Telstra website pushes malvertising

AustraliaIT News — Telstra’s ‘media content’ home page has been infected with ‘malvertising’ which links to a malicious exploit kit. Malvertising is a form of distributing ‘injected’ malware into legitimate online advertising. A malvertisement appearing to show a Lamborghini Gallardo for sale, actually contained a link to redirect users (via Google’s own URL shortener) to a separate website where a Nuclear exploit kit payload was lying in wait. The payload in this case was a banking Trojan.,telstra-website-pushes-malvertising.aspx

Telstra Health Expands Presence in Asia with Hospital Contract Wins

MalaysiaPRNewswire Asia — KUALA LUMPUR: Telstra Health, a division of Australia’s largest telecommunication and technology company, today announced several key contract wins and implementations of hospital electronic medical record systems in Malaysia and Thailand, adding to its existing customer base in Asia and its established offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia and India.

Telstra Air users complain of big drop in speeds

AustraliaIT News — Telstra is investigating complaints from some of its customers that activating the Telstra Air service causes a sudden and dramatic decrease to the speeds they receive on their home broadband service. Complaints about the issue have surfaced on both the Whirlpool discussion board as well as the Telstra’s own crowd support page. The issues emerged after the company officially launched the network in June, following a free trial that began in November last year.,telstra-air-users-complain-of-big-drop-in-speeds.aspx

Meet Australia’s new number two broadband provider

AustraliaIT News — The competition regulator’s approval of TPG’s proposed acquisition of iiNet today will mean Telstra has a new fixed-line rival nipping at its heels. The ACCC was able to overcome its initial concerns about the effect the merger would have on competition to give the buyout the official stamp of approval. The $1.56 billion takeover of iiNet will allow TPG to leapfrog Optus to become the country’s second-largest provider of retail broadband services.,meet-australias-new-second-biggest-broadband-provider.aspx

Telstra’s net profits drop to $4.23bn

AustraliaIT News — Telstra today recorded a 1 percent slump in net profit to $4.23 billion for FY2015, reporting its first full-year results without the CSL Hong Kong mobile business. The telco’s earnings – which were in line with analyst expectations – were affected by the May 2014 sale of its stake in CSL. “This is our first full financial year operating without the CSL Hong Kong business,” CEO Andy Penn said in a statement.,telstras-net-profits-drop-to-428bn.aspx

Telstra plays it safe with mobile, dividend growth

AustraliaFinancial Review — Telstra chief Andy Penn’s maiden profit has not disappointed but investors will need to see more evidence this year that new management’s strategy to transform the telco into a global technology company is making progress. Telstra is investing heavily in its mobile network to maintain its leadership position but the full-year results demonstrate the need to find more growth offshore as it outgrows in Australian market.

Brandis urged to dump telco security reforms, from AU

AustraliaIT News — Australia’s telecommunications sector is continuing its crusade against the government’s proposed industry security reforms, with submissions to the draft legislation revealing universal opposition to the suggested changes. The Attorney-General’s Department released its ‘telecommunications sector security reforms’ in June. The sweeping draft laws would see telcos forced to hand over sensitive information about network changes and procurement plans in order to address national security risks.,brandis-urged-to-dump-telco-security-reforms.aspx

Telstra averages 246 law enforcement data requests a day

AustraliaIT News — Telstra received an average of 246 customer data requests from law enforcement every day in 2014-15 according to its latest transparency report, an increase of six percent on the previous year. The telco today revealed it responded to a total of 90,106 telecommunications data requests in the 12-month period, showing that the rate at which law enforcement is demanding access to customer information is increasing.,telstra-averages-246-law-enforcement-data-requests-a-day.aspx

Telco rivals slam govt intervention in Telstra price decision

AustraliaIT News — Five of Telstra’s rivals have come out strongly against the Department of Communications’ support for a hike in the regulated wholesale prices Telstra can charge access seekers for its copper network. The Competitive Carriers Coalition, comprising telcos Vodafone, Macquarie Telecom, iiNet, Nextgen Networks and MyNetFone today took umbrage at a submission to the ACCC’s enquiry on the issue written by Communications secretary Drew Clarke.,telco-rivals-slam-govt-intervention-in-telstra-price-decision.aspx

Telstra, telcos fume over new security reforms

AustraliaIT News — Australia’s biggest telco and the wider telecommunications industry have lashed out at the federal government over plans to introduce new security laws that represent further legislative burden on the sector. Late last month the Attorney-General’s Department released information on its proposed ‘telecommunications security sector reforms’, The laws aim to better protect telco infrastrucure and systems from attack, while also giving the government power to intervene when a security risk is identified.,telstra-telcos-fume-over-new-security-reforms.aspx

Telstra to inject another $500 million into mobile network: Penn

AustraliaIT Wire — Penn delivered his first speech as CEO at the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) lunch today, and we reprint it here in full. Australians haven’t yet had the opportunity to hear him publicly speak since it was announced in February that he would over the top job from David Thodey.

M2M Tips – Deploying Cellular IoT Devices in Australia

AustraliaIoT Evolution World — Over the past 15 years, the team at M2M Connectivity & M2M One have coached, consulted, celebrated and at times commiserated with thousands of hopeful developers trying to make their mark on the M2M and IoT landscape in Australia. This series of blog posts is designed to pass on some M2M 101 style tips to developers looking to get into the space.

Telstra’s health tech service goes live

AustraliaIT News  — Telstra today cut the ribbon on its ReadyCare telemedicine service, allowing customers to consult with a general practitioner remotely using voice or video. The ReadyCare service is a joint venture with Swiss online health service provider Medgate. It provides customers medical advice, treatment, diagnosis and prescriptions from registered Australian doctors.,telstras-health-tech-service-goes-live.aspx

Telstra faces a 10 percent wholesale price drop

AustraliaIT News — Telstra is facing a potential 10 percent mandated drop in the fees it charges wholesale partners to access its fixed-line copper network after the competition watchdog moved to ensure end users don’t suffer “absurd pricing”. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission today issued a new draft determination on pricing for the declared fixed-line services, revealing it may now lump Telstra with a 9.6 percent drop in wholesale fixed-line prices compared to the 0.7 percent it had previously proposed.,telstra-faces-a-10-percent-wholesale-price-drop.aspx

1 in 4 Singapore consumers willing to share DNA … no, really!

SingaporeTHE majority of Singaporean consumers using mobile banking applications want their mobile devices to instantly recognise them via biometrics such as fingerprint and voiceprint, instead of having to prove who they are with passwords and usernames. Indeed, one in four is also willing to share DNA [information] with their bank to secure financial and personal information, Telstra said in a statement, citing a new report it released.

Telstra to kill off dial-up

AustraliaTelstra will retire its dial-up internet plans and migrate the last of its remaining customers by December this year. The telco’s director of fixed broadband Stuart Bird today said customers still on a dial-up account would be contacted about migrating their services over the coming months, and would be able to keep their existing email addresses as part of the migration.,telstra-to-kill-off-dial-up.aspx

Telstra Scores a Hat-trick at the 2015 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific ICT Awards

AustraliaSINGAPORE: Telstra emerged tops with 3 awards at the 2015 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific ICT Awards held at The Westin Singapore. The company bagged the Asia Pacific Telco Cloud Service Provider of the Year, Asia Pacific Fixed Broadband Service Provider of The Year and Asia Pacific Managed Service Provider of the Year awards. Mayank Kapoor, Research Manager, ICT – Data Centre & Cloud Computing, Asia Pacific at Frost & Sullivan said that Telstra’s focus on developing a multi-cloud platform and orchestration capability was central to its success in the region as most enterprises today are in the process of implementing a Hybrid IT environment.–Sullivan-Asia-Pacific-ICT-Awards-158161

Telstra to switch off free wi-fi hotspots from Sunday

AustraliaTelstra will start turning off its free wi-fi hotspots from Sunday in preparation for the official launch of its national wi-fi network, which it will charge non-Telstra home broadband customers a fee to access. The telco announced its plans to build a $100 million international wi-fi network within five years mid last year. The network will include 8000 Telstra-built wi-fi hotspots located in old pay phones and a planned 1.9 million hotspots offered by its home broadband customers.,telstra-to-switch-off-free-wi-fi-hotspots-from-sunday.aspx

Engineering cloud success through customer centricity

AustraliaThe world of cloud has historically been divided into two: public and private. Public cloud advocates highlight the cost efficiency, flexibility and scalability that allow companies to respond quickly to market and business demands. Conversely, the high availability, various options and robust security lures many to choose private clouds for their everyday applications and services. So what if there was a hybrid, customer centric cloud infrastructure that combined the best of both options? It’s a solution that many businesses are seeking, according to a new Telstra whitepaper Customer Centric Cloud: Hype or Hybrid?

Asian submarine network operator hit by major system hack

Hong KongUndersea cable company Pacnet, recently acquired by Australian telecommunications giant Telstra, confirmed today that it has been the victim of a cyberattack targeting its email and administration systems and potentially exposing sensitive data of thousands of business and government customers. Telstra said that an unauthorised third party had been able to gain access to the Pacnet business management systems through a malicious software installed via a vulnerability on an SQL server.