Twitter confirms upcoming office in Indonesia

Indonesia is an attractive emerging market for many tech companies due to the large number of young consumers and the slowly expanding middle class. Along with its good internet penetration, Indonesia could become an important technology market in the future. Following Facebook’s and Apple’s moves to open representative offices in Indonesia, Twitter revealed today that it also plans to do just that.

Social Media Impressed With PM Narendra Modi’s Speech

NEW DELHI: Indians took to the social networking site Twitter in large numbers impressed with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s maiden speech on the country’s 68th Independence Day.Reacting to Modi’s speech from the Red Fort here, @PriyalGuliani wrote: “I liked this speech… Rape…cleanliness.. equality ..communal violence .. development.” Another Twitter user, @sanjeevsanyal said: “Wow, what a speech! PM Modi lays out a clear, actionable vision for India. Now over to implementation.”

Indian Prime Minister overtakes Indonesian President to become Twitter’s third most followed world leader

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has just become the third most followed world leader on Twitter. With over 5.1 million Twitter followers, Modi has overtaken Indonesian President SB Yudhoyono (5.09 million) to reach the third spot. Modi is behind the Pope, who has a cumulative 14 million followers from nine Twitter accounts in different languages, and US President Barack Obama with 43.9 million followers.

Twitter has close to 20 million active users in Indonesia

Now that both Facebook and Apple have offices in Indonesia, there’s only one more tech giant the country’s netizens are waiting for – Twitter. Peter Greenberger, director of political advertising for Twitter (NYSE:TWTR), is in Indonesia to meet with political leaders. The trip comes ahead of the vote for a new president next month.

Thailand social media stats: 28 million on Facebook, 4.5 million on Twitter, 1.7 million on Instagram

Back in March, Thailand had roughly 24 million Facebook users and 1.5 million Instagram users. Twitter saw 35 percent user growth and 45 percent more use per user in 2013 compared to 2012 in Thailand. The number has grown significantly since then. Earlier this week at the Thailand Zocial Awards in Bangkok, some interesting numbers were presented. Zocial Inc, the company behind ZocialRank, which monitors social media trends in the country, hosted the event.

Twitter Tool ‘Gauges’ Emotions In Real-Time

Melbourne: Australian scientists have developed the world’s first Twitter tool that can map moods around the globe in real-time to help improve the allocation of mental health services. The online tool called ‘We Feel’ will help understand how our emotions fluctuate over time due to changes in social, economic and environmental factors such as weather, time of day, news of a natural disaster or political instability, researchers said.

Narendra Modi’s first tweet after general election victory sets Twitter record in India

In the past hour, the outgoing Indian National Congress party conceded defeat in India’s election count. Opposition leader Narendra Modi, of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata party, is set to be the new Prime Minister even though not all votes are counted.

The real reason why Facebook dominates Vietnam but Twitter could never make it

Although social media like Facebook and Twitter are growing in Vietnam in a way they’re not in neighboring China, it’s worth noting that the two are not doing equally well in Vietnam: Facebook is loved in Vietnam while Twitter is ignored. Why is that?  Let’s look at some numbers. Facebook in Vietnam has been adding about one million new users per month. This month last year, Facebook had 12 million users in Vietnam. In January, that number hit 22 million. If the growth has remained stable, it could be around 24 million today. That makes Vietnam one of Facebook’s fastest growing countries.

Here’s data on Malaysia’s Twitter population, where they tweet, and who they follow (INFOGRAPHIC)

Twitter is the world’s fourth most popular social network. Although it originates from the US, English is not the most common language on the platform. In fact, only 34 percent of all Tweets are in English. Malay, which is spoken in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and a few other countries, is actually the fourth-most popular language on Twitter, accounting for 8 percent of all Tweets. But of those tweets, how many actually come from Malaysian residents?