Huawei, BT Ireland Test 400 Gbps Fiber Broadband Transmission

China.gifChinese telecom giant Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. and telecom firm BT Ireland have successfully tested a 400 Gbps fiber broadband over fiber optics that connects the city of Dublin to Belfast. Huawei and BT Ireland have transmitted 400 Gbps of data across existing 10 Gbps, 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps wavelengths. BT said it had chosen to carry out the test in Ireland due to its existing network infrastructure and the 200 km distance between Dublin and Belfast.

Genome Institute of Singapore strengthens genome sequencing capabilities with BT

The Agency for Science, Technology and Research’s (A*STAR) Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) has collaborated with BT Group (BT) to create a a cloud-based Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) environment. This is expected to reduce the time it takes for GIS to develop Next-Generation-Sequencing analytical software and to make it available to a wider reach of research communities and external parties.

BT invests in new services across Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa

BT, one of the world’s leading providers of communications solutions and services, today announced new cloud services aimed at supporting the expansion plans of its customers in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa (AMEA), and helping them orchestrate the most recent technology to deliver great business outcomes. Backed by its global network infrastructure and leveraging its position as a leading provider of unified communications and collaboration services, BT launches the following new cloud services in the AMEA region:

A *STAR’s Genome Institute Of Singapore Strengthens Its Genome Sequencing Capabilities Through Collaboration With BT

Singapore – Research institutes that deal in genomic technology require large computing and data resources. Those with inadequate computing technologies often face scalability issues, which slow research in new genome sequencing techniques and technologies. A*STAR’s Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) has empowered its existing genomic analysis capabilities through collaboration with BT Group (BT) to create a cloud-based Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) environment.

BT to expand cloud compute service in India

BT on Wednesday announced the launch of its Cloud Compute service in India to help customers reap the benefits of cloud computing and meet regulatory demands. BT Cloud Compute helps CIOs build powerful ‘pay as you go’ cloud solutions with high levels of quality, security and service delivered from BT. The service is available in 17 countries across four continents, including Hong Kong, China and Singapore in Asia.

Asia-Pacific execs lag US peers in cyber security, ROI awareness: BT

Asia-Pacific companies are far less concerned about information security than their US counterparts and significantly less able to measure their security return on investment (ROI), according to a new survey from BT. The company’s research – conducted by Vanson Bourne and involving 500 interviews across seven countries and four key vertical industry sectors – found that while 90 percent of US companies are able to measure the ROI of their cyber-security measures, just 51 percent of Asia-Pacific companies can do the same.