WordPress hosting startup raises $3 million in seed funding

Singapore-based startup Sova has raised about $3 million in seed funding from undisclosed investors. The startup was launched in December 2013 to provide webmasters using WordPress with dedicated cloud hosting services. The founders are Japanese entrepreneurs Miyako Itonaga and Takashi Fujimoto with a total of 21 people in the team.


Indonesian is top WordPress language in Asia, gets 200 million pageviews every month

WordPress is a very popular choice for people who want to build websites. According to the team, 22.3 percent – or about 75 million – of all websites on the planet use WordPress CMS. CEO Matt Mullenweg says that Indonesian is WordPress’ third most used language around the world, behind English and Spanish. Indonesian is the top language on WordPress in Asia. About 1.7 million WordPress blogs all over the world are written in the Indonesian language, which in total amounts to 200 million pageviews every month.