Toshiba Corporation, United Technologies to set up engineering centres in India

JapanNEW DELHI: Toshiba Corporation and United Technologies Corporation have announced plans to establish engineering centres in India, North America and Europe to support global innovation for heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) products.  “This cooperation is the first to result from the companies’ recent agreement to further strengthen their strategic collaboration through their joint venture Toshiba Carrier Corporation (TCC),” Toshiba said in a statement.

Huawei extends cooperation with SAP

China.gifHuawei has expanded partnership with SAP and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with research institute Fraunhofer ESK. Both the agreements were recently made during CeBIT 2015. Huawei and SAP will deepen cooperation in Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. An expanded partnership with SAP aims towards establishing joint innovation efforts in Shenzhen, China and Walldorf, Germany.

Panasonic Working on Royalty Free Internet of Things Software

JapanPanasonic is opening up its software and patents on Internet of Things technologies along with contributing more to the AllSeen Alliance, a major group working on open source IoT devices and software. It has sided against making all patents open source, clearly protecting some of its more valuable ideas and software. Panasonic didn’t give a figure as to how many patents and software applications would be available for everyone to check.

Taiwan government lab announces self-powered solution for IoT

TaiwanTaiwan’s National Nano Device Laboratories (NDL) has developed a self-powered solution designed for the Internet of Things (IoT). Utilizing “energy harvesting” technology, the solution combines a processor, memory chips, wireless communication devices and sensors in a 3D-stacked memory package, according to the government lab. NDL indicated it took about three years to develop the self-powered technology for SoC chips applied to various IoT applications.

Xiaomi’s Mi fitness band teams up with Li Ning to make smart running shoes

China.gifFitness geeks, get ready to introduce a little extra tech into your lives. Chinese fitness apparel giant Li Ning has just announced that it has partnered with Huami, the company behind Xiaomi’s Mi fitness band, to work on smart running shoes. The partnership marks Li Ning’s first foray into the world of wearable smart clothing. Apparently, the two companies have apparently already begun working on their joint project, with Li Ning collecting data on runners from its laboratory and Huami focused on creating the smart chip that will be inserted into the heels of the smart shoes.

From city governments to plantation owners, this startup offers command center mapping

IndonesiaMonitoring tasks and assets in an environment of ever-increasing complexity and speed is a big challenge for businesses and governments. But the tools available to manage that complexity are also advancing. Real-time tracking of objects and people, mapping their locations and building software on top of this data is the sweet spot for Jakarta-based startup TerralogiQ. The company sets up customized dashboards from which clients can monitor the whereabouts and performance of their assets.

Fukushima disaster spurs Japan to mass-produce its own drones #cloud #cloudcomputing #japan #dorone

JapanJapan has robot chops aplenty. Honda has the world’s most sophisticated humanoid robot, Japanese industrial robot makers are among the best, and the country’s space agency landed a robot probe on a speeding asteroid and returned samples to Earth. But when it comes to drones, Japan is almost a nonentity in a rapidly growing market. The odd made-in-Japan drones show up at tech trade shows in Tokyo, but these are usually for research purposes and are exhibited by small startups or university groups.

Baidu Working On Self-Driving Car This Year

ChinaBaidu is preparing to launch an autonomous car this year. The internet search giant has been working on a variety of innovative ideas including smart bikes, augmented glasses and other hardware centric ideas in the past two years. Launching the car this year would be an interesting proposition, considering China has not regulated autonomous cars and most automotive companies are holding off on making a car until 2020.

LG Uplus chief bets on IoT

KoreaLG Uplus Vice Chairman Lee Sang-chul said it will beef up ties with global companies to develop the Internet of things (IoT) and next-generation mobile network services. He said that the key agendas of this year’s MWC were the next-generation network, LTE technology with higher speed and low interference; new IoT systems and the FinTech, the combination of telecom and financial industries.

Advantech, ITRI to set up Industry 4.0 system integration joint venture

TaiwanTaiwan-based industrial computing solution provider Advantech and Mechanical and Systems Research Laboratories under the government-sponsored Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) will establish a joint venture to provide Industry 4.0-based system integration services, according to Advantech chairman KC Liu.

Ericsson Partners with Bridge Alliance on the Internet of Things

SingaporeSwedish telecom company Ericsson recently announced its collaboration with Singapore-based business alliance Bridge Alliance to deploy its Device Connection Platform (DCP) for managing the Internet of Things (IoT). Ericsson plans to deploy the platform for Bridge Alliance’s 36 major mobile telecom operators in Asia, Australia, Africa and the Middle East. “The partnership with the Bridge Alliance members to deploy the Ericsson DCP is a critical milestone to make the adoption of cellular services in IoT devices economically viable for device OEMs and enterprises,” said Anders Lindblad, Ericsson’s senior vice president of its Business Unit Cloud & IP.

South Australia wants driverless cars on its roads

AustraliaSouth Australia wants to become the first state to pass rules that would allow driverless cars on its roads, possibly within years. Governor Hieu Van Le opened the SA parliament’s 2015 sittings yesterday with a speech outlining the re-elected Weatherill government’s policy agenda. The plans include a review of the state’s Motor Vehicles Act, which Van Le noted was “written when the FB model Holden was being released to the market in 1959”.,south-australia-wants-driverless-cars-on-its-roads.aspx

Asia-Pacific city governments to increase IoT adoption in 2015, says IDC

APACSeveral regional authorities in Asia Pacific will develop new sourcing models for transformational ICT such as third platform technologies (cloud, big data, mobility and social business); for smart city programs; and for connected smart machines and intelligent sensors leading to the eventual construct of Internet of Things (IoT) landscapes. The very premise of the third platform landscape fundamentally acknowledges the value of digital data as a strategic asset.

Alibaba is testing drone delivery in China with a 3-day pilot program

ChinaAlibaba is now in the testing phases of delivering packages by drone, according to a post on Taobao’s website (h/t 36kr). Bringing Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ dream into reality, Alibaba’s major online marketplace Taobao has partnered with Shanghai YTO Express to run a test program from February 4 to 6.

Samsung puts priority on IoT

KoreaSamsung Electronics said Tuesday a new order prevails in the global consumer electronics industry with the Internet of Things (IoT) leading the way, prompting it to search for new business opportunities in the field. “There’s no question that IoT is the next key driver for Samsung,” Samsung Electronics co-CEO Yoon Boo-keun said at a news conference in Seoul.

KT, Qualcomm tie up over IoT security

KoreaKT has teamed up with Qualcomm of the United States to jointly develop devices and equipment for creating secure gateways to the Internet of Things (IoT). “Under the agreement, Qualcomm will develop customized LTE (long-term evolution) chipsets, and KT will develop equipment and other IoT security integrated systems,” announced KT Thursday. Spokesman Kim Young-wan said that they aim to commercialize IoT security services based on LTE technology by the end of the first half of this year.

IoT opportunities reliant on dependent developments, say Taiwan makers

TaiwanTaiwan makers are eyeing opportunities with the the Internet of Things (IoT) but believe business opportunities will come slowly as hardware, software and new concept developments need to coincide to create demand. The commercial segment is where faster growth for IoT is likely to occur as many companies’ infrastructure, services and goods are intertwined and can therefore produce more comprehensive results internally and for customers.

‘Korea’s IT industry is slow to change’ said Cisco

KoreaCisco Korea General Manager Chong Kyung-won said Tuesday that Korea Inc. has failed to make sufficient investment to adopt advanced technologies in improving work efficiency. During a meeting with journalists to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Cisco Systems on Tuesday, Chong expressed his regret over slumberous demand for technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and cyber security measures from the country’s IT industry.

Toshiba reorganization to strengthen IoT-related business

JapanToshiba has announced that the company will consolidate departments involved in information and communication technology (ICT) solutions into its in-house Cloud & Solutions Company on April 1. The move will allow the company to promote the business that exploits the Internet of Things (IoT). Toshiba’s current Corporate Information Systems Division, Corporate Software Engineering Center, and part of Toshiba Solutions’ system integration business, will be merged into the Cloud & Solutions Company, and Toshiba IS Corporation.

Xiaomi unveils sensor panels for its smart home ecosystem

The hype from Xiaomi’s new product launch last week hasn’t even died down yet, and Xiaomi co-founder Lin Bin has already showed off more new smart home gadgets at Beijing’s annual GeekPark Innovation Festival over the weekend (h/t 36kr). These new devices come in the form of sensors placed around the home. The sensors measure things like light, sound, temperature, and movement.