Qld Police to get 5400 more iPads under re-elected LNP, from AU

Queensland’s LNP government has promised to add 5400 extra devices to the state police’s iPad fleet, a capability it expects will deliver efficiencies equivalent to 300 extra officers on the beat over four years. Less than two weeks out from the state election, Premier Campbell Newman pledged to boost the number of iPads on the beat to 8250, making it the largest law enforcement device fleet in the country by a significant margin.


Digitimes Research: iPad shipments to drop to 55 million units in 2015, from TW

Thanks to Sony quitting the notebook market and Apple’s price cuts, MacBook shipments in 2014 are expected to grow over 15% on year, the highest growth among the top-10 vendors. But Apple’s iPad shipments are expected to see a decline in the year. In 2015, Digitimes Research estimates that MacBook shipments will grow further, but iPad shipments are expected to continue decreasing to reach around 55 million units.


Slow sales for next-generation iPads, from VN

Although they have been in the local market for two weeks, sales have been slow, according to distributors. Duc, the owner of Shopdunk, a mobile phone shop in Hanoi, said: “Demand for iPad Air 2 is equal to 40 percent of the demand for iPad Air which hit the market last year. The demand for iPad mini 3 is even lower.” He also said that most iPad Air 2 buyers wanted the yellow version, with 4G and 64 GB capacity. The owner of another shop in Hanoi confirmed that though iPad Air 2 has a “reasonable price”, the products have been selling more slowly than last year’s iPad Airs.


SingTel, StarHub start sales of Apple’s new iPads

Under SingTel’s pricing model, consumers pay less for the tablet devices upfront, but will incur a S$15 top-up fee over 24 months in addition to their monthly subscriptions. StarHub also announced it would start sales on Saturday. SingTel on Friday (Oct 24) started offering Apple’s latest iPads – the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 – while competing telco StarHub said it would start sales for the two devices from Saturday.


Digitimes Research: Apple turns to focus on price management to save tablet business, from TW

Digitimes Research believes Apple is planning to sacrifice its gross margins to save its tablet business, which has already fallen into decline. Apple’s entry into price competition is also expected to impact sales of its competitors’ high-end tablets. Compared to the iPad Air’s significant upgrades in 2013, the iPad Air 2’s hardware improvements are a lot smaller, while the iPad mini 3, except for the addition of Touch ID functions, has almost no changes in specifications or industrial design.


Startup aims at Myanmar’s youngest of early adopters with educational iPad app

Only about 10 percent of Myanmar’s population have a mobile phone right now – and even fewer have a smartphone or tablet. While Myanmar is an exciting, new, and sizable market, it’s still very early days. One startup based in Yangon is keen on gaining traction in this formative stage. A team of app developers recently released its first educational iPad app, called Phew (pictured above). It’s designed to help kids learn how to write the mellifluously flowing characters of the Burmese language. The Brahmic script, like Thai or Tibetan, is quite hard to write.


After boosting sales with iPhone, Japan’s NTT Docomo to offer iPad

Japan’s NTT Docomo, the country’s largest wireless carrier by subscriber base, will begin offering Apple’s iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display from June 10. Amid pressure from rivals who embraced Apple devices much earlier than Docomo, the company hopes to boost subscribers – while Apple stands to widen its commanding share of the Japanese market.


This Hong Kong startup solves online retail nightmares with a simple iPad app

With one foot in Hong Kong and the other in New York, retail point of sales startup Bindo moved out of its usual stomping grounds today as it pitched to investors during Startup Asia Singapore 2014. For consumers who dabble in ecommerce on a not-so-frequent basis, it can be difficult to appreciate how running an online retail business can be difficult. In an effort to grow their customer base, many brick-and-mortar stores will start web-based operations where they sell their goods online.


As usual, Indonesia’s iPad Air and new iPad Mini are much more expensive than elsewhere

The iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display finally hit the shelves – officially, we mean – in Indonesia today through Apple premium reseller iBox Indonesia. But as usual in Indonesia, the prices are much higher than in neighboring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. Indonesia’ iPad Air is more expensive than in Singapore by US$120 to $150. Singapore’s iPad Mini with Retina Display is cheaper by US$100 to $130.