Indonesian president Jokowi bans foreign acquisitions in several tech sectors

IndonesiaIndonesia’s president Joko Widodo (aka Jokowi) asked the nation’s head of creative economy Triawan Munaf to ban foreign investors from acquiring several types of online businesses in the archipelago yesterday, reports CNN Indonesia. The mandate was announced as part of the president’s effort to maintain the growth of local online companies to better benefit Indonesia. The move came suddenly, as Jokowi only appointed Munaf to the position on Monday also.

Baidu’s Android app store has 2.88 million active users in Indonesia

IndonesiaMost of Indonesia’s web users spend time online using mobile devices. And while there are about 38.3 million active smartphone users in the country, that number will surpass 100 million by 2018. So it’s a big market to be in, and there’s huge opportunity to win the hearts of those upcoming smartphone users in Indonesia. Third-party Android app stores like Baidu’s MoboMarket want to tap into this lucrative industry. Mobomarket recently released Q4 2014 data:

Jakarta expanding light rail network, cancels new monorail

Jakarta has announced plans to expand its rail network to satellite cities. The news comes as the city cancels a contract to build a new monorail network within the city. Indonesia’s capital city wants to expand its Light Rail Transport (LRT) network to ease traffic congestion, Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama said. Many people who work in Jakarta commute everyday to satellite cities where housing is more affordable.

Facing unclear regulations, Xiaomi can’t guarantee the release of 4G smartphones in Indonesia

After the launch of 4G LTE mobile networks in Indonesia by three of the nation’s largest telcos, cheaper access to 4G should presumedly serve as a strong incentive for smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi to sell compatible devices in the archipelago. But it’s not that simple for the company’s VP of international Hugo Barra, local media portal Detik reports.

Indonesia wants to replace school textbooks with tablets

Indonesia’s Ministry of Education is looking to replace textbooks with tablets in its schooling system. It intends to start by piloting the approach in outlying frontier towns, where pupils are most disadvantaged. Textbooks are more vulnerable to wear and tear than tablets, and are costly to distribute, the department believes.

Indonesian students in remote areas will soon receive tablets to replace textbooks

Indonesia has more than 50 million students who need to be educated by about 3 million teachers in the public school system, according to Anies Baswedan, the nation’s minister of education and culture. When a population is as large as Indonesia’s, an important and expensive item on the academic docket is providing textbooks, both used and new.

As Indonesia becomes an important smartphone market, brands rush to open factories

Indonesia is one of the biggest smartphone markets in the world. Emarketer believes that the nation will have over 100 million active monthly smartphone users by 2018 as it leaps other countries to become the fourth largest market. As this evolution happens, Indonesia is also set to be an important and strategic place for brands to manufacture smartphones.

Indonesia to spend US$2.4 million on smart city project in 2015

Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, will invest IDR 30 billion (US$2.4 million) on its smart city project this year, the team told FutureGov. 60 per cent of the money will be spent on building an operations centre that will help monitor and respond to complaints from citizens, said Alberto Ali, Head of Technical Unit, Smart City Jakarta. The remaining will be used for operations and human resources to run the centre, he said.

Vserv and XL Axiata in mobile advertising pact

MOBILE marketing platform company Vserv has announced a partnership with PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL), which it said is the second largest telecom service operator in Indonesia. The partnership will integrate Vserv Smart Data platform with XL Axiata to help drive higher ROI (return on investment) for mobile entertainment companies, Vserv said in a statement.

Himax Pure III borrows ideas from Xiaomi and Oppo (REVIEW), from Indonesia

Indonesia’s gadget market is very hot. It’s not only foreign smartphone manufacturers making their mark in the country; local phone brands are also turning up their “A” game in the face of serious competition. One of them is Himax. Himax is gaining strong traction in its native Indonesia because it’s emulating Xiaomi’s tactics – making good quality products at prices that a bit lower than you might expect. And it’s also using Xiaomi-style online flash sales.

14 of Indonesia’s biggest tech stories in 2014

What is there to say about the past year in Indonesia’s tech space? What actually happened? Quite a bit, in fact. For starters, the government decided to turn Indonesia’s population of cyberattackers into a positive asset when the ministry of defense held a nationwide hacking competition to boost the country’s own cybersecurity.

Indonesia to be world’s fourth-largest smartphone market by 2018

The world will have two billion active smartphone users by 2016, with China, India, and Indonesia leading the way in growth. Looking ahead even further, the three nations will collectively add over 400 million new smartphone users from 2014 to 2018. These new numbers and projections are from a new report by Emarketer.

Who offers the best 4G LTE connection in Indonesia? Here’s our side-by-side comparison

What a month so far in Indonesia so far! In December, all three of the biggest telcos launched their 4G LTE networks commercially in the country. However, these services are not rolled out nationwide and offer different speeds. This time, Tech in Asia will provide side-by-side comparisons of the 4G LTE connections offered by three telcos: Telkomsel, XL Axiata, and Indosat, as well as from internet service provider Bolt.

Indonesian telco XL Axiata announces 4G LTE launch in three cities

Indonesian telco XL Axiata announced today the official launch of its 4G LTE service nationwide. The news comes just days after its local competitor Telkomsel launched its own 4G network in Indonesia, and more than a month after Bolt and Telkomsel introduced the first taste of 4G service to the Indonesian public at large back in November.

Yahoo closes office in Indonesia this month

Rumors swirled around Yahoo’s major restructuring in November, and yesterday the tech giant confirmed (via Detik) that the company is shutting its Indonesia office this month. Besides Indonesia, Yahoo is reportedly laying off its employees in Malaysia and Vietnam too. In October, the tech giant laid off hundreds in India. Barsha Panda, Yahoo head of corporate communications in India and Southeast Asia, tells Tech in Asia the following:

Microsoft and Jakarta police team up to educate public on dangers of pirated software

In a report by Akamai Technologies last year, Indonesia was ranked as the number one source of hacking-related traffic in the world, overtaking China. The country is also a place where pirated software is used ubiquitously by individuals and businesses alike. Because pirated software often contains malicious malware, the widespread use of inauthentic software in Indonesia brings large potential threats each day to the nation’s digital infrastructure.

Indonesian telco Indosat launches ATM card to go with ewallet

Indonesian telco company Indosat, in collaboration with Qatar National Bank (QNB), launched a mobile money ATM card this week, CNN Indonesia reports. The card is integrated with Indosat’s ewallet feature Dompetku, which now claims to be the first mobile money provider in Indonesia with a parallel ATM service feature.

Indonesia aims to put all services online by 2019

Indonesia’s Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (PAN-RB) has launched a new programme to put nearly every single public service online by 2019. The programme is jointly developed with the Ministry of Information and Communication (Kementerian Kominfo) and is looking to be completed by the end of new Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s five year term.

Here are some of Indonesia’s most memorable tweets in 2014

Indonesians are some of the most frequent users of social media websites, including Twitter. With about 20 million monthly active users, Twitter has become one of the main tools for Indonesians to communicate online, and today the social media giant reveals (via ADdiction) just how significant the tweets coming from Indonesia are. The report showcases the most popular retweets, hashtags, conversations, and accounts in Indonesia.

Google launches Play Newsstand in Indonesia, tailors content to local market

Today, Google Play unveiled a banner ad on the Play Store announcing its Newsstand now includes Indonesian content. Google has had a hand in the news aggregating game for quite a while now, making improvements with each iteration. In America it started with the simple news and weather app, then moved on to develop Google Currents, which was then replaced with Google Play Newsstand, an app that allows users to subscribe to both free and paid news sources and magazines, in a similar fashion to Apple’s Newsstand.