Social Media Impressed With PM Narendra Modi’s Speech

NEW DELHI: Indians took to the social networking site Twitter in large numbers impressed with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s maiden speech on the country’s 68th Independence Day.Reacting to Modi’s speech from the Red Fort here, @PriyalGuliani wrote: “I liked this speech… Rape…cleanliness.. equality ..communal violence .. development.” Another Twitter user, @sanjeevsanyal said: “Wow, what a speech! PM Modi lays out a clear, actionable vision for India. Now over to implementation.”

Australia says Bitcoin not taxable as currency

[SYDNEY] Crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin should not be considered as money or a foreign currency when it comes to taxation, Australia’s tax authority ruled Wednesday. In guidance designed to help people finalise their tax returns, the Australian Tax Office said Bitcoins were a form of property, disappointing those hoping they would be seen as a currency.The decision follows a similar move by the US Inland Revenue Service in March.

NSW Government builds identity management hub – AU

The NSW Government is rolling out an identity management solution that aims to provide all NSW public servants single sign-on to apps consumed from within its two new data centres. The ‘identity hub’ will manage all NSW Government user identifications, whether used to access government systems or cloud supplier services housed within the NSW Government’s Silverwater and Unanderra data centres.,nsw-government-builds-identity-management-hub.aspx

China Phone Subsidy Cut Hurting Samsung and Apple But Boosting Local Carriers and Brands

The decision of China’s telecommunication regulator to curb the marketing expenses of the country’s top carriers will hurt Samsung and Apple in the world’s largest phone market but boost local players, reported Bloomberg. The report quoted anonymous sources saying that the Assets Supervision and Administration Commission told national carriers to cut costs because they overspent on subsidies and advertising for devices such as iPhone.

Photos: A tour of NSW Govt’s Silverwater data centre – AU

The Silverwater data centre is one of two sites built by Metronode for its anchor tenant, the NSW government. While primarily focused on state government agencies, the facilities also host private sector workloads – Metronode general manager Malcolm Roe estimates the ratio is about 80:20 between public and private sector utilisation.  Last week, NSW Minister for Finance and Services Dominic Perrottet officially opened stage two of the Silverwater facility.,photos-a-tour-of-nsw-govts-silverwater-data-centre.aspx

VN not offer enough financial support for research, scientists say

Associate Professor Dr Pham Bich San, Secretary General of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Association VUSTA, repeatedly said in local newspapers that while Vietnam has an excessive number of scientists, it seriously lacks patent co-operation treaties (PCT) or valuable inventions. Scientists say they have to conduct scientific research in poor conditions and with limited financial capability. An official of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MST) noted that the science development of a country heavily depends on research and development (R&D) expenditures and works.–scientists-say.html

‘Digital India’ can take on the world, says Modi

NEW DELHI, Aug 16 — Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday said a “digital India” could compete with the world and hailed its IT professionals for banishing the country’s image as a land of snake charmers and black magic. In an Independence Day speech, Modi said India had transformed itself through strides taken by its information technology outsourcing sector. But more still has to be done to get India digitally connected through the Internet and tap other technologies, he said.

Singapore government investigates data privacy complaint against Xiaomi

Star Zest Home Tuition was the first  to face the wrath of Singapore’s newly minted Personal Data Protection Act, which officially took full effect  on July 2. Now, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi could be next in line. According to a report by Wall Street Journal , a Xiaomi device user has lodged a complaint with regards to receiving unsolicited telemarketing calls from abroad. The source and content of the calls were unclear.

NSW Govt data centres on track to be Australia’s greenest

Metronode and the NSW Government expect that this time next year they will have produced the greenest facilities in the country, and the first to reach a five-star NABERS rating. At the opening of the second module of the Metronode facility in Silverwater today, CEO of Green Global Solutions Bob Sharon announced he had fitted the necessary equipment to commence the NABERS assessment process.,nsw-govt-data-centres-on-track-to-be-australias-greenest.aspx

NSW Govt to scrutinise all telco deals over $100k

The NSW Procurement Board has directed state agencies to send all proposed telecommunications deals worth more than $100,000 past the state’s IT procurement working group. The formal directive is a response to findings by the state’s Auditor-General that many major agencies were not getting the best price for their telco deals. From Monday, NSW agencies will need to abide by a new procurement direction for the next two years.,nsw-govt-to-scrutinise-all-telco-deals-over-100k.aspx

Singapore has no security restrictions

Singapore and China have no security restrictions, according to a newly released report by Forrester. However, regulations governing privacy and data protection vary greatly from one country to another, posing difficulties for global business. Asian countries including India, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand have minimal privacy and data restrictions. Government of Hong Kong and Australia has posed some restrictions in this area but lag behind South Korea.    Several business and law enforcement contexts require the collection and use of personal information and data, and Forrester advises organizations to carefully govern the handling of such data to protect individuals’ privacy rights.

Government may launch eGreetings portal tomorrow – India

NEW DELHI: The government is likely to launch a website tomorrow, through which a user can send electronic greeting cards, under its ‘Digital India’ initiative.  The eGreetings portal aims to encourage people to increase the use of Internet by sending greetings to their friends and family on various occasions through the portal.  “The portal aims to promote sending eGreetings to colleagues and friends. It allows a user to select a greeting for various occasions and send it to fr ..

iPad, Macbook Not Banned in China; Apple Still Leading Worldwide

China continues to clamp down on U.S. tech firms claiming they’re spying for the federal government. Ten Apple products are supposedly banned in China, including the iPad Mini, iPad Air, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Surprisingly, Apple can still sell these devices to Chinese consumers. Several U.S.-based companies are also being closely watched by the Chinese government. These firms include Dell, Microsoft, Symantec and many more. China claims this has a lot to do with market security and monopoly. The Chinese government, however, quickly refuted these claims and said it’s not banning Apple products from the country’s procurement list.

Viettel returns low bandwidth to MIC

This is a low frequency with too much interference that had caused too many problems for EVN Telecom previously, according to Doan Quang Hoan, Director of Radio Frequency under MIC, reports ICTnews online. After Viettel returned this low frequency to the MIC, Hoan said the ministry should undertake a study on how to reuse this frequency to avoid waste. However, telecom experts said it was difficult to reuse this low frequency, and that’s why Viettel had returned it to the ministry.

Govt to release thousands of data sets to app developers – AU

The federal government will release thousands of previously unavailable Commonwealth data sets to application developers within months, including some of its most commercial valuable. Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced the move to the finalists and winners of the GovHack 2014 awards ceremony in Brisbane last night. Turnbull said the information belonged to the public and the Abbott government had a ‘strong political commitment’ to making it available for use.,govt-to-release-thousands-of-data-sets-to-app-developers.aspx

China aims to rein in mobile messaging apps with new regulations

China is tightening control over mobile messaging services with new rules that limit their role in spreading news. The regulations will affect WeChat, a messaging service with close to 400 million active users that is one of China’s most popular apps. The rules specifically target so-called “public accounts” that users such as scholars, celebrities, and businesses can set up to reach a wide audience. Under the new regulations, only news agencies and other groups with official approval can publish whatever the government considers political news via public accounts. “All other public accounts that have not been approved cannot release or reprint political news,” the regulations said.

Malaysia to study whether Facebook should be blocked

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian government will study whether it is necessary to block Facebook following a case of abuse involving the social website, said Communication and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek. He said his ministry was conducting studies to gather public views on the matter. “If the people are of the opinion that Facebook should be closed, we are prepared to look into the matter but it is a radical approach,” he told reporters after closing the Cheras Wanita Umno Delegates Meeting on Saturday (Aug 9).

Indonesian government ramps up transparency efforts with new websites and online services

Indonesian startups don’t really talk that much about the government. Besides the annual tech competition INAICTA , a lot of people still feel that the government doesn’t understand the tech scene. Thankfully, that perception could change in the coming years as more government departments are starting to embrace the open government initiative. Thanks to the initiative, citizens can access public information much more easily from the internet, and be more proactive in utilizing the raw information. During the recent presidential election for example, citizens created numerous websites to count the official vote tally documents made available on the General Elections Commission’s website.

Mumbai City Launches Mobile App For Tax, License Transactions

The Government of Mumbai in India has launched a mobile application for its 3 million residents to carry out tax and license related transactions with the government. This is part of the country’s national initiative to bring government services to people’s mobile devices. “Now onwards, the citizens of Mumbai do not need to stand in queue to pay water bills, property tax, and renewal of licenses,” says the government app store description. The new mobile app, MCGM [Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai] 24×7, also allows residents to file complaints.

China scrubs Apple’s iPad and MacBooks from government buying list

China’s government, which earlier banned Windows 8 from agencies’ computers, has dropped Apple’s notebooks and tablets from an approved list of purchases, according to Bloomberg News today. Citing officials who had seen the newly-formulated list, which is a tightly-guarded secret, Bloomberg reported that 10 Apple products — including the iPad Air, iPad Mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro — had been dropped from July’s procurement list. They had appeared on the list the month before.