Qualcomm to step out of TSMC top-5 client list in 2H15

TaiwanQualcomm may not serve as one of the top-five clients for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) in the second half of 2015 as the US-based chipmaker has placed more 14nm orders with Samsung Electronics, while giving more 28nm orders to United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), according to industry sources. Qualcomm’s decision may aim to reduce its reliance on TSMC and to avoid its previous experience of not being able to gain enough 28nm foundry capacity from TSMC, the sources noted.


Huawei Technologies cooperates with Qualcomm to finish LTE CAT 11 terminal testing

China.gifChina-based telecom equipment vendor Huawei Technologies has announced the completion of LTE CAT (category) 11 terminal testing through cooperation with Qualcomm, with a maximum download speed of 600Mbps using 3CC (3-carrier) CA (carrier aggregation) and 256QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) technologies. Many LTE operators around the world have begun to upgrade technology from CAT 4 version to CAT 6 or CAT 9 based on CA technology. In the China LTE market, China Mobile is upgrading 4G networks from CAT 4 to CAT 6 using CA technology and testing CAT 9.


Qualcomm and MediaTek to launch new chips for China’s 4G market

China.gifLeading telecom chipmaker Qualcomm is speeding up its development of 4G product lines and is scheduled to introduce a new chip with advanced carrier aggregation technology Cat 10 before the first half of this year, reports our Chinese-language sister paper Commercial Times. It took eight years for the Chinese market to reach 100 million 3G users but it has only taken one year to get to 100 million 4G users. This is the result of the rapid growth in mobile internet demand in the country, Qualcomm China head Wang Xiang said at the company’s innovation summit in Beijing on April 27.


Qualcomm gets back to business after record fine in China

ChinaUS chipmaker Qualcomm is making every effort to minimize the negative impact of its record fine of US$975 million for antitrust violations in China, reports Sina’s tech news portal. The reports said Qualcomm’s first mission is to begin collecting royalties in China again, as many clients delayed their royalty payments due to the then unsettled antitrust investigation which may be worth hundreds of millions of dollars.


Qualcomm vying for chip orders from Samsung

KoreaQualcomm, which is believed to have lost processor orders for the Galaxy S6 series smartphones from Samsung Electronics, is vying for orders for the upcoming Galaxy Note 5, according to industry sources. The recently-introduced Galaxy S6 flagship smartphones are powered by Samsung-designed Exynos processors, and did not come with two versions as what the previous-generation Galaxy S4 has, the sources said.


Qualcomm faces dispute in China over its local trademark

ChinaQualcomm could face another regulatory headache in China, this time over a trademark dispute with a Chinese company that is asking the local government to intervene and fine the U.S. company US$100 billion for alleged infringement. Last month, the chip company agreed to pay Chinese authorities a US$975 million fine for alleged monopolistic business practices relating to its patent licensing business. Both Shanghai-based Genitop and Qualcomm have been battling over the trademark “Gaotong”, which the two companies use as their Chinese brand names.


Qualcomm more important than MediaTek for China smartphone production in 2015

ChinaQualcomm is expected to play a more important role than MediaTek for smartphone production in China in 2015 as China-based smartphone vendors are seeking to ramp up their share in the international space, according to industry sources. More China-based vendors are likely to choose chipset solutions from Qualcomm as they will further strengthen the price/performance ratio of their smartphones by using more advanced chipsets, and therefore will place MediaTek at a disadvantage, said the sources.


Huawei, Qualcomm and EE Test 400 Mbps Wireless Network at UK’s Wembley Stadium

ChinaChinese telecom giant Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. along with U.S.-based semiconductor company Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and British mobile network operator EE Ltd recently announced the demonstration of an LTE category 9 wireless technology at Wembley Stadium in London. Opened in 2007, Wembley has 90,000 seats and is considered the second largest stadium in Europe. It also hosts major football matches, including England’s national football team home matches.


Bill Gates meets with China technology minister: Ministry

ChinaSHANGHAI: Bill Gates, Microsoft Corp’s former CEO, met with China’s technology minister this week, said a Friday statement on the ministry website, days after U.S. tech groups expressed concerns over Chinese regulation damaging their businesses. In the meeting with China’s Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang, in which Gates was representing the philanthropic Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the two discussed cooperating on technology and “innovative development”, Friday’s statement said.


Qualcomm deal sparks China smartphone patent skirmishes

ChinaBEIJING: Last summer, lawyers from Chinese telecoms gear maker ZTE Corp began writing to half a dozen local handset makers it believed used its patents. Its message was simple: it’s time to pay up. ZTE’s efforts to collect patent royalties – months ahead of Qualcomm Inc’s China antitrust settlement this week, according to people with knowledge of the matter  – shows how that deal has already changed the way China’s booming smartphone industry does business.


Qualcomm may face probe into business practices in South Korea

KoreaJust days after settling with the Chinese government over claims it abused its market dominance, Qualcomm may be investigated in South Korea over the same issue. South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission is considering an investigation into Qualcomm’s business practices, the Wall Street Journal reported, but did not provide additional details. A Qualcomm spokesman declined to comment.


Most US firms feel ‘targeted’ by China: survey

China.gifBEIJING: Most US firms in China feel “targeted” by authorities, a survey said, as the government embarks on a series of high-profile investigations into foreign businesses.  An American Chamber of Commerce survey found 57% of respondents believed foreign firms are being singled out in China’s pricing, anti-monopoly and anti-corruption campaigns under President Xi Jinping. Of those who said foreign firms were being targeted, 65% said they fear such campaigns will have a negative impact on them.


China fines Qualcomm US$975 mil. in antitrust case

ChinaBEIJING–China fined chipmaker Qualcomm 6 billion yuan (US$975 million) in the biggest of a wave of anti-monopoly penalties that have rattled foreign companies. Qualcomm Inc. abused its dominance in wireless technology to charge manufacturers “unfairly high” licensing fees, a Cabinet agency announced Tuesday. China is the world’s biggest producer of mobile phones and other wireless devices, and Beijing has complained about the high cost of technology licenses.


Qualcomm settles monopoly charges in China with $975M payout

ChinaQualcomm’s battle with Chinese regulators over charges of monopoly practices has finally come to an end after more than a year of disputes. The US-based chip maker announced overnight that it will pay a US$975 million fine as part of the settlement. Despite the large sum of money involved, the settlement is not as severe as some had feared, reports the Wall Street Journal. Qualcomm will have to make some changes to the way it licenses its patents in China, but the regulators have not mandated a more serious change to the firm’s business model.


KT, Qualcomm tie up over IoT security

KoreaKT has teamed up with Qualcomm of the United States to jointly develop devices and equipment for creating secure gateways to the Internet of Things (IoT). “Under the agreement, Qualcomm will develop customized LTE (long-term evolution) chipsets, and KT will develop equipment and other IoT security integrated systems,” announced KT Thursday. Spokesman Kim Young-wan said that they aim to commercialize IoT security services based on LTE technology by the end of the first half of this year.


Samsung Dropping Qualcomm Snapdragon For Galaxy S6

KoreaQualcomm has changed the estimated amount of Snapdragon 810 sales following the loss of a “large customer” – most likely Samsung – after reported trouble meshing with the Galaxy S6. Reports started circulating around a week ago that Samsung would drop the Snapdragon 810, following Qualcomm’s decision not to make a custom version for the Galaxy S6.


TSMC to face tough questions on Qualcomm orders

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is to face a slew of tough questions to be asked by institutional investors at its upcoming investors conference to be held on January 15. TSMC is expected to clarify the latest market speculations indicating that Qualcomm reportedly has put a halt on trial production of its next generation chips built using a 16nm FinFET process at TSMC as reported by the Chinese-language Liberty Times on January 14.


China’s anti-trust investigation into Qualcomm has concluded: report

According to Techweb, China’s year-long antitrust probe of American mobile chip maker Qualcomm has finally come to an end. Sources close to government regulators involved in the investigation have told the Chinese press that the investigation has already concluded, and China’s regulators have come to an agreement with Qualcomm about the results. All that remains is to announce those results, which the sources say will happen at a ‘suitable’ time chosen by the Chinese government.


LG to Unveil G Flex 2 at CES 2015 with Snapdragon 800, Self-Healing Cover and More

LG’s smartphones make quite an impression and the company is set to continue its line-up as we step into the New Year. With the upcoming CES 2015 event in January, smartphone makers are trying to set their benchmarks for the year and LG will do the same with a refreshed smartphone line-up. We haven’t heard anything directly from the South Korean tech giant, but popular chip maker Qualcomm has teased an image of what appears to be an LG G Flex sequel.


China’s antitrust regulator says Qualcomm case to be settled soon

BEIJING: The Chinese government said that it will soon settle its antitrust investigation of US mobile chipmaker Qualcomm Inc. The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the country’s anti-monopoly regulator which launched a probe of the San Diego-based company 13 months ago, said the case would be settled lawfully, according to an online statement. The notice cited Xu Kunlin, director general of NDRC’s anti-monopoly bureau.