Could fingerprint scans replace Queensland’s Go Card?

Within the next 15 years, Queenslanders could find their humble Go Card transformed into a loyalty card, a way of paying for bikes and taxis, or even phased out altogether in favour of a mobile phone or a simple fingerprint scan before boarding a train. The Queensland Government’s contract with current Go Card operator Cubic Transportation Systems is coming to an end, and the state’s transport department is scouring the market for new capabilities that have become available since Go Card went live in 2007.,could-fingerprint-scans-replace-queensland8217s-go-card.aspx

The “Future of Authentication” at COMPUTEX Taipei, Asia’s Largest and the World’s Second Largest ICT Show

FIDO Alliance visionary Ramesh Kesanupalli will present the “Future of Authentication” on June 4th at COMPUTEX TAIPEI. FIDO Alliance members EgisTec, Nok Nok Labs, and others will follow Mr. Kesanupalli in a panel discussion regarding FIDO authentication. COMPUTEX TAIPEI is among the world’s leading platforms for introducing ICT procurement, new products, and technology applications. Every year top ICT elites, innovators, and entrepreneurs from every corner of the world gather to showcase the most advanced and innovative ICT products, attracting more than 38,000 international visitors.