Amazon’s cloud computing development challenges Alibaba

IndiaWant China Times — Although Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has not yet opened operations in the US, the rapid development of US e-retailer Amazon, particularly in cloud computing, poses a great challenge to Alibaba, the Shanghai-based China Business News reported. Alibaba created a miracle in September 2014 as its shares soared 38% on its first trading day after a record-breaking initial public offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The rise in its stocks sent the company’s value to over US$231 billion, exceeding the combined market capitalizations of Amazon and eBay, the two leading US e-commerce companies.

Report: Aliyun Suffers 12-Hour Data Center Outage in Hong Kong

Hong KongDatacenter Knowledge — Aliyun, the cloud services arm of Chinese web giantAlibaba, saw its Hong Kong data center go down for about 12 hours earlier this week, Caixin Online reported. Details about the cause of the outage are unavailable, and an Alibaba spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment. The company has offered two conflicting explanations about the outage, according to the report.

Equinix, Alibaba’s Aliyun Hook Up for Dedicated Cloud Services

China.gifeWeek — Data center services provider Equinix will soon be doing a lot of business in the Far East, and its new partner, Alibaba’s Aliyun, will be doing the same in the U.S.The company signed an agreement earlier this month with Aliyun, the Alibaba Group Holding Limited’s cloud computing division, to provide direct access to Aliyun’s cloud platform via the Equinix Cloud Exchange in both Hong Kong and in Northern California.

Aliyun Data Center in HK Suffers 14-Hour Disruption

Hong KongCaixin — A data center in Hong Kong that is part of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.’s cloud computing Aliyun arm suffered a 14-hour disruption on June 21, and then gave different explanations for the problem. Some of Aliyun’s corporate clients began to notice they could not access their data about 9:30 a.m. Aliyun then said on Sina Weibo, China’s answer to Twitter, that the problem was due to a power outage.

Still an underdog, but China government deals help Alibaba’s cloud ambitions

ChinaE-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd is an underdog in the global cloud computing industry, but it has one thing going for it: it’s Chinese. Alibaba this week scored a minor deal with China’s northeastern port city of Dalian to build a cloud computing center and provide online government services such as bill payment. The pact is a small part of a growing portfolio of similar cloud services tie-ups between Alibaba and government bodies around China and comes against a backdrop of Beijing’s deepening paranoia about foreign technology.

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (BABA) Strengthens Cloud Computing With Government Deals

China.gifTreading on new territory, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. stock has been hovering in negative territory year-to-date. Reuters reports, according to experts, Alibaba’s ambitious expansion plans are paving way for an upward trend. Although Alibaba’s cloud computing service Aliyun is new, it has found a support system in the Chinese government. Alibaba bagged a cloud computing deal with the port city of Dalian in China. Based on the accords of the deal, Alibaba will be receiving assistance to set up a cloud computing center. Additionally, Alibaba will also be offering government services online.

Cloud computing firm Aliyun’s Founder Plus scheme offers support, funding for Hong Kong start-ups

Hong KongAliyun, the largest cloud computing services provider in mainland China, is looking to burnish its credentials in Hong Kong through an initiative that supports the business expansion of local start-ups. A subsidiary of e-commerce powerhouse Alibaba Group, Aliyun has formed partnerships with Hong Kong public utility Towngas as well as telecommunications and information technology giant PCCW to help provide local start-ups with a range of cloud computing services.

SG Dealbook: Singtel joints Alibaba cloud computing alliance; GIC seeks West Bengal opportunities

SingaporeSingaporean government-linked corporations are notable for their investments and dealings abroad, as well as their portfolio management methods, which are held up as models for state-owned enterprises.  State-owned Temasek Holdings, for instance is often noted has been the subject of an NUS-CIMA study.  Meanwhile, GIC has been the subject of much research often focused on sovereign wealth funds. Singtel has joined a network of partnerships led by Intel and Alibaba Group, while GIC is sourcing for more investment opportunities in West Bengal. In the energy sector, the Singapore-listed Ezra Group has secured contracts worth $115 million.

Alibaba expands cloud to US to challenge Amazon, AWS

China.gifAlibaba – the Chinese ecommerce giant – is expanding its IaaS cloud offering named Aliyun into the United States and in doing so will take on America’s largest ecommerce company, Amazon and its cloud computing division Amazon Web Services. Alibaba and Amazon each dominate their countries ecommerce markets, and they both lead the IaaS markets in their respective nations as well. Now, each company is looking to move on to each others’ home turf.

Alibaba in big push to take on Amazon in cloud

China.gifIn its strongest push outside of China, Alibaba has struck a series of partnerships to bolster its global cloud offerings, putting it in direct competition with the likes of Amazon, Google and Microsoft. The deals – including one with Intel – will see Aliyun, Alibaba’s cloud division, use existing data centers built by the partner companies to push its own services. By not building new data centers Alibaba will save money and through the partnership be able to localize its cloud offering and tap potentially new markets.

Aliyun Announces Global Partnership Program to Boost Public Cloud Services Worldwide

ChinaHANGZHOU, China, Jun 07, 2015 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Aliyun, Alibaba Group’s cloud computing arm, today announced the launch of Marketplace Alliance Program (MAP), a global partnership program that provides enterprises with access to Aliyun’s full suite of cloud computing services and international partners. This new program will enable Aliyun to localize its cloud computing offerings by partnering with enterprises in different regions and provide localized hybrid cloud computing services to meet the regional needs of global developers.

Equinix And Alibaba Partner To Bring North America To Asia. And Vice Versa

ChinaEquinix is building that base out today with the announcement of a partnership between it and Alibaba Group Holding’s cloud computing arm. What that means is that organizations can obtain direct access to Aliyun (Alibaba’s cloud business’ trading name) platform via the Equinix Cloud Exchange in either Hong Kong or Silicon Valley. The focus of the partnership is one of helping Chinese and North American enterprises to gain dedicated secure access to all of Aliyun’s cloud services.

Alibaba to open more data centers in global cloud computing push

ChinaTo expand its cloud computing business, China’s Alibaba Group is preparing to open more data centers across the world. In March, the Chinese Internet giant launched its first data center in the U.S., as part of a push into the country’s market. On Tuesday, Alibaba said it would establish data centers also in Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Simon Hu, president of Alibaba’s cloud computing arm, said a key goal was to globalize its operations, according to an interview posted online by the company.

Alibaba, Amazon, Microsoft main players in cloud market: columnist

ChinaAmazon, Microsoft and Alibaba are set to become the three leaders in the global cloud computing market, according to Chinese columnist Liu Kuang. Alibaba’s Aliyun cloud division recently set up operations in Silicon Valley in California and in Dubai, while rival cloud computing services, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft’s Azure, are expanding in China, Liu said. Aliyun, which controls nearly 25% of the cloud computing market in China, is the market leader in China and the main obstacle to the expansion of Amazon and Microsoft there, Liu said.

Alibaba to open more data centers in global cloud computing push

China.gifTo expand its cloud computing business, China’s Alibaba Group is preparing to open more data centers across the world. In March, the Chinese Internet giant launched its first data center in the U.S., as part of a push into the country’s market. On Tuesday, Alibaba said it would establish data centers also in Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Simon Hu, president of Alibaba’s cloud computing arm, said a key goal was to globalize its operations, according to an interview posted online by the company.

Aliyun making inroads into Middle East, North Africa

ChinaThe business ambitions of Aliyun, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba’s cloud-computing unit, is far greater than its current presence in the Alibaba Group. Aliyun is expected to control over 12 data centers around the world by the end of 2015, half of which will be situated in places outside China, according to a report on the Chinese online news service Aliyun signed an agreement with Dubai-based Meraas Holding May 12 that the two will set up a joint venture to offer big data and cloud computing services to governments and private enterprises in the Middle East and North Africa.

Alibaba’s Aliyun announces massive new support program for startups

ChinaAlibaba cloud subsidiary Aliyun announced Monday that more help is on the way for Chinese startups thanks to its new “Founder+” program. The program was created by Aliyun together with 30 venture capital firms including Zhenfund, IDG, and Innovation Works, as well as 20 research institutes and incubators and 20 marketing, distribution, and development firms. The collective effort will offer founders funding, office space (including office management resources and hardware), links with and guidance from investors, tax breaks, development units, and soft distribution and marketing services.

China’s Aliyun American Data Center Highlights Double Standards

China.gifAlibaba’s cloud computing service Aliyun announced that its data center in Silicon Valley has started trial operation and is providing cloud services to users in North America and around the world. This is reportedly Aliyun’s sixth data center, following those opened in Hangzhou, Qingdao, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen. It also means that Aliyun will start competing with Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure in the cradle of cloud computing.

Chinese Internet Giants Eyeing Silicon Valley Data Centers

ChinaEarlier this week, Alibaba subsidiary Aliyun announced it was opening a data center in Santa Clara, California, as the first step in expanding the giant’s reach into the U.S. cloud services market. Alibaba isn’t the only Chinese internet company looking to gain data center foothold in Silicon Valley. Other heavyweights, including Tencent and Baidu, have been shopping for data center space in the Valley in recent months, Jeff West, director of data center research at the commercial real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield, said.

Alibaba Subsidiary to Open Cloud Data Center in Silicon Valley

ChinaAlibaba‘s cloud services arm Aliyun is preparing to open its first overseas cloud data center in Silicon Valley. The Chinese tech giant is making a global push, with the data center a first important step. The data center in Santa Clara, California, announced Wednesday, will provide a variety of cloud computing services. It will initially focus on Chinese companies based in the U.S., with the plan to gradually expand services and products to international clients later this year.