Faster Compute, Greater Storage, from India

IndiaThe much anticipated infrastructure refresh cycles and the new greenfield projects, which the  government is planning to launch soon, will be the major drivers of growth for India’s storage and  servers market. The server and storage vendors have their eyes set on the programmes such as ‘Digital India’ and ‘Make in India’, both of which are expected to lead to the rise of a large number of greenfield projects.

Indian external storage market showing signs of recovery after three quarters of declining trend: IDC

IndiaThe Indian external storage market witnessed a double-digit quarter-on-quarter (q-o-q) growth in vendor revenue in the third quarter of 2014 to touch $ 61.97million, though there was a decline in growth year-on-year, according to International Data Corporation’s (IDC) Asia/Pacific Quarterly Enterprise Storage Tracker. The report said there was a recovery in Q3 mainly due to some large large multi-million dollar deals.

Prices for 256GB SSDs to fall below US$70, says Apacer executive

TaiwanPrices for 256GB SSDs will likely fall below US$70 in the second half of 2015, while prices for 128GB drives will reach a sweet spot of US$40, according to Apacer Technology general manager CK Chang. With SSDs becoming more affordable, a wave of demand could be stimulated, said Chang.  Upstream chip vendors have migrated their process technologies to 14nm, 15nm or 16nm, dragging production costs down substantially. As a result, prices for NAND flash memory will fall resulting in more friendly prices for SSDs, Chang indicated.

Indian external storage market showing signs of recovery after three quarters of declining trend: IDC

IndiaAccording to International Data Corporation IDC’s Asia/Pacific Quarterly Enterprise Storage Tracker, Q3 2014 India external storage market witnessed a double-digit quarter-on-quarter growth (in vendor Revenue) and stood at USD 61.97 million though year-on-year was a de-growth. Q3 2014 witnessed a recovery majorly due to some large multi-million dollar deals that were absent from last few quarters.

Australian Scientists Developing Optical Quantum Hard Drive to Improve Storage Time

A team of scientists from the Australian National University is developing a prototype optical quantum hard drive technology to improve storage time by a factor of over 100. They’ve already successfully improved the prototype’s storage time to six hours, which is a step towards developing a secure worldwide data encryption network using quantum information. This network could be used for online banking transactions and emails, according to the scientists. Quantum information would be written onto the nuclear spins of a europium ion using laser light.

Panasonic teases 4K Blu-ray player

Although only a prototype, the new player could soon solve the problem of finding and watching native content on ultra-high definition television sets. Panasonic claims that the new technology is a true breakthrough in that it represents the world’s first capable of supporting playback at 3,840 x 2,160 pixels and at 60 frames a second and as such is a major step towards simplifying how consumers watch 4K Ultra HD content in their homes.

AWS Zocalo comes to Sydney

Amazon Web Services has made its new Zocalo collaboration and file sharing service available in Sydney from today. A representative for AWS announced the availability in the web services giant’s developer forums (registration required). Until today, local Zocalo users had been hosted on the Oregon AWS instance on the West Coast of the United States.,aws-zocalo-comes-to-sydney.aspx

SSD products for sustainable growth: Q&A with Phison chairman Khein-Seng Pua

NAND flash chip controller maker Phison Electronics has seen its sales grow robustly in 2014. And under the leadership of its chairman Khein-Seng Pua, the company has initiated a restructuring plan, dubbed “Phison 2.0″ that will drive it to focus on SSD products for sustainable growth.

Fujitsu servers get DataCore certified

DataCore Software has given certification to Fujitsu Primergy BX and CX servers. The software-defined storage and virtual storage area network (SAN) solutions have doubled in scale and performance according to DataCore. The products are aimed at the mid-market. Particularly, organisations running Microsoft virtualisation projects and mixed Hyper-V and VMware environments running business critical applications like Microsoft Dynamics ERP, SQL databases, SharePoint, Exchange, SAP, Oracle and VDI.

Fujitsu launches hyper-scale storage solution

BANGALORE, INDIA: As organizations continue to grapple with the problem of how to leverage Big Data as they cross the Petabyte divide, Fujitsu today introduces ETERNUS CD10000 which helps organizations eliminate the major headaches associated with the exponential growth of data. The new ETERNUS CD10000 system heralds a new era of extremely high capacity solutions for everyday data retention and management problems.

Nexenta Continues Its Asia Expansion With SuperCloud and Cloud Valley to Bring Software-Defined Storage to China

Nexenta (@Nexenta), the global leader in Software-Defined Storage (SDS) (#softwaredefinedstorage), today announced a partnership with Beijing-based server manufacturer SuperCloud. SuperCloud is a joint venture between the Beijing government and Cloud Valley. The company is one of the innovative companies working within the auspices of Cloud Valley. Cloud Valley was founded by noted Chinese Internet entrepreneur Edward Tian, and is now home to nearly twenty companies focusing on cloud computing hardware, software and services.

How To Cut Costs When Your It Storage Demand Grows, from HK

Public sector organisations are generating and collecting more data today. The increase use of rich-media and large data sets makes it even more pressing to find efficient storage solutions. The City University of Hong Kong recently invested US$1 million to upgrade its enterprise storage infrastructure. Dr Andy Chun, CIO, told FutureGov how the project improved his team’s productivity, saved operating costs and reduced the university’s carbon footprint.

China market: SSD prices drop sharply, say memory module makers

SSD (solid-state drive) prices in the China market have drastically fallen, with prices for a 128GB model dropping to US$50-55 and those for a 256GB model to below US$100, according to Taiwan-based memory module makers. The prices declined following a price war started by China-based SSD vendors TIGO Technology and Galaxy Microsystems, the sources said. TIGO’s SSD solutions are provided by Taiwan-based Phison Electronics and Galaxy’s NAND flash controller ICs are supplied by Taiwan-based JMicron Technology, the sources noted.

Global information storage to grow to 447ZB in 2020, says HGST executive, from Taiwan

Global information storage in 2013 was estimated at 4.4ZB (zettabyte) and is forecast to increase to 447ZB in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 44% during the seven-year period, according to HGST Taiwan and Shanghai general manager Vincent Chen. Global storage market has seen structural changes in three waves, with storage devices set up in main frames in the first wave, client server-based distributed storage in the second, and cloud computing-based storage to meet storage at any time and Big Data demand in the third, Chen said.

External disk sales spin down as firms turn off high-end storage

Spending on storage inched up in 2014’s second quarter on the same period last year. But the small rise disguises a fall in the amount firms are spending on external disks. The real picture for external storage systems is that second-quarter factory revenues worldwide were down 1.4 percent on the same period a year ago to $5.87bn. Causing a modest 0.3 percent overall rise in revenues between second quarter 2014 and 2013 are strong internal storage sales in the Asia-Pacific region and emerging markets, analyst firm IDC said. Overall spending on storage reached $7.8bn in the second quarter this year.

Hybrid cloud storage firm Cloudian receives $24 million funding fueled by Japanese investors

Cloudian, a California-based company with a major presence in Japan, announced a US$24 million financing round today. The firm received funds from existing investors like Intel Capital as well as newcomers Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ) and Fidelity Growth Partners Japan. The funding is earmarked for powering Cloudian’s global sales and marketing. Japan sales are already very healthy – seven of the 16 top clients listed on the company’s website are Japanese corporations.

Digitimes Research: Global SSD sales to grow 60% in 2014

Global SSD sales are expected to grow 60% on year in 2014 after nearly doubling a year earlier, buoyed by continually declining NAND flash prices, slimming-down of notebooks, and the rise of convertible tablets, according to Digitimes Research. SSD products with a storage capacity of 60GB were the mainstream in 2012, but shipments of 120GB and 240GB models began gaining momentum in 2013, buoyed by falling prices. By 2014, 240GB models have become the mainstream, while the roll-out of 480GB devices is likely to drive a new round of shipment growth, said Digitimes Research.

Micron, SK Hynix interested in investing in Taiwan SSD controller IC designers, say Taiwan makers

In view of continued growth in global demand for SSDs, Micron Technology and SK Hynix are interested in investing in Taiwan-based SSD controller IC design houses including Silicon Motion Technology, Phison Electronics and JMicron Technology to strengthen their competitiveness, according to industry sources.

Cloud computing and self storage – 2 AREITs to watch

An interesting trend in the Australian Real Estate Investment Trust sector is the arrival of small, specialist AREITs with exposure to long-growth sectors such as self-storage and cloud computing. These AREITs offer decent yield and reasonable growth, albeit with higher risk. Achieving yield and growth from AREITs has been hard work in the past 12 months. Only a third of the S&P ASX 200 AREIT index’s 9 per cent return (including distributions) came from price growth over 12 months to June 3, 2013, S&P data shows. Thank heavens for yield.—2-areits-to-watch.html

Computex 2014: Toshiba, Seagate aggressive about enterprise storage solutions

Toshiba and Seagate are set to showcase their latest storage products at the Computex 2014. Toshiba has unveiled its new enterprise hard drive recently. The hard drive is designed for bulk storage systems and servers supporting cloud-based applications and scale-out workloads. Meanwhile, Seagate has cooperated with Qnap and Thecus to release a new 6TB enterprise-level hard drive as well as its QNap Turbo NAS technology. Both will be showcased at Computex.