Acer to reveal new business plans and partners in October

Acer plans to hold a major forum on October 15 in which it will discuss B2B strategies as well as announce new cloud partners. The company will, at a later date, host a series of activities to talk about its plans for the B2C market. Acer’s general manager of BYOC and tablet businesses Robert Wang said the company has plans for both Internet of things (IoT) and big data businesses which it will reveal gradually.

Asia B2C E-Commerce Report

According to the Asia B2C E-Commerce Report 2013, there are distinct differences regarding the development of Internet usage and online retail in the Asian region. Mobile online retail, for example, has many users in developed markets such as Japan, South Korea, and China, while less developed countries are facing low online sales and general Internet problems. Besides the Asia B2C E-Commerce Report 2013, the Asia B2C E-Commerce and Online Payment Report 2013 is also available.