Facebook adds stickers to comments, but only if the post originated in Japan

If you’re a Facebook user in Japan, you may have noticed a new feature flooding your Newsfeeds: Pusheen, Meep, and the rest of the Facebook sticker gang are now making an appearance in the comments section of posts. The feature appears to be specific to Japan at present, but members of the Tech in Asia staff report being able to comment with stickers on posts made by users who are located in Japan. If you see the smiley face on the right-hand side of the text box, you can comment with a sticker.


Usage of social media up, dating apps down during Singapore Grand Prix: Study

SINGAPORE: During the recently-concluded Formula 1 (F1) Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix, social media usage climbed while dating apps saw less activity, according to a study by BlisMedia. The big data company said in a press release on Tuesday (Sep 23) that the use of YouTube, for instance, climbed by 211 per cent while Facebook usage rose by 52 per cent. Generally, social media usage increased 191 per cent during the F1 weekend, it stated. By contrast, dating apps such as Tinder and OKCupid saw a decrease in activity among users by 40 per cent during the same weekend, the company noted.


Infosys’ new CEO Vishal Sikka allows staff to use Twitter, Facebook to retain talent

MUMBAI: InfosysBSE 1.27 % Ltd’s new CEO has come up with a novel approach to reviving the financial fortunes of country’s trailblazing outsourcing firm: use Facebook at work, tweet, but get the job done. Infosys has long been run as a conservative company known for keeping strict tabs on work hours and sometimes fining employees for not wearing ties on specific days. Such cheerless self-regard could not have come at a more challenging time, analysts say.


Alibaba IPO will make it biggest internet company in China and third biggest in the world

Alibaba will be the third-biggest internet company in the world by market cap if analysts’ estimates hold up. It will surpass both US ecommerce giant Amazon and Chinese rival Tencent. Chinese companies take up four of the top 10 spots and make up three of the top six. Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU) sits at number six, while JD (NASDAQ:JD) rounds out the top 10. Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) leads by a long shot with nearly twice the market cap as runner up Facebook (NASDAQ:FB).


Why hasn’t India produced a Google or a Facebook?

It is often said, and there is empirical evidence to prove it, that 3 out of 6 tech startups in the Silicon Valley (California) have Indians in them. Then how come no Indian has come out with a technology product like a Google or a Facebook? Compare and contrast this with the Chinese technopreneurs. China has produced iconic technology companies such as Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Lenovo and Xiaomi, which are today global or at least Asian brands. Where are homegrown Indian brands that have made a global or regional impact?


Social Media Impressed With PM Narendra Modi’s Speech

NEW DELHI: Indians took to the social networking site Twitter in large numbers impressed with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s maiden speech on the country’s 68th Independence Day.Reacting to Modi’s speech from the Red Fort here, @PriyalGuliani wrote: “I liked this speech… Rape…cleanliness.. equality ..communal violence .. development.” Another Twitter user, @sanjeevsanyal said: “Wow, what a speech! PM Modi lays out a clear, actionable vision for India. Now over to implementation.”


Malaysia to study whether Facebook should be blocked

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian government will study whether it is necessary to block Facebook following a case of abuse involving the social website, said Communication and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek. He said his ministry was conducting studies to gather public views on the matter. “If the people are of the opinion that Facebook should be closed, we are prepared to look into the matter but it is a radical approach,” he told reporters after closing the Cheras Wanita Umno Delegates Meeting on Saturday (Aug 9).


Japan’s Rakuten Bank now allowing money transfers via Facebook

A new feature from Rakuten Bank, unsurprisingly called “Transfer by Facebook,” is being touted by the bank as the first of its kind in the country and is brilliantly simple to use.  Launch the Rakuten Bank app, pick the Facebook friend and then enter in the amount to be transferred. There’s no need to know the other person’s banking details.  It even works if the friend in question has an account at another bank, although it’s not quite so seamless.


Facebook has 25 million users in Vietnam

A report by Epinion on the number of Facebook users in Vietnam includes results of a survey that the agency conducted last month based on online interviews with over 1,000 Vietnamese people aged over 18. The report indicates 97% of respondents have Facebook accounts to contact their friends and relatives, share experiences and market products and services. Tran Lien Phuong, research director at Epinion Vietnam, said social media in Vietnam is growing fast, with Facebook seeing the number of subscribers doubling each year.


Allied Asia Pacific Developed Facebook Crowdsourcing Service "ReFUEL4," Now API Partners of Facebook Advertising; Partnership Pact with Nanigans

TOKYO, July 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Allied Asia Pacific Pte LTD., subsidiary of Allied Architects, Inc. which offers social media marketing support business, is recognized as an official API Partners of Facebook advertising (*1) by Facebook, Inc. (Head Office: United States, California, CEO: Mark Zuckerberg) and developed the crowdsourcing service “ReFUEL4″ which is specialized for Facebook advertising creation. Signed a partner agreement with sPMD (*2) certified company, Nanigans, Inc. and will start the service to the countries of the world.


India is a Promising Market for Facebook, Says Sandberg

BANGALORE: The chief operating officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, said, “No other country has the potential that India has”, also added that in India there are more than 100 million users and 1.2 billion users worldwide and she wants to ensure that access to Internet in India is faster, better and cheaper, reports Business Insider. “India is Facebook’s second largest market, fastest growing market, and fastest growing Internet connectivity in APAC. It is of high priority for us,” Sandberg said.


Facebook seeks India revenue boost with ‘missed call’ ads

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook Inc wants its users in India to hang up on advertisers. The Internet social networking company is testing a new type of ad in the country that allows mobile phone users to click a button that calls a brand advertiser, immediately hangs up and then receives a return call. The return call delivers pre-recorded audio messages about everything from sponsored cricket scores to information about shopping discounts, minimising data charges for the user. The so-called “missed call” ad was specially created by Facebook to appeal to users in the world’s second-most populous country, and potentially in other emerging markets.


Facebook reaches 69M users in Indonesia, one of its largest markets

Facebook just saw its active user base in Indonesia rise to 69 million, according to a statement from Facebook’s Indonesia head, Anand Tilak. Two quarters back, the company reported 65 million active monthly users in the country pointing to a 6-percent increase. Indonesia is actually one of Facebook’s largest markets, despite the fact that Internet access isn’t always available and just 23-percent of the Southeast Asian country’s 240 million people have smartphones, according to Nielsen.


Myanmar’s new mobile internet users embrace Android smartphones, pick Viber over Facebook

Half of Myanmar’s mobile internet users came online during the past 12 months, according to a major survey in the newly emerging nation. 49 percent of all the country’s web users only access the web on their phones. That means the people of Myanmar are skipping the era of PCs entirely. They’re also sidestepping basic ‘feature phones’ and are instead leaping straight into Android smartphones. The survey from On Device Research, which questioned people and also monitored the device they’re using, found that China’s Huawei is the number one phone brand in Myanmar with 71 percent of respondents using an Android-powered Huawei smartphone.


Facebook outage may have been hacker attack – from China

Facebook’s website and app were both unavailable for 31 minutes on Thursday evening from approximately 6:00pm AEST, making it the site’s longest outage in four years, according to the Guardian. The social network has not yet revealed what led to the downtime, prompting wild theories about its cause – including speculation that it may have been hit by a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.


One telco in Thailand just confirmed the military forced it briefly to block Facebook

Remember the panic in Thailand on the afternoon of May 28 when Facebook was inaccessible for most people in the country? It came less than a week after the military coup that ousted the Prime Minister, and it left many Thai netizens concerned that Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) could be blocked for the duration of the coup.


VN Facebook users snub negative posts

This was listed as the most common reason for turning friends into former friends, with 60 per cent of respondents saying they have done this to someone due to the constant annoyance of their meaningless posts. The survey done in April of 1,000 respondents also said 54 per cent “unfriended” people because of negative status updates. Other common reasons for jettisoning friends were too many unrelated tags (50 per cent), boastful updates, and game requests (both 49 per cent).


Thailand social media stats: 28 million on Facebook, 4.5 million on Twitter, 1.7 million on Instagram

Back in March, Thailand had roughly 24 million Facebook users and 1.5 million Instagram users. Twitter saw 35 percent user growth and 45 percent more use per user in 2013 compared to 2012 in Thailand. The number has grown significantly since then. Earlier this week at the Thailand Zocial Awards in Bangkok, some interesting numbers were presented. Zocial Inc, the company behind ZocialRank, which monitors social media trends in the country, hosted the event.


Facebook has 25 million users in Vietnam

A report by Epinion on the number of Facebook users in Vietnam includes results of a survey that the agency conducted last month based on online interviews with over 1,000 Vietnamese people aged over 18. The report indicates 97% of respondents have Facebook accounts to contact their friends and relatives, share experiences and market products and services.


They ban it from citizens, but Chinese officials are active on Facebook

China’s Communist authorities ban their own people from accessing major global social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. But when it comes to self-promotion they are increasingly keen users themselves. The official news agency Xinhua, the Communist Party’s official mouthpiece the People’s Daily, and state broadcaster CCTV all have Twitter accounts, as do a host of city and provincial authorities. When the city of Hangzhou, renowned for its lakes and canals, looked to raise its international profile it turned to Facebook, the world’s most-popular social network.