ASE takes legal action to block Siliconware-Hon Hai deal

ChinaWant China Times — Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE), the world’s largest integrated circuit packaging and testing services provider, has taken legal action to try to stop a special shareholders meeting scheduled by Siliconware Precision Industries to let electronics manufacturing giant Hon Hai overtake ASE as its biggest shareholder.

Chinese HPC Venders Look to Expand Overseas

ChinaInside HPC — In this special guest feature, Tom Wilkie from Scientific Computing Worldreports on how China’s commercial supercomputer manufacturers are seeking export markets with the support of their Government. Big data, cloud computing, and the servers to run the internet, are all targets in an export drive by Chinese supercomputing manufacturers whose ambitions reach far beyond China and beyond high performance computing.

‘India to replace China as Silicon Valley’s next frontier’

IndiaTimes of India — WASHINGTON: India may soon displace China as Silicon Valley’s next frontier, a leading American daily has said, days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the headquarters of technology giants Tesla, Facebook and Google. “China may be a Silicon Valley obsession, but India increasingly is in the conversation and may soon displace its Asian neighbour as tech’s next big frontier,” the popular USA Today said yesterday in a news dispatch from San Francisco.

Is Singapore forgetting startups in Smart Nation?

SingaporeTech In Asia — Macro initiatives were carried out by the government, for example, the trials of Above Ground (AG) boxes, HetNet and the IoT@Home initiative, focusing on collaboration with mainly large tech companies. However, the tech start-ups seem to be missing out on the action. That is a shame as there are nuggets of value that can be extracted from the start-up community.

In digital push, PM Modi shouldn’t take Google, Facebook at face value

IndiaPrime Minister Narendra Modi has been praised for his salesmanship in Silicon Valley, for extracting large commitments towards Digital India from Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Cisco and Qualcomm. They pledged to partner with the government, and do their bit for rural communities in India.

This Google project impressed PM Narendra Modi

IndiaTimes of India — WASHINGTON: Impressed by Google’s flagship Project Loon — that takes internet to the remote and inaccessible areas — Prime Minister Narendra Modi believes this has multiple uses like long distance education, rural schools and telemedicine, officials said. He was given a briefing about Loon during his tour to the Google headquarters in the Silicon Valley over the weekend.

Telstra: No NBN regrets for Andy Penn

AustraliaThe Australian — While Telstra was involved in installing the first 1000 nodes and is carrying out about 60 per cent of the network planning and design work, Mr Penn said the telco had decided not to get involved in construction despite having preliminary talks with NBN Co. “We are were only going to do it on a basis that commercially works for us and that particular set of arrangement didn’t work for us,” Mr Penn told The Australian.

Indian PM scores in Silicon Valley: Qualcomm announces $150M fund for startups in India

IndiaTech In Asia — India’s mobile internet boom has brought in a new fund for startups. Giant chipmaker Qualcomm today announced an India-specific US$150 million venture capital fund for startups in the mobile and internet-of-everything (IoE) ecosystem. This fund will be established through its venture arm, Qualcomm Ventures.

China’s cabinet promotes online-offline business links

ChinaChannel News Asia — SHANGHAI: China’s State Council, or cabinet, has issued guidelines encouraging deeper links between online businesses and bricks-and-mortar stores, pledging to cut red tape and promote tax and financial support to make it happen. The guidelines, dated Sept. 18 and published late on Tuesday, were cast as a way to spur consumption and economic activity. They come at a time when China’s economic growth is at its slowest in years.

Team India Supports PM Modi’s Digital India Campaign

IndiaJewo City — Following the announcement, Kumar Sundaram wrote on Asia Progressive that Modi and Zuckerberg have come together to “end net neutrality in India“. While Mr Modi said India-US partnership was driven by economic ties, Mr. Obama said: “We also had a chance to talk about trade and investment”, adding that Mr. Modi is hoping that Indian Americans can contribute to India’s growth. The Internet entrepreneur and computer programmer also chose to include the Indian tricolour in his own Facebook profile picture.

Broadband policy should prioritise national needs

BangladeshThe government needs to answer questions about why the state-owned Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Limited (BSCCL) is selling 57Gbps of bandwidth to an Italian company at a knock-down price far below the prevailing price in Bangladesh’s market. With broadband uptake in Bangladesh sorely lagging behind other countries, it makes no sense to export bandwidth at such low prices, when in other deals with India, BSCCl has achieved higher rates.

Will Cisco Systems Inc. Win Over the Chinese Government?

ChinaFool — Networking giant Cisco recently agreed to form a joint venture with Chinese server maker Inspur to sell networking and cloud computing products in China. The companies announced that they would invest $100 million in the project, but neither revealed any specific details. The partnership is a clear attempt to boost Cisco’s presence in China, where sales have tumbled due to competition from cheaper Chinese rivals like Huawei, exacerbated by cybersecurity concerns about American tech companies.

Cloud and Singapore’s journey to becoming a Smart Nation

SingaporeEnterprise Innovation — The Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) wants to make Singapore the world’s first Smart Nation, and this vision means connecting devices, things and people to provide better quality of life in an era of mobility, urban density, aging population and so on.  IDA’s executive deputy chairman, Steve Leonard, has said that when tackling difficult urban challenges in areas such as healthcare and energy, enterprises in Singapore need to capture and analyze massive amounts of data, and use that situational awareness to take meaningful actions.

PM Modi’s townhall with Mark Zuckerberg: Highlights

IndiaTimes of India — SAN JOSE: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday attended a townhall meeting with Mark Zuckerberg at the Facebook headquarters. Before the townhall meeting, both PM Modi and Zuckerberg changed their profile pictures on the Facebook. Here are important quotes from PM Modi and Zuckerberg’s townhall event:

US, China ink cyber security truce

China.gifIT News — US President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jingping said they had reached a “common understanding” on curbing economic cyber espionage, but Obama remained wary and said he would impose sanctions on Chinese hackers who persist with cyber crimes.

Europe and China sign major agreement in the race towards 5G

ChinaTelecom TV — Europe and Asia show no signs of complacency in the race towards 5G, with politicians in both regions anxious to collaborate rather than compete – at least for now. North America needs to wake up and get more involved at the Presidential level. Following similar agreements with South Korea last year and Japan in May, the European Union has now signed a key partnership with China.

‘Digital India’ will empower people: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

IndiaTimes of India — SILICON VALLEY: Endorsing PM Narendra Modi’s ambitious ‘Digital India’ programme, Microsoft CEO said it will bring about solutions for the challenge of digital divide. “Digital India will bring about solutions for the challenge of digital divide,” said Satya Nadella, who took over as Microsoft CEO last year, at a dinner interaction with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

PM Narendra Modi makes a pitch for Digital India: 20 key takeways from his speech

IndiaTimes of India — PM Narendra Modi in his address at the Digital India event spoke at length on technological advancements and its impact on people and nation as a whole. Here’s are key takeaways from PM’s speech at Digital India event in Silicon Valley:

India fastest growing startup nation: Sundar Pichai

IndiaTimes of India — SAN JOSE: India will play a big part in driving technology forward in the future, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said on Sunday as he praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for accelerating India’s effort to become the next global hot bed of innovation and entrepreneurship. Driving technology forward would really improve people’s lives in India and all around the world, Pichai said.

Aussie telcos urged to adopt real-time usage alerts

AustraliaTelecom Asia — The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) is calling on all the nation’s  operators to introduce real-time usage alerts to protect consumers from bill shock. ACCAN said currently the warnings sent by operators can be up to 48 hours out of date before consumers receive them, which can lead to consumers racking up major debts without realising it.