Ouya scores Xiaomi partnership to take games to China

SAN FRANCISCO: US videogame service Ouya is turning to Asia to capture the growth that has eluded the startup on its own home turf. The Santa Monica, California-based firm has partnered with Xiaomi Inc to take its games to Chinese living rooms via the smartphone maker’s new streaming boxes and “smart” TVs, an Ouya executive and a source at Xiaomi close to the deal told Reuters.


Singapore government investigates data privacy complaint against Xiaomi

Star Zest Home Tuition was the first  to face the wrath of Singapore’s newly minted Personal Data Protection Act, which officially took full effect  on July 2. Now, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi could be next in line. According to a report by Wall Street Journal , a Xiaomi device user has lodged a complaint with regards to receiving unsolicited telemarketing calls from abroad. The source and content of the calls were unclear.


Watch out, Samsung: Xiaomi, Micromax, and more budget smartphones will eat 25% of your market share next year

Xiaomi’s batch flash sales in India seem to have settled into a repeat routine. Mi 3 stocks have been flying off the shelves in mere seconds each time. Though the Chinese company hasn’t yet divulged exact numbers, it’s likely to have sold about 40,000 units since it launched in India last month. Right from day one, the disruptive young phone-maker made no secret of its plans to take on Korean giant Samsung on Indian turf. Spec by spec, the power-packed Mi 3 was compared to Samsung’s higher-priced devices, leaving Indian consumers salivating over the value-for-money buy. This is now starting to hurt the smartphone leader – not just in India but globally.


Xiaomi launches Indonesia website, but no launch date yet

For the past few weeks, Xiaomi has been teasing  its fans about which is the next country it will enter. Today we know the answer: Indonesia. Xiaomi’s Indonesia website is now up , and its Indonesia Facebook account has also started . It means the Android handset manufacturer has officially entered the country, but there’s not yet a launch date for any of its gadgets.  The Xiaomi Indonesia website poses one question to visitors: what cool smartphone can you design with a budget of only IDR 2 million (US$171)?


Mi 3 sells out again in seconds. Is India Xiaomi’s hottest market after China?

Xiaomi appeared out of nowhere and grabbed India by the throat, and the country is usually not too welcoming of Chinese products and OEMs. Interestingly, Xiaomi doesn’t even call itself by that name in India. It’s simply ‘Mi’. Business started for Xiaomi in India on 15 July, when the China-based phone maker first accepted registrations for the Mi 3, the company’s flagship phone. A week later, the Mi 3 went on sale in India for the first time, selling out in a shade under 40 minutes.


So sorry, Xiaomi says of taking personal information without permission

BEIJING, Aug 11 — Xiaomi Inc says it has upgraded its operating system to ensure users know it is collecting data from their address books after a report by a computer security firm said the Chinese budget smartphone maker was taking personal data without permission. The privately held company said it had fixed a loophole in its cloud messaging system that had triggered the unauthorised data transfer, and that the operating system upgrade had been rolled out yesterday.


Xiaomi MiPad is a pretty package for just $240 (REVIEW)

Xiaomi unveiled its first ever tablet in May in the form of the MiPad. Available initially only in mainland China, it costs RMB 1,499 (US$243) for the 16GB model and RMB 1,699 (US$276) for the 64GB one. The MiPad went on sale in June. Although it’s only available to Chinese shoppers, I wanted to review this from more of an international perspective, so I requested a review unit and loaded it up with all the apps that I use on my old Nexus 7. After living with the MiPad for a week, these are my thoughts.


Chinese smartphone market: Xiaomi overtakes Samsung as No.1

NEW DELHI: Xiaomi has overtaken Samsung in the Chinese smartphone market within three years to take the top spot, a Canalys report showed.  Xiaomi sold 1.5 crore smartphones in China in the second quarter of 2014 while Samsung could manage to sell only 1.32 crore phones. Xiaomi holds a 14 per cent market share in the world’s biggest cellphone market.


Xiaomi Mi3 Sold-Out in Record 2 Seconds at Flipkart; Smartphone Fans not Amused

Earlier on Tuesday (5 August), Xiaomi Mi3 went on for its third flash sale and the response from the public was so overwhelming that, it shattered the 29 July’s record sale speed. On 29 July, Xiaomi phone got sold out in 5 seconds time; but on Tuesday the company ran out of Mi3 stocks in just 2 seconds. Xiaomi updated regarding this on the company’s official Facebook page, thanking the fans for the tremendous response, but most of registered consumers who could not order the phone did not find it amusing and took to Twitter to troll Xiaomi with funny memes.


Xiaomi Mi3 to go on sale today with 15,000 units – India

NEW DELHI: Xiaomi will start the third round of a flash sale of its Mi3 smartphones today at 2 PM on e-commerce site Flipkart, which is the exclusive retailer of the Chinese handset maker’s devices in the country. The handset maker had said in a recent Facebook post that it will offer 15,000 units of the Mi3 smartphone on August 5. The company, in another post, said that the sale will be open to customers who have registered before 11.49 PM on August 4.


Xiaomi kicks off price war in wearable device market

China-based Xiaomi has recently released a smart bracelet priced at CNY79 (US$12.79) and the price point is expected to affect other vendors’ pricing for wearable devices they plan to release in the near future, according to some market watchers. Most vendors are using Samsung’s pricing for its Galaxy Gear and Fitbit series as references for their wearable product prices. However, they may need to readjust them in orders to compete against Xiaomi’s device. The Galaxy Gear 2 is priced at US$269 and Fitbit US$99.


Chinese phones with spyware could be security risk

On July 19, Vietnamese learned that Redmi Note, a Chinese Xiaomi’s smartphone model, contained spyware. Some days later, they heard that not only Xiaomi’s products, but many Chinese mobile devices available in the Vietnamese market contain spyware as well. So Hoa, a website updating technology news site, reported that when conducting experiment with a Redmi Note device, the smartphone always creates the connection to the IP address 42.62.xx.xx. The address has been defined as connecting with a server located in China.


Xiaomi Mi3 Sold Out in 5 Seconds; Flipkart Opens Pre-registration Window for 5 August Sale

Earlier on Tuesday (29 July), Xiaomi Mi3 went on for the second sale this month and the response from the public was even more overwhelming than the previous time. Last week, Xiaomi phone got sold out within 40 minutes; today the company ran out of Mi3 stocks in a record 5 seconds time. Xiaomi boasted the feat on the company’s official Facebook page, thanking the fans for the tremendous response.


Xiaomi Mi3 All Set to go on Sale Again on Flipkart

Xiaomi Mi3 made a remarkable debut in India (via Flipkart) last week, with stocks running out within 40 minutes of its release. And now, the feature-rich smartphone is all set to go sale again on 29 July. Xiaomi’s exclusive e-commerce partner Flipkart has announced that Mi-3 sale will kick start at 2:00 pm noon, 29 July. It has to be noted that users must be pre-registered with the e-retailer, in order to buy the phone on Tuesday.


Xiaomi, China’s ‘Apple-like’ smartphone maker, to take on Samsung & Micromax in India

Innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower — Steve Jobs — On Tuesday, around the time some 100,000 pre-registered Indian consumers were going berserk trying to get their orders through for Xiaomi’s Mi 3 platform on e-commerce local heavyweight Flipkart’s website, the Chinese budget handset maker was living up to its image of the Apple of the East back in Beijing.


Flipkart’s CTO explains the Xiaomi launch outage

On July 22, the Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone went on sale on the website of India’s largest online retailer, Flipkart. This was an exclusive launch introducing Xiaomi’s phones to India. Given the marketing bonanza enveloping the launch, a sea of online buyers logged on the site. Buyers started seeing an HTTP Error 503 Service Unavailable response. Amod Malviya, CTO, Flipkart, says the outage wasn’t due to an infrastructure failure. “In fact, we have almost never gone down in the past three years because of that sort of an issue,” he says.


China’s Xiaomi to sell US$13 smart wristband, trumpets global ambitions

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is bringing its low-price strategy to wearables, and offering a smart wristband that will sell for a mere US$13, the company announced on Tuesday. “I believe this wristband will very soon become the world’s best selling wristband,” said Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun during a product launch. Called the Mi Band, the device is meant mainly to be a fitness tracker with a 30-day battery life. But when worn, the wristband can also automatically unlock the user’s smartphone when in close proximity.


China’s Xiaomi unveils the Mi 4 smartphone

SINGAPORE: China’s smartphone maker Xiaomi has revealed its latest smartphone, the Mi 4, on Tuesday (July 22), touting that the device is its “fastest” and would come with 4G capability. A Xiaomi representative told Channel NewsAsia that the Mi 4 will be on sale in China from July 29 and will be compatible with telco China Unicom’s mobile network, but the release dates for other markets – including Singapore – are not confirmed.


China’s Xiaomi Expands into India

Beijing-based consumer electronics company Xiaomi, Inc’s. rapid four-year growth has led it to target the potentially rich smartphone markets in India.  Xiaomi outdid sales of Apple, Inc. in China when it offered competitive and inexpensive smartphones and tablets. The emerging company has used social media to gain market share in other Asian markets. Now, it is teaming up with Flipkart.com to sell its newest device, the Mi3.


Xiaomi wants to thrash Samsung in India with 3 budget smartphones

Today, Xiaomi revealed just how committed it is to breaking Samsung’s hold on the Indian smartphone market with the launch of its flasghip smartphone, the Mi3, slated for July 22. The cheaper Xiaomi Redmi 1S and Redmi Note will launch later.

Xiaomi Mi3 is priced at INR 13,999 (US$232) now available for pre-order ahead of July 22 shipping.  Xiaomi Redmi 1S for Rs 6,999 (US$116) will go on sale soon. Xiaomi Redmi Note will be INR 9,999 (US$166), also due soon.