Coc Coc browser emerges as threat to Chrome’s No. 1 spot in Vietnam

VietnamInternet Explorer (IE), Firefox and Google Chrome were once the “three big lords” to most Vietnamese. However, IE has not been used by Vietnamese for the last two years. Firefox has also passed into oblivion. Meanwhile, computer users have repeatedly complained that Chrome “eats up” too much of their computers’ CPU. Coc Coc has emerged as a strong rival to Chrome the giant. Coc Coc is a “rookie” compared with Chrome and other browsers. Iit is just two years old. However, analysts said this is a great advantage of Coc Coc, because its developers can learn from the experience of “veterans” and avoid mistakes the veterans had made.–1-spot-in-vietnam.html

Vietnam’s chat app Zalo challenges Facebook with 30 million registered users

VietnamFPT may be Vietnam’s largest tech company with a newfangled US$3 million seed fund announced just yesterday, but VNG is considered Vietnam’s largest consumer tech company with products stretching from music downloads to news to a chat app. Today, VNG announced that it just hit 30 million registered users worldwide on its chat app Zalo. Zalo now sees 400 million messages per day. That’s up 10 million more users from November last year and nearly 20 million up from this month last year.

Government approves plan to adopt 4G, from VN

VietnamThe Government has approved a telecom development master plan that says preparations to introduce 4G technology will begin this year. However, critics say it should be reconsidered since the existing 3G capacity has yet to be fully utilised and 4G devices could be too expensive in a poor country. Four years ago the Ministry of Information and Communications licensed five operators — FPT Telecom, VNPT, Viettel, CMC, and VTC — to pilot 4G services. The country’s major telecom service providers are ready to launch 4G services.

Master plan on hi-tech farming zones approved

VietnamBesides previously-approved hi-tech farming parks in Hau Giang and Phu Yen, another eight will be built in Ho Chi Minh City, the northern provinces of Thai Nguyen and Quang Ninh, the central province of Thanh Hoa, the southern province of Khanh Hoa, the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong, and southern Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong and Can Tho city. Farming zones applying technological advances dedicated to coffee trees are mostly in the Central Highlands, northwest and north central regions.

Russian Glonass welcomed in Vietnam

VietnamVietnam has been using GPS (Global Positioning System), a space-based satellite navigation system created by the US government. If the negotiations succeed and Russia can place Glonass, a GPS-like system, in Vietnam and three other countries, Cuba, Nicaragua and China, this will benefit Vietnamese users because it offers more choices for them.   Dr. Doan Minh Chung, head of the Institute of Space Technology Institute, said so when asked if Vietnam could get any benefits from the placement of the satellite in the country.

Repair of AAG undersea cable will take at least 3 weeks

VietnamThe Asia-American Gateway (AAG) submarine cable was cut again on April 23 morning. The breakdown is located in SH1 segment, about 300km offshore Vung Tau, which is a turn from the international line via Hong Kong (China) to Ho Chi Minh City. The incident will affect internet bandwidth from Vietnam to international destinations. Viettel, FPT and VNPT have taken some measures to restrict effects on Internet users in Vietnam. Earlier in 2015, the AAG submarine cable was cut on January 5 and it took two weeks to resolve the issue.

AAG submarine cable breaks again, from VN

VietnamThe breakdown is located in SH1 segment which is a turn from the international line via Hong Kong (China) to Ho Chi Minh City. The incident will affect internet bandwidth from Vietnam to international destinations. Earlier in 2015, the AAG submarine cable was cut on January 5 and it took two weeks to resolve the issue. The AAG is a 20,000-kilometre long submarine communications cable system, connecting Southeast Asia with the US mainland, across the Pacific Ocean via Guam and Hawaii.

Viettel enters OTT market with new app

VietnamAfter three months of being developed and tested (from last December) with approximately 30,000 subscribers, Viettel has officially launched Mocha Messenger app with many features introduced to be exclusive. In addition to sending text messages, voice messages and pictures, this application also supplies music, which Viettel confirmed to be the only feature on OTT apps in Vietnam and the world. However, Mocha Messenger does not have calling features like its rivals as Zalo, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype …

Chinese hackers snooping on Vietnam for 10 years: experts

VietnamAccording to the security firm, the group of 30 hackers, called APT 30, could have been the culprit behind cyberattacks on governmental organizations, businesses and news agencies. The report said the APT 30 attacks kicked off in 2005, targeting neighboring countries, including Vietnam. “There’s no smoking gun that shows this is a Chinese government operation, but all signs point to China,” FireEye’s APAC CTO Bryce Boland said in TechCrunch.–experts.html

What is the solution for malware-infected computers in Vietnam?

VietnamThe department, analyzing the reports of some domestic and foreign institutions , concluded that 66 out of every 100 computers in Vietnam have been attacked by malware.  Meanwhile, malware existing in computers at state agencies will cause immeasurable consequences. Dung said hackers attack computers at state agencies by sending emails with malware to agency officers.  When the malware gets into the computers, it will infect other computers of the same networks and collect important information or change the interface of the websites.

AT&T eyes Vietnam market

VietnamSandy Verma, Senior Director in charge of Internet of Things Solutions of AT&T Asia Pacific said, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers, up to 86% of CIOs worldwide said that technology was changing their business practice. Data analysis and Internet of Things – IoT – are emerging as the most significant technologies. With IoT, mobile phones are not just used for making calls or sending text messages but can open doors, turn on smart devices in homes, and connect devices in workshops and medical devices monitoring human health.

Vietnam, India collaborate in IT & foreign language training

VietnamLocated inside the city’s Telecommunications University (TCU), the centre was set up under a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the Vietnamese and Indian governments in October 2014. Its goal is to develop high-quality human resources in the fields and meet the demand for building the Vietnam People’s Army.  The building cost amounted to 18 billion VND (833,000 USD), half of which was sourced from non-refundable Indian aid.–india-collaborate-in-it—foreign-language-training.html

US keeps watch over security risks from Chinese telecom devices sold in VN

VietnamLast year, problems were found with 1,000 modems HG8045A imported by the Vietnam Post and Telecom Corporation (VNPT) from Huawei, a large Chinese large telecom device manufacturer. VNPT customers complained they could not change passwords and had to use a default password provided by the supplier. Dang Anh Son, deputy director of VNPT Hanoi, explained at a press conference held to clarify the problem that VNPT’s technicians made mistakes when providing the wrong password to clients.

IT firms struggle to look for mobile programmers

VietnamTran Anh Tuan, deputy director of the HCM City Human Resource and Labor Information Center, said that HCM City alone would need 16,200 IT workers every year in the upcoming years, including programmers for mobile devices. The WeAreSocial website says that 35 percent of the world’s population now use the internet, 26 percent access Facebook, and 93 percent use mobile phones.

HCM City to take bold measures against SMS spam, from VN

VietnamLe Quoc Cuong, deputy director of the department, told reporters last week that the department will take drastic steps to crack down on SMS spam in line with the Ministry of Information and Communications’ Directive 82/CT-BTTTT. Some mobile service providers have warned their customers of fraudulent texts and calls and applied technical measures against spam. In the coming time, mobile carriers will be required to inform customers of service charges and come up with better solutions to protect their clients.

Vietnam tops global outsourcing market for first time

VietnamVietnam has capitalised on increasing labour costs in China to take first place in the ranking while India remains the world’s largest business process outsourcing market. Vietnam established its presence in the sector thanks to numerous government reform policies to promote the country as a key outsourcing destination. C&W predicts the service segment will expand rapidly given the average age of the country’s workforce is under 30 and 1-1.5 million people enter the labour market every year.

Viettel Cambodia takes over local telecom service provider

CambodiaOn its announcement issued this week, Beeline unveiled that Sotelco Ltd, ex-owner of the Beeline Cambodia trademark, is to stop involving in the operation of the network. As from March 24, Beeline scratch cards will become invalid and all current sim cards will be shifted to Metfone system, the company declared. Beeline users will benefit from the takeover as they can access to their new provider’s advanced services such as 4G technology.

Vietnam’s Metfone to Absorb Struggling Beeline

CambodiaMetfone, Cambodia’s largest mobile phone provider by subscribers, will absorb Beeline, which has struggled to gain a foothold in the country’s fiercely competitive telecoms market, Beeline announced Thursday in a statement posted to its Facebook page. Beeline, whose parent company is Sotelco Ltd., was purchased by Cambodian businessman Huot Vanthan in 2013 from Amsterdam-based VimpelCom Ltd. Metfone is a subsidiary of Viettel, which is wholly owned by the Vietnamese military.

Hackers earn big money with ransomware, from VN

VietnamThe hackers, after penetrating their information systems, encrypted the data and locked the files in the systems. The hackers left a message that they would provide the key to unlock the files if the victims paid a ransom. In many cases, the victims have decided to compromise, accepting to pay ransom in exchange for their data, because they fear the news about hacking would negatively affect their business. According to Kaspersky Vietnam, malware was sent mostly from a member of Ransomware – Trojan-Ransom.

Taiwan tops Vietnam labor export markets: report

TaiwanTAIPEI–Taiwan was Vietnam’s largest labor export market in the first two months of this year, recruiting 10,906 Vietnamese workers during the period, according to the latest official data from Hanoi. A total of 17,206 Vietnamese were sent abroad to work in the two-month period, according to a March 11 report on VGA News, the Vietnamese government-run online newspaper website, which cited statistics compiled by the Overseas Labor Management Department.