Indonesian telco XL Axiata announces 4G LTE launch in three cities

Indonesian telco XL Axiata announced today the official launch of its 4G LTE service nationwide. The news comes just days after its local competitor Telkomsel launched its own 4G network in Indonesia, and more than a month after Bolt and Telkomsel introduced the first taste of 4G service to the Indonesian public at large back in November.

Yahoo closes office in Indonesia this month

Rumors swirled around Yahoo’s major restructuring in November, and yesterday the tech giant confirmed (via Detik) that the company is shutting its Indonesia office this month. Besides Indonesia, Yahoo is reportedly laying off its employees in Malaysia and Vietnam too. In October, the tech giant laid off hundreds in India. Barsha Panda, Yahoo head of corporate communications in India and Southeast Asia, tells Tech in Asia the following:

Microsoft and Jakarta police team up to educate public on dangers of pirated software

In a report by Akamai Technologies last year, Indonesia was ranked as the number one source of hacking-related traffic in the world, overtaking China. The country is also a place where pirated software is used ubiquitously by individuals and businesses alike. Because pirated software often contains malicious malware, the widespread use of inauthentic software in Indonesia brings large potential threats each day to the nation’s digital infrastructure.

Indonesian telco Indosat launches ATM card to go with ewallet

Indonesian telco company Indosat, in collaboration with Qatar National Bank (QNB), launched a mobile money ATM card this week, CNN Indonesia reports. The card is integrated with Indosat’s ewallet feature Dompetku, which now claims to be the first mobile money provider in Indonesia with a parallel ATM service feature.

Indonesia aims to put all services online by 2019

Indonesia’s Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (PAN-RB) has launched a new programme to put nearly every single public service online by 2019. The programme is jointly developed with the Ministry of Information and Communication (Kementerian Kominfo) and is looking to be completed by the end of new Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s five year term.

Here are some of Indonesia’s most memorable tweets in 2014

Indonesians are some of the most frequent users of social media websites, including Twitter. With about 20 million monthly active users, Twitter has become one of the main tools for Indonesians to communicate online, and today the social media giant reveals (via ADdiction) just how significant the tweets coming from Indonesia are. The report showcases the most popular retweets, hashtags, conversations, and accounts in Indonesia.

Google launches Play Newsstand in Indonesia, tailors content to local market

Today, Google Play unveiled a banner ad on the Play Store announcing its Newsstand now includes Indonesian content. Google has had a hand in the news aggregating game for quite a while now, making improvements with each iteration. In America it started with the simple news and weather app, then moved on to develop Google Currents, which was then replaced with Google Play Newsstand, an app that allows users to subscribe to both free and paid news sources and magazines, in a similar fashion to Apple’s Newsstand.

Indonesian students to use enterprise-grade productivity tools for e-learning

An Indonesian university has improved its campus’ e-learning portal by integrating a suite of cloud-based enterprise-grade productivity and communication services from Microsoft. The Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), one of Indonesia’s largest universities with 60,000 students, has chosen to adopt Office 365 for Education because it provides students with access to productivity tools that are commonly used in the workplace.

Ebay wants to buy into Indonesia’s ecommerce race, set to increase shares in Blanja

US-based ecommerce giant eBay plans to increase its ownership in Indonesia’s MetraPlasa from 40 percent to 49 percent, local media outlet Berita Satu reports. MetraPlasa was originally established in late 2012 as a joint venture between eBay and Telkom Indonesia to head up local ecommerce initiatives. The news comes just days after the official launch of Blanja, MetraPlasa’s consumer-to-consumer ecommerce site in Indonesia.

The time has come! Indosat, XL, and Telkomsel to introduce 4G in Indonesia

Following local mobile provider Telkomsel’s launch of its 4G long-term-evolution mobile internet service in Jakarta and Bali, the archipelago’s two other major telco players, XL Axiata and Indosat, followed suit with their own announcements, CNN Indonesia reports. Indosat says it will soon commercialize its own 4G service, which is still currently in the preparation stage. All customers who want to enjoy 4G coverage will need to change their SIM cards.

Indonesia enjoying new online shopping boom with better Internet access

JAKARTA, Dec 8 — Indonesia is set to lead a boom in online shopping across Southeast Asia as Internet access explodes and investors pour money into a rapidly growing host of retail start-ups, analysts say. Much like China several years ago, the region is enjoying a rapid increase in web access that observers say is starting to drive a fundamental shift in shopping habits among the emerging middle class.

Would PayPal’s presence in Indonesia speed up natural selection?

Currently, there are 17 epayment companies in Indonesia. Names like Veritrans, Coda, and 2c2p come to mind. Some people say competition is good for a tech startup scene. It forces the players in a given space to one-up each other to better serve a market. Folks like Peter Thiel may disagree, however, arguing “creative monopolies” are better. With this in mind, one question to answer is: Which school of thought can best be applied to Indonesia’s epayments space?

How to really open up government

Providing data is an important part of opening up government, but that’s not where it ends. Governments can better consult citizens when making decisions, and create services and policies with together. FutureGov has a published a new eBook: a guide to successful open government initiatives in the region.

Baidu: Indonesia is truly a mobile first market

Indonesia has long been considered a mobile-first country, since users from its current generation onwards will get their first taste of the internet via their mobile devices. It is imperative for any company looking to break into Indonesia to understand these users better. If you’ve been wondering about the Indonesia market, you’d probably want to look at Baidu Indonesia’s report on the country’s mobile internet users, released at Startup Asia Jakarta 2014.

This Indonesian startup says it struck gold in bitcoin, delivers currency in 3 minutes

For those of you who’ve been living on the moon, bitcoin is an unregulated digital currency that provides a way for folks to transfer money to each other over the web without using a bank or financial institution as a middleman. All bitcoin users need to do is install a wallet app to start trading with bitcoin. The technology is disruptive and controversial because bitcoin spenders can make their transactions anonymously, and even pay for illegal goods and services like drugs and prostitution online.

5 reasons Indonesia should use China as an ecommerce blueprint

One of our discussions at Startup Asia Jakarta 2014 explored how Indonesia can learn from developed startup ecosystems overseas. During the panel, Tech in Asia had the opportunity to compare three very different ecommerce markets to the world’s largest archipelago: Japan, Silicon Valley, and China. The session featured Sonita Lontoh, founder of the Silicon Valley Asia Technology Alliance, Takeshi Ebihara, founding general partner at Japan-based Rebright Partners, and James Tan, managing partner at China’s Quest VC.

Telkom subsidiary first to land in Singapore’s Data Centre Park

SINGAPORE: Telin Singapore (Telekomunikasi Indonesia International), a subsidiary of PT Telkom (Telekomunikasi Indonesia),has been awarded an 8,000-square-metre plot of land at Singapore’s Data Centre Park (DCP) in Jurong. The data centre facility will have 20,000 square metres of available floor space. Construction will start in early 2015, and the centre is expected to start supporting Telin Singapore’s customers in the fourth quarter of 2016, according to a company press release on Monday (Dec 1).

Telin to Provide Akamai Solutions to Business Customers in Indonesia

SINGAPORE — PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin), a state-owned telecommunications and network provider, today announced that it has joined the Akamai NetAlliance Partner Program. The strategic partnership with Akamai® Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the leading provider of cloud services for delivering, optimizing and securing online content and business applications, will enable Telin to provide Akamai’s Web Performance, Media Delivery, and Cloud Security Solutions to its business customers in Indonesia.

Indonesia to regulate so that ministries use shared services in 2015

The Indonesian government will regulate to push all ministries and agencies next year to use shared services, the Ministry of Bureaucratic Reform has exclusively told FutureGov. The government is working on regulations to “push every single ministry and agency to use … [a] single system”, Rini Widyantini, Deputy Minister for Institutional Affairs told FutureGov.

Open dataset of the week: Healthcare in Jakarta

Primary health centres are the most basic unit of the public healthcare network. Jakarta’s open dataset on its primary health centres can uncover a host of services for Indonesians and benefits for the government. This is why FutureGov has chosen this dataset as its open dataset of the week. The dataset lists the names, addresses and contact details of 394 clinics across Jakarta. It also indicates a breakdown of staff and the state of infrastructure in each of these clinics, including the condition of the buildings, ambulances, internet connections.