Cyberattacks on Indian companies double in a year: PwC

IndiaTimes of India — MUMBAI:In July, two of the country’s biggest banks started getting complaints that their customers were unable to access any online services. An hour later, it was discovered that professional cybercriminals had launched DDOS (distributed denial of services) attacks from servers traced to Pakistan. In this case, the banks were able to wrest back control of their servers using professional help without having to pay any ransom.

E-commerce penetration in Taiwan among world’s top three

TaiwanWant China Times — Taiwan’s e-commerce penetration rate is among the world’s top three, indicating that the country has been successful in developing the business model for retail transactions, according to the Taiwan Internet and E-Commerce Association (TiEA). Addressing the opening ceremony of E-Commerce Expo Asia 2015, Jan Hung-tze, head of the TiEA, said Tuesday that e-commerce now accounts for more than 11% of Taiwan’s total retail revenue, a penetration rate that trails only South Korea and the United Kingdom, but leads the United States and China.

Indian IT industry to touch $350b in revenue by 2025: Nasscom

IndiaDeal Street Asia — The Indian information technology (IT) and services industry is set to more than double its revenue to touch $350 billion by 2025, riding on the global digital disruption due to rise of SMAC (social, mobility, analytics, cloud), the Internet of Things (IoT) and robotics, among other things, according to the new projection released by software lobby Nasscom based on research conducted by McKinsey and Co. on Monday.

Singapore and UK researchers investigate privacy in big data era

SingaporeComputer Weekly — Academic organisations in Singapore and the UK collaborate on the privacy questions raised by big data and the cloud Researchers in Singapore and the UK are working together to explore challenges posed by threats to cyber security and privacy in the cloud. A proposal has been submitted for a joint big data project between Singapore and UK industries and government agencies to collaborate on privacy-preserving data analytics.

Cloud contact centre market still flat, says Frost & Sullivan, from AU

AustraliaMIS Asia — Despite a growth rate of 99.1 percent in 2014 and $6.1 million in generated revenue, the market awareness of the benefits of Cloud contact centres is still low in Australia. Cloud contact centre software company, IPscape, commissioned the report by about the current state of the Cloud contact centre market in Australia. The report found that despite that 70 percent of Australian businesses use Cloud services, of these, only 20 percent use a paid Cloud service.–sullivan/

4G smartphone market takes off as telecoms drive mobile broadband development, says TrendForce, from TW

TaiwanDigi Times — There has been an explosive growth in the number of 4G network users worldwide in 2015. According to TrendForce, sales of global 4G-enabled smartphones will reach 450 million units worldwide in 2015. The convenience and seamless connection of the mobile network encourages consumer usage, while the increasing penetration of 4G-enabled smartphones also drives user growth of 4G mobile networks.

Indian IT’s revenue to touch $225 billion by 2025: Nasscom

IndiaTimes of India — NEW DELHI: Despite new challenges in the digital space, the Indian technology and services industry is on-track to reaching its goal of $225 billion in revenue by 2020 and further $350 billion by 2025, Nasscom chairman BVR Mohan Reddy said on Monday. “The industry is well on track. We will achieve the target of $225 billion revenue by 2020 and $350 billion by 2025,” Reddy told reporters at a press meet.

The cloud to replace traditional IT in a decade? from HK

Hong KongEnterprise Innovation — A heated argument over the likelihood of cloud dominance in the local enterprise space in the next 10 years took place at Computerworld Hong Kong’s Cloud Tech Forum 2015 in July. At its 6th consecutive year, the event invited CIOs from China CITIC Bank and Ageas, as well as a research analyst, lawyer, an independent consultant together with a cloud provider to debate under the motion of “Cloud infrastructure will replace traditional IT infrastructure within a decade.”

APAC M2M Sector to Add $8 Billion to Asia-Pacific Telecoms Market in Cumulative Service Revenue by 2019

APACPUNE — India: The Asia-Pacific (APAC) market represents a significant opportunity for service providers in the Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M service space. This report examines the size of the M2M opportunity in APAC, provides regional insight into the vertical use cases driving M2M adoption, and outlines strategies taken by communications service providers (CSPs) to access the region’s markets and capture the M2M opportunity.

Why Jack Ma isn’t worried about China’s slowing economy

ChinaTech In Asia — China’s economy is slowing. That much, everybody knows. But how bearish (or bullish) you feel about that probably depends on your perspective. And Jack Ma? It should come as no surprise to anyone that he’s bullish. At a recent interview at Stanford University with Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang, Ma explained his personal take on China’s economic situation right now. What follows is a transcript of his remarks compiled and slightly edited by Tech in Asia.

Vietnam’s IT incomes ranked second lowest

VietnamVietnam Net — Annual salaries of IT staff in Vietnam stand at an average of $30,938, ranking the country second from bottom and lower than other countries in Asia such as China, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Bulgaria pays the lowest annual salaries for IT workers, at $25,680 per year, while Switzerland pays the highest, at $171,465, followed by Belgium, Denmark, the US, and the UK.

More regulations necessary for APAC cybersecurity

APACZDNet — To aid the fight against cybercrime, organisations operating in the Asia-Pacific region should be strongly encouraged to report security loopholes and breaches, and government regulations may be one of the most effective ways to ensure this. With cybercriminals widening their targets and hacking tools easily available online, all organisations should be concerned about their security posture and guarding against potential attacks.

Inside Taiwan: The engine room of the internet of things

TaiwanComputer Weekly — Streaking across the Taiwanese hinterland on its superfast bullet-train service, presented with an apparently endless vista of light industrial units, crowded freeways and shabby apartment blocks, something becomes immediately obvious to the first-time visitor: Taiwan is taking capitalism to the extreme.

Poised for Takeoff: China’s Internet of Things

ChinaCKGSB — China has ambitious plans for the Internet of Things. After playing catch-up in the first two stages of internet development, the world’s second-largest economy is poised to take a leading role in its third wave, which will bring billions of everyday devices online in a vast ecosystem merging the physical and cyber worlds.

Asia-Pacific Online Payment Methods: Full Year 2014

APACPRNewswire — NEW YORK: With E-Commerce Booming Online and Mobile Payments Develop in Asia-Pacific, Online and mobile payments worldwide are forecasted to top three trillion Euros in the next five years. Mobile payment is the growth leader, outpacing online and the total payments market, with further growth expected following the launches of varying mobile payment solutions, including Apple Pay. Fast and one-touch checkout is a trend on the global online and mobile payment market, with one-touch solutions released by Amazon, PayPal and Apple Pay.

Migration to Carrier Ethernet

APACTelecom Asia — Carrier Ethernet has been almost ubiquitous in providing network connectivity services for enterprise networking, cloud computing and backhaul of cell sites and broadband access services. Today, service provider networks are offering Carrier Ethernet access services needed for all customer segments – residential, SMB, enterprise, hosted services, mobile backhauling and other carriers.

Asia-Pacific Online Payment Methods: Full Year 2014

APACPRNewswire — NEW YORK:  Online and mobile payments worldwide are forecasted to top three trillion Euros in the next five years. Mobile payment is the growth leader, outpacing online and the total payments market, with further growth expected following the launches of varying mobile payment solutions, including Apple Pay.

FAQ: Why China’s President is visiting Seattle, and what’s at stake for the U.S. tech industry

ChinaGeek Wire — Xi Jinping, the president of China, will be in Seattle on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, meeting with U.S. tech companies and other business and government leaders before heading to Washington, D.C., for a high-profile state visit with President Obama on Thursday. In the short term, the biggest impact most of us will see is on traffic.

Talent shortage drives IT salary rise in Singapore

SingaporeComputer Weekly — IT salaries are rising fast in Singapore, fuelled by shortages in key areas and Singapore’s image as a gateway to Asia for western businesses IT salaries in Singapore are increasing at up to 15%, fuelled by a shortage of workers in the IT industry. The IT sector is considered one of the most competitive recruitment markets in Singapore.

Connecting to Indonesia’s smart future

IndonesiaJakarta Post — The World Bank has correlated economic growth and urbanization in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. According to the McKinsey Global Institute, urban areas in Southeast Asia account for 65 percent of the region’s US$2.4 trillion GDP.  Heralded by this robust economic growth, Southeast Asia’s cities expect to see 90 million more people by 2030.