Chinese handset makers extend battlefield to foreign markets

ChinaHuawei unveiled its new Honor 4C handset in Beijing on April 28, the first day of the three-day Global Mobile Internet Conference, as the Chinese company eyes the market for smartphones priced below 1,000 yuan (US$160), reports Shanghai’s China Business News. Zhao Ming, president of Huawei’s Honor brand, said Honor has set its sight on the global market and will focus on products and services that meet the needs of users.

Huawei launches two flagship smartphones in Malaysia

MalaysiaChinese telecommunications giant Huawei on Tuesday launched two flagship smartphones, the Honor 6 Plus and Honor 4C, in conjunction with its celebration of the first year anniversary of the Honor brand in Malaysia. Encased in an ultra-thin 1.85mm frame with a 5.5-inch full HD LCD Corning Gorilla Glass 3 screen, and 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM capacity, the Honor 6 Plus is the first smartphone within the Honor series to have LTE Cat6 combined with a super 8+1 cores Kirin925 chipset.

Huawei launches Honor 4C in China

China.gifBEIJING: Huawei Technologies Co Ltd has launched Honor 4C smartphone, the latest bid by the Chinese technology firm to gain market share in the highly competitive budget handset segment from domestic rivals such as Xiaomi Inc. The phone has a 5-inch display, slightly larger than the iPhone 6 and the same as Xiaomi’s Mi 4 smartphone, and starts at 799 yuan ($129). By comparison, the iPhone 6 starts at around $750 while the Mi 4 costs around $250.

Huawei brings OceanStor V3 storage solutions to India

IndiaHuawei, in partnership with Intel and Nextra, has unveiled OceanStor V3 series of mid-range storage systems in India. First unveiled at the Mobile World Congress, OceanStor series is the next generation IT storage solutions designed to meet the requirements of enterprise-class data center applications, the company said. The products include OceanStor 5300, 5500, 5600, and 5800 V3. The launch was held in the presence of Royal Challengers Bangalore. Huawei recently signed an extended partnership with the Indian cricket team.

Huawei aims to post US$70bn in sales by 2018

ChinaHuawei Technologies Co, one of China’s largest smartphone and IT device manufacturers, has set a goal of posting US$70 billion in sales in 2018. Shanghai’s China Business News cited Chen Fanchang, Huawei vice president, as saying that to reach such a high target, Huawei will have to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10% over the next three to five years. Some market analysts have said that Huawei’s sales forecast appears overly optimistic, the company is faced with challenges in the market, the report said.

Huawei eyes US enterprise market despite political challenges

ChinaPast political trouble in the U.S. isn’t stopping Huawei Technologies from selling its enterprise services in the country. The Chinese company, which was labeled a U.S. national security threat in 2012, has been effectively blocked from selling telecommunication gear to U.S. carriers. Government officials there are concerned about Huawei’s alleged ties with the Chinese government, even as the company has repeatedly denied the claims. Huawei, however, hopes it can still attract U.S. customers to its enterprise products, which include servers, storage and IT services.

EXCLUSIVE: Huawei and iCITA – a partnership cemented in the datacentre

AustraliaHuawei and Sydney-based distributor, iCITA have revealed details of their channel play aimed at carving out a niche in the Australian datacentre market. In January, Huawei named iCITA and Synnex as its distribution partners for the local market. While Synnex will distribute large volumes of IT products across Australia, iCITA will provide channel partners with design consultancy and datacentre infrastructure services. That much was already known.

Huawei Will Soon Launch Public Cloud Services In China

ChinaAt Huawei’s Global Analyst Summit, the company’s rotating CEO and deputy chairman Xu Zhijun said Huawei will launch public cloud services in China in July 2015. This launch will put Huawei in direct cloud service competition with Alibaba’s Aliyun service. Microsoft and Amazon already launched their public cloud services in China, but those services will ultimately not be able to compete on a large scale because of their foreign investment structures.

Huawei thrives in Latin America

ChinaChinese telecom equipment supplier Huawei is thriving in Latin America, as the firm grows as a hardware supplier and starts to work with local partners in research and innovation. Huawei, a global telecommunications technology and equipment provider, and manufacturer of consumer electronics, has been operating in the region for 16 years and has offices in seven countries, from Argentina in the south to Mexico in the north.

Chinese cybersecurity rules could backfire, says Huawei CEO

China.gifSHENZHEN, China, April 22 — China can only ensure its information security in the long run if it keeps its market open to the best technology products, be they foreign or domestic, Huawei’s rotating chief executive Eric Xu told Reuters yesterday. Xu’s remarks are a rare example of a top Chinese CEO openly questioning the direction of Beijing’s information security policy, already a source of concern for countries that fear it will limit opportunities for their technology firms.

Chinese enterprises first to gain access to Huawei’s public Cloud in July

ChinaChina based enterprise customers of Huawei will be the first in the world to be able to subscribe to the company’s new Public Cloud Computing Services when it launches in July said Eric Xu, Huawei’s deputy chairman and rotating CEO.  Speaking at Huawei’s Global Analyst Summit in Shenzhen Xu did not remark on which of China’s telecom carriers the company would partner with although he did say that he did not expect this strategy to create competitive friction with Chinese carriers, which have already indicated they plan to offer public cloud services as the Cloud did not represent a big part of their current business.

Smartphone market in China becoming overcrowded

ChinaManufacturers in different industries are jumping into the smartphone business in China, resulting in fiercer competition and a less profitable market, reports the Beijing Morning Post. Over the past few months, several Chinese hardware and software makers alike, including 360 Security, LeTV, Gree Electric, Meitu, Datang and others, announced the launch of smartphones. The newcomers are carrying their brands from different industries hoping to make as much money as existing players.

China’s Huawei targets July launch for public cloud service in China

ChinaSHENZHEN: Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei Technologies said on Tuesday it will launch its public cloud computing services for Chinese corporate customers in July, becoming the latest Chinese company to enter the fast-growing market. Speaking at Huawei’s Global Analyst Summit in Shenzhen on Tuesday, Huawei rotating chief executive Eric Xu did not name the Chinese telecom carrier with which it would partner to offer the service. But Xu said the strategy would not create competitive friction with Chinese carriers, which have already indicated they plan to offer public cloud services.

Samsung smartphones lose steam in China market

KoreaEver since reaching a sales zenith in 2013, Samsung smartphones have been facing an increasing challenge from their Chinese counterparts, losing ground to Chinese brands such as Huawei, Lenovo and Xiaomi in the mainland market in 2014 and also suffering strong competition from Chinese rivals in international markets, according to the Shanghai-based China Business News (CBN).

Huawei launches two flagship smartphones

China.gifChinese smartphone maker Huawei on Wednesday launched its two new flagship models P8 and P8max in London. The P8 is 6.4 millimeters and weighs 144 grams, with dual SIM cards, and works with a 4G network. Huawei’s own 64-bit, 2GHz 8-core Kirin 930 CPU is embedded inside the handset, joined by 3GB or RAM with 16GB of internal storage. It contains a 5.2 inch FHD screen with 1080p display and a 2,680mAh battery. It also has a 13-megapixel main camera.

Marriage of Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent will overhaul market order

APACNokia’s announcement of its acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent on April 15 sent shockwaves through the world’s telecom-equipment market, a move promising to overhaul the market order. The marriage of the world’s third and fourth largest telecom-equipment firm will create a new entity ranking second place in terms of revenue, behind Huawei but superseding Ericsson. The top three all boast annual revenue in excess of US$30 billion, leaving ZTE, with revenue less than US$10 billion, far behind.

Huawei designs data center architecture for real-time data processing in Big Data era

China.gifHuawei says its Data Center 3.0 (DC 3.0) architecture, based on resource pooling, software-defined and all-optical interconnecting technologies, will be able to significantly improve the real-time data processing ability of data centers in the future. By using flexible real-time software and hardware resource allocation, there is a significant improvement in the ability of data centers to process data. In addition, the DC 3.0 architecture has a flat configuration and the capability to expand flexibly, providing customers with a cost-effective data center solution.

Huawei launches NGFW card for data center switches

ChinaHuawei has launched its Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) card on CE12800 series switches, the industry’s first NGFW card developed for data center switches. Huwai says the NGFW card has been tested and verified by The Tolly Group, a world-renowned test authority. The test results demonstrate that the NGFW card delivers industry-leading performance and a high throughput of up to 40 Gbps, supports up to 12 million concurrent connections, and can be virtualized into 1,024 virtual firewalls.

Huawei achieves deep network and security convergence

ChinaHuawei has achieved deep network and security convergence with the release of its Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) card on CE12800 series switches. Developed for data center switches, this NGFW card has been tested and verified by test authority The Tolly Group. Tests by The Tolly Group have shown that the NGFW card delivers high performance and a throughput of up to 40 Gbps. This card can support up to 12 million concurrent connections, and can be virtualized into 1,024 virtual firewalls.

Huawei Ascend P8 specs revealed

ChinaChina-based Huawei’s new flagship smartphone the Huawei Ascend P8 will come with a 5.2-inch Full HD display, HiSilicon’s 8-core Kirin 930 CPU and 13-megapixel camera, with 3GB RAM/32GB ROM, according to data available at China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). The Ascend P8 will also come with a thickness of only 6.4mm, the data showed. Huawei is expected to unveil the new model at an event in London on April 15.