Quanta ramping production of 12-inch MacBook Air, say supply chain sources

Taiwan-based ODM Quanta Computer has begun volume production of the new 12-inch MacBook Air, paving the way for Apple to launch the device in the first quarter of 2015, according to sources at Taiwan-based supply chain. Quanta has stepped up efforts to recruit more workers in order to ramp up the production, revealed the sources.


No, Xiaomi is not about to launch a MacBook Air clone

Chinese gadget maker Xiaomi was in the news a lot yesterday. The company announced a US$1.1 billion round of funding that values four-year-old Xiaomi at $45 billion, and then a number of sites ran with stories showing purportedly leaked photos (one is pictured above) of an upcoming Xiaomi laptop that looks like a MacBook Air. But that last story simply isn’t true, the firm stated today. “That’s false news,” says Kaylene Hong, Xiaomi’s communications manager, to Tech in Asia.


Apple supply chain preparing for new MacBook Air and Apple Watch, from TW

Following a pilot production at the end of 2014, Apple’s new 12-inch MacBook Air is expected to enter mass production in the first quarter of 2015, according to sources from the upstream supply chain. And with the Apple Watch also beginning production at about the same time, Apple’s supply chain players have started accelerating their supplies of related components.


Unix bug ‘Shellshock’ leaves software experts, industry shocked, from IN

MUMBAI/BANGALORE: A new software security threat is giving sleepless nights to India’s information guardians and has prompted companies such as ITC and Future Group to take swift action to protect their systems.  The Bash bug, or Shellshock as it is popularly known, is said to be more dangerous than the Heartbleed computer security flaw discovered earlier this year. Unix-based operating systems such as Apple’s Mac OS X and Linux are vulnerable to the bug, which allows hackers to gain control over a user’s computer remotely without authorisation.


Microsoft facing increased competition from MacBooks and Chromebooks, say Taiwan makers

Microsoft is facing increased competition from MacBooks and Chromebooks, with the global notebook OS market share for Windows 8 already dropping to below 90%, according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers. Thanks to iPhones and iPads, demand for Apple’s Mac series products has also been rising in the past few years. Meanwhile, Google is seeing increased Chromebook demand from the US and the UK’s education procurement and enterprise markets.


Apple to mass produce 12-inch MacBook Air in 3Q14 – from Taiwan

Apple’s new 12-inch MacBook Air will enter mass production in the third quarter, filling the gap between the 11- and 13-inch MacBook Airs as well as enhancing Apple’s leadership in the small-to-medium-size ultra-thin notebook market, according to sources from the upstream supply chain. Quanta Computer will be responsible for the assembly of the 12-inch device, said the sources, adding that so far, they have not heard any changes coming to the 11- and 13-inch MacBook Air products.


MacBook shipments in 2014 may fall to 10 million units, say Taiwan makers

MacBook shipments in 2014 are likely to drop by about 15% from 12 million units in 2013 to 10 million units or even 9.9 million units, according to some of Taiwan-based supply chain makers. MacBook shipments in January-February 2014 were as expected, but Apple has significantly decreased shipments in March, the sources said.