Viet Nam has second slowest Internet connection in Asia

According to the latest ‘State of the Internet’ quarterly report by content delivery network, Akamai, Viet Nam continues to lag behind in broadband adoption. It has the second slowest Internet speed in Asia and globally ranks 117th, behind Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. The Akamai report states that the average Internet connection speed in Viet Nam is 2 Mbps while the global average Internet speeds have reached 3.9Mbps, and the highest average peak connection speed was 21.2Mbps.

China’s average internet speed jumped 33 percent in 2013, but it’s still pretty slow

Internet speeds in China have historically remained sluggish, though the country has been making steady strides in improving online connectivity. According to a report from China Cache, in which the organization analyzed data speeds across its 15,000 servers in China, the national average internet speed (excluding Hong Kong) for Q4 2013 reached 3.45Mb/s, up 33.2 percent from the previous year. Region by region, Shanghai sits at the top of the with an average connection speed of 5.40Mb/s, followed by Beijing at 4.17Mb/s and Fujian Province at 3.93Mb/s.