoi time on August 15 with the probability rate of 0.279 percent. The center also said that the object which the satellite might collide with was moving at a speed of 14,000 meter per second.