Changes in telephone area codes show poor planning by ministry

VietnamBusinesses have been complaining about the planned changes in the telephone area codes, saying they would cost them a lot of money. Under a new decision by the Ministry of Information and Communication, the telephone area codes of 59 of the country’s 63 provinces and cities (under central government) would be changed. Meanwhile, the 11-numeral mobile subscription numbers will be replaced by 10-digit numbers.

Akamai: Vietnam’s Internet traffic second slowest in Asia-Pacific

VietnamIn the Asia-Pacific region, Hong Kong had the fastest Internet connection, followed by Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and China. According to the report, the average Internet connection speed in Vietnam was 2.5 Mbps in the third quarter of last year, down 12% quarter-on-quarter, while the highest speed to be recorded was 16.6 Mbps. Compared to the same period of 2013, the average and the highest speeds in Vietnam inched up, with respective increases of 22% and 38%.–vietnam-s-internet-traffic-second-slowest-in-asia-pacific.html

Internet connection to be resumed on January 24

According to the latest notice of the AAG operator sent to Vietnamese Internet service providers, the repair began on January 17 and will finish on January 28. However, Internet connection between Vietnam and the world will be resumed on January 24. Earlier, on January 8, the operator said the repair would complete on January 23. The AAG submarine cable was cut at 8:04 am on January 5, at a point about 117km from the landing station in Vung Tau.

MobiFone gets approval to add 2 million numbers

The approval, granted on January 9, means the Mobifone network will now have an additional two million 10-digit numbers with the ‘0901′ and ‘0931′ prefixes serving the domestic market. While mobile phone number prefixes have been diversified in Viet Nam, mobile network operators see ‘090′, ‘091′ and ‘098′ as popular ranges that are also considered strong brands. Following the Ministry’s approval, the company can now expand its subscriber base.

Vietnam, Japan partner in aerospace technology

Accordingly, the two sides are making joint efforts to ensure the progress of infrastructure development and high-quality human resources training in Vietnam to produce one of the leading space centres in Southeast Asia. The pair will make full use of their respective skills and resources for future collaboration in remote sensing, small satellite production, global satellite positioning system application, and ensuring the construction progress of the Vietnam Space Centre project in Hoa Lac hi-tech park in Hanoi, which began in September 2012.–japan-partner-in-aerospace-technology.html

MobiFone to offer 2 million new 10-digit numbers

It’s hoped the move will further develop the subscription network, Deputy Minister Le Nam Thang said on January 9. In 2014, the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) submitted a request to the MIC to add the numerals 0 and 1 after the 090 and 093 prefixes for MobiFone and 091 and 094 for Vinaphone. The two mobile operators expect to have additional 8 million subscribers.

Realty transactions to be carried out via internet: survey, from VN

They believe that from 2030, the majority of real estate transactions will be carried out online. The traditional real estate transaction forms have been changing slowly. But the new “revolution” in technologies means both buyers and sellers will make transactions via internet to save time and costs. Nguyen Huu Chuong, a real estate broker, agrees that making transactions via internet will be dominant in the future, both in Vietnam and the rest of the world.–survey.html

Repair of AAG submarine cable to be completed on January 23

It is expected that the cable repair vessel will approach the broken segment at 1am on January 15 and the cable will be fixed completely at 2pm on January 23. By that time Internet connection from Vietnam to other countries will be 100% restored. The AAG submarine cable was cut at 8:04 am on January 5, at a point about 117km from the landing station in Vung Tau.

Vietnamese firms gear up for smarthome battle

“The best known technology groups in the world like Microsoft, Google and Samsung have just joined the smarthome market, while we (BKAV) have been present in the field for nearly 10 years,” said Vu Thanh Thang, director of BKAV SmartHome, at a workshop on utilizing information technology (IT) achievements in the real life. Prior to that, BKAV’s managers many times stated at workshops and conferences that BKAV’s smarthome is the best product of this kind now available in the world.

Game industry set to take off in 2015

1.Flappy Bird, developed by Nguyen Ha Dong, a freelance coder in Hanoi, topped the Google Play and App Store lists of games, with the highest numbers of downloads in January 2014. Flappy Bird was one of the 10 most searched keywords on Google in 2014. Though Dong later pulled the game off app stores for several reasons, he has become well known all over the world. The success of Dong has a special significance because it encourages Vietnamese game developers who are still fumbling for the right way to follow.

Flappy Bird makes comeback on Android Wear devices

Addictive game Flappy Bird is now available on Android Wear smartwatches. It is the work of developer Corbin Davenport, and not of its original Vietnamese coder Nguyen Ha Dong. – Photo It is the work of developer Corbin Davenport, and not of its original Vietnamese coder Nguyen Ha Dong. Davenport posted instructions on his site for sideloading Android application packages using the Android debugging bridge onto Android Wear watches.

AAG submarine cable cut again, from VN

Some internet service providers in Vietnam received the notice from AAG’s management unit the morning of January 5, 2015. The breakdown is located in S1H segment, which is a turn from the international line to the southern coastal city Vung Tau (VTU). At present, VTU station is attempting to identify thespecific location of disruption. The management unit has not revealed how long it will take to fix the problem. However, the incident will affect internet bandwidth from Vietnam to international destinations.

Businesses neglect Internet security to protect reputation, from VN

Why do businesses attacked by hackers often hesitate to publicise information about the attacks?  Recent attacks, especially the incident involving VC Corp’s websites, show that any organisation or business can be a potential target for hackers. However, most businesses prefer not to say anything about such attacks to protect their reputation. They only start asking for help when the situation goes out of control. More often than not, it’s already too late. The whole system is brought down and data is lost permanently.

Compal to resume production at Vietnam factory, says president

Notebook ODM Compal Electronics will resume production at its factory in Hanoi, northern Vietnam, as soon as the second half of 2015, according to company president Ray Chen. Compal in November 2007 announced an investment of US$500 million to establish the factory for notebook ODM production, with production scheduled to begin in first-quarter 2009 and production capacity to eventually account for 50% of Compal’s total.

Vietnam’s satellite orbit adjusted to dodge probable collision

The academy’s Center for Small Satellite Control and Exploitation, made changes to the orbit on August 15 after it received a warning from the U.S. Joint Space Operations Center (JSPOC) that the VNREDSat-1 might collide with an object that was flying at a speed of 14,000 meters per second. According to JSPOC, a collision could occur at 8:26 pm on August 15 (Vietnam time) with a probability of 0.279 percent, the center said, adding that this rate is much higher than the international threshold of 0.1 percent at which the orbits of any satellites involved are required to be adjusted for safety reasons.

VinaPhone launches OTT service V

VietTalk is the third OTT (over-the-top) service provided by a Vietnamese enterprise after Zalo of VNG and Btalk of Bkav. It works like other OTT services in terms of calling, texting, voice and multimedia messages and group chat. Like other OTT apps, VietTalk can be installed in all smartphones connecting to mobile phone networks in the country. VietTalk users will have to pay for the service while users of other OTT apps do not pay for the app service but are still subject to 3G or GPRS charges.

‘Made in Vietnam’ smartphones struggling to find buyers

Smartphones launched by local leading telcos VNPT and Viettel, have struggled to woo customers since their launch. Most recently, VNPT Technology, under state-owned Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group (VNPT), rolled out two Made in Vietnam smartphone models, the Vivas Lotus S2 and S2 Eco, priced at just VND1.59 million ($75) and VND2.19 million ($104). Earlier, in late August 2013 the company launched the first Vivas Lotus 1 smartphone model for VND3.9 million ($185).–smartphones-struggling-to-find-buyers.html

3G subscribers increase as prices remain low, from VN

The figure was higher than the previous number announced by Viet Nam’s 2014 White Book on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), which showed only 19.7 million subscribers, an increase of four million subscribers compared with last year. However, several various definitions of 3G subscribers provided different numbers. Telecommunications providers said that this year marked a strong development of 3G subscribers but indicated a sharp decrease in the number of Short Message Service (SMS) users.

More than 200,000 network devices in Vietnam under hackers’ watch

This is only a portion of the more than 12 million devices suffering from vulnerability as reported by Checkpoint. The hole lies in the RomPager web server, developed by AllegroSoft, often embedded in firmware for routers, modems and gateway devices of most of the leading manufacturers in the world. The HTTP server provides a friendly web-based interface for users to configure the devices.–watch.html

Three telecom giants earn over VND330 trillion in 2014

Specifically, VNPT earned revenue of about VND101,055 billion ($4.81 billion), profit of VND6,310 billion (over $300 million), up 12% compared with 2013. By the end of 2014, VNPT had total subscribers of 30.5 million, including 26 million mobile subscribers. The number of new mobile subscribers of VinaPhone in 2014 reached 8.8 million and the number of broadband internet and IPTV subscribers were over three million and about one million, respectively.