Undersea stations to turn Sabah into telecom hub

MalaysiaDaily Express — Kota Kinabalu: The building of two undersea cable stations in the city and Tawau is expected to turn Sabah into a telecommunication hub. Resource Development and Information Technology Minister Datuk Siringan Gubat said this during question and answer time at the State Assembly sitting here, Thursday. The 1Malaysia Cable System Project (SKR1M) involving the connection of undersea cable from the city to Pahang, which was provided for by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak under Budget 2015, is expected to be completed at the end of the second quarter of 2017, he said.


Hengtong Plans Optic Cable Base In Malaysia

MalaysiaThe Malaysian Reserve — Hengtong Group Co Ltd (Hengtong), China’s largest industrial optic cable producer by volume, plans to set up an industrial base in Malaysia by 2018, according to the company’s top official. Hengtong Group deputy president Forest Wang said the move would allow the company to tap into the growing market in Malaysia as well as the rest of Asean.


Adb, World Bank, Australia Support High-Speed Internet For Samoa

AustraliaNews Hour — The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a $25 million grant for a submarine cable project which will support the development of a fiber-optic cable system linking Samoa to Fiji’s international submarine cable network, giving Samoa fast and affordable Internet access. Cofinance is being provided by the World Bank and the Government of Australia.


Telkom’s Mega Submarine Cable Project SEA Has Landed in Dumai

IndonesiaJakarta Globe — Telkom Group as one member of the consortium submarine cable Southeast Asia – Middle East – Western Europe 5 (SEA-ME-WE 5) carry out the deployment of submarine cables at the Station of Landing Cable at Puak Dumai Beach on Thursday, 19 November, 2015, witnessed by Director of Network and IT Telin, Tulus Sudarsono, and EVP Telkom Regional I, Teuku Muda Nanta.


Superloop acquires broadcast media network for AU$3m

AustraliaAsia-Pacific fibre infrastructure company Superloop has announced the acquisition of Cinenet Systems for AU$3 million, with the broadcast media network to provide Superloop with an avenue to enter both the media industry and the US market. The AU$3 million acquisition will consist of AU$1.5 million in cash and AU$1.5 million in Superloop scrip.

Bevan Slattery’s Megaport files to list on the ASX, from AU

AustraliaFinancial Review — Tech entrepreneur Bevan Slattery’s latest business Megaport has filed a prospectus with the ASX, as it prepares to list in December with a market capitalisation of $87.5 million. As revealed by Street Talk last week,Megaport, which allows businesses to buy technology networking capacity on a pay-per-use basis, is hoping to sell 20 million shares at $1.25 each. It will raise $25 million to accelerate its United States rollout and to fund other expansion opportunities.


Global Cloud Xchange and Broadcast Media Communications Deliver Live International Football Match to Fans in England

Hong KongPRNewswire — LONDON:  Global Cloud Xchange (GCX), a subsidiary of Reliance Communications (RCOM) today announced a partnership with Broadcast Media Communications (BMC UK). The announcement follows last week’s successful broadcast of Spain vs England match from Rico Perez Stadium in Alicante, Spain to ITV London studios.


Perth – Singapore SeaMeWe3 cable back in action

SingaporeIT News — The Perth to Singapore leg of the troubled SeaMeWe3 data cable appears to have been finally repaired after multiple outages over the last two months. Vocus general manager of engineering Rick Carter tweeted overnight that SeaMeWe3 had “been up most of the day” after the faulty repeater R346 on the cable was repaired yesterday.


Global Cloud Xchange expands ANZ footprint

New ZealandTelecom Asia — Global Cloud Xchange (GCX), a subsidiary of Reliance Communications, has expanded and upgraded its network across Australia and New Zealand with four new points of presence (PoPs) in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Auckland. GCX said the move will enhance the company’s global network and hybrid cloud capabilities to meet the increasing demand for global connectivity in the region.


Australia Singapore Cable project takes initial steps

AustraliaLight Wave Online — Australia’s Nextgen Group has signed a US$120 million joint venture memorandum of understanding with Australian network provider Vocus to build and operate the Australia Singapore Cable (ASC). ASC would run 4,600 km between Perth and Singapore. Nextgen Group asserts the submarine cable network, which also would serve Indonesia, would be the first to provide 100-Gbps connectivity from Western Australia (WA) to South-East Asia.


A new undersea cable to create a high speed data link between Australia to Singapore

AustraliaBusiness Insider — Vocus and Nextgen are working on building a high speed communication cable between Australia and Singapore. The two are in the middle of due diligence on the project which will cost about $US120 million ($A170 million) and take 18 months to build. Vocus and Nextgen will form a 50/50 joint venture to build the 4,600 km cable connecting Australia to Singapore and Indonesia.


Vocus Communication and NextGen Networks in $198m deal for new submarine cable, from AU

AustraliaThe Sydney Morning Herald — The five thin submarine cables that link Australia’s phone and internet connection to the outside world will be joined by a sixth, thanks to an impending deal of up to $US140 million ($198 million) between Vocus Communications and NextGen Networks.


Perth to Singapore cable woes continue with new break

AustraliaIT News — A new fault has been discovered in the Perth to Singapore leg of the South East Asia – Middle East – Western Europe (Sea-Me-We 3) cable, dashing hopes that the troubled fibre will be operational again this week. The cable has suffered multiple cuts since September, but was scheduled to be mended this week as the ASEAN Explorer repair ship started restoration work.


Prysmian awarded submarine power cable contract

ChinaPenn Energy — Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, has been awarded a contract by Hainan Second Cross-Sea Interconnection Tie Project Management Co., Ltd. The new submarine cable link will side the existing 500 kV cable circuit connecting Guangdong power grid and Hainan power grid effectively improving the quality of electricity supply between the two provinces.


KT to Run World’s Largest Submarine Cable Network

KoreaSeoul — The purpose of the NCP Project is to form a submarine cable network with a data processing capacity of about 80 Tbps and a total length of approximately 14,000 km across the Pacific Ocean. The total capacity under KT’s control is scheduled to be increased to 118.4 Tbps, including 38.4 Tbps on the side of the Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) submarine cable connecting Southeast Asia to Northeast Asia.


How Orange utilized $1.76 bn investment in Q3

APACThe Group increased the capacity of the SEA-ME-WE 3 and 4 cables linking Europe to the Middle East and Asia, deployed the new SEAME-WE 5 cable and the Americas II cable (the latter connects the Caribbean to Florida and Brazil), and connected Benin and the Canary Islands to the ACE submarine cable.


KT to operate world’s largest submarine cable network

KoreaKT said Thursday that it has been named the key operator of the world’s largest submarine network cable, New Cross Pacific (NCP). The nation’s dominant fixed-line operator said it will run a network center to control the submarine cable which helps connect network systems in Asia-Pacific countries to the North American region. The company said it will start operation of the 14,000-kilometer-long NCP cable in December 2017.


PLDT to build $40-m Mindanao cable link

PhilippinesThe Standard — Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. plans to build a $40-million cable landing station in Mindanao that will be linked to the US and Japan. Eric Alberto, executive vice president of PLDT and president and chief executive of ePLDT, told reporters the new cable landing facility in Mindanao would be funded by a consortium of telecom companies in the region. “We’re looking at variety of consortium with the Indonesian, Brunei  and Malaysian telcos that want to partner with us,” Alberto said. “We have two to three options, just finding or what is the feasible for us,” he added.


China Wiring Up Myanmar Internet Access

ChinaEstablishment Post — Earlier in September, Jiang Zhengxin – vice general manager of China United Telecommunications Corp. –revealed that the company has been contracted to construct China’s first international undersea cable linking China and Myanmar improving Myanmar internet access.


Viettel to spend big money on upgrading undersea cable network

VietnamVietnam Net — The Prime Minister has approved the project to upgrade the capacity and change the technology of the InterAsia (IA) undersea cable. This comes after repeated problems with the Asia America Gateway (AAG) cable. In Vietnam, enterprises involved in the internet have to ask for the Prime Minister’s permission for plans related to undersea cables.