2014: Indian IT industry dons innovation in year of double-digit growth #cloud #cloudcomputing

BENGALURU: Recovering from a slowdown and sustaining a double-digit growth, the $120-billion Indian IT industry had a remarkable 2014, consolidating operations and using disruptive technologies, which ensures innovation to shed the old and adapt to new products and services.  Though the first half of the year was challenging for various reasons beyond the industry’s control, the sentiment turned around and has been upbeat for the past six months, especially in the post-elections phase, with a stable central government in place, stakeholders said.


Sorry China, the US and Southeast Asia agree that Japan is most important partner in the region

Startups, take notice. Singapore and Hong Kong might be great hubs for entrepreneurs and investors, Indonesia’s future earning potential might be incredibly appealing, and China’s vast economy might be enough to power your startup for years, but Japan now holds the title of most important partner in the region according to both ASEAN nations and the United States.


Taiwan business leader suggests trade office for Portugal in Taipei

Taipei, Nov. 4 (CNA) A Taiwanese business leader suggested Portugal establish a trade office in Taipei to strengthen bilateral ties Tuesday, when business representatives from the two countries held a meeting in Taipei. Chien Han-sun, vice chairman of the Taipei-based Chinese International Economic Cooperation Association, said that an office would help boost trade between Taiwan and Portugal, which is weaker than the island’s trade with other European countries. Bilateral trade hit US$260 million last year, according to the association, which organized the meeting.


60 percent unlicensed software installed in India in 2013

BANGALORE, INDIA: Unlicensed software which is quite a common trend has not been much curbed over the years. Starting from individuals to major enterprises, the trend is well profound. Although it imposes security risks and threats, enterprises are quite reluctant to change and take the effort to put a stop to it. Yolynd Lobo, BSA India, director, explains how this usage of unlicensed software can be reduced and also how it imposes threats to the enterprises and gives details on Software Assess Management and how can it keep a check.


Malaysia’s 2015 budget brings good tidings for local entrepreneurship (INFOGRAPHIC)

Yesterday, Prime Minister Najib Razak presented his plans for Malaysia’s 2015 budget, among which were a slew of measures pertaining to entrepreneurship. According to Digital News Asia , he identified human capital development and entrepreneurship as one of seven core strategies to drive the country’s progress. The most notable initiative aimed at encouraging local entrepreneurship is the funds of up to MYR500 million (US$153 million) earmarked by governmental agency TEKUN for entrepreneurship, of which MYR350 million (US$107 million) will go to the local Bumiputera – those of the Malay race – entrepreneurs.


Sharp to seek job cuts in Europe, forge ties with local firms

TOKYO: Japan’s Sharp Corp said on Friday that it would seek 300 job cuts in Europe and pursue cooperative ties in household electronics with two companies in the region in a renewed round of restructuring of its European operations.  The electronics maker said it would grant use of its TV brand in Europe to Universal Media Corp (UMC) Slovakia while a sales unit of Turkish electronics firm Vestel Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret AS would receive use of its home appliances brand.


Singapore’s economy moving up the value chain

SINGAPORE: Singapore’s economy is climbing up the value chain. Despite concerns over recent lacklustre exports data, economists have said there has been a shift towards higher-value services-related activities within the manufacturing sector, which could pave the way for further transformation and growth. The semiconductor chips in EZ-Link cards are made by Infineon Technologies, which started operations in Singapore about 40 years ago doing low-cost assembly. With semiconductors becoming smaller and more complex over the years, Infineon has been constantly upgrading its processes.


Are Vietnamese IT engineers the best paid in the region?

Analyzing the data from PayScale, a software and data service provider, PIKOM compared the income of IT engineers in 70 cities in 13 countries in accordance with the purchasing power parity (PPP) theory, and found that the most attractive income was being paid to the engineers in Vietnam and Hong Kong. Vietnamese IT engineers’ earned 2.19 times higher than their Malaysian counterparts, while Hong Kong engineers’ earned 2.12 times higher than Malaysian. According to PIKOM, an IT expert in Malaysia received 7,152 RM in 2013, on average, or $47 million a year.


China’s Internet growth sags to levels not seen in 8 years

China’s rush to the Internet is slowing, with the country adding only 14.4 million new Internet users in the first half of 2014, the lowest half-year growth in eight years. There were 632 million Internet users in China in June, according to the government-linked China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC). Although China has long reigned as the country with the world’s largest Internet population, the services are still struggling to take off in the rural areas, where about 450 million people never go online, said the CNNIC in its bi-annual report.


Hon Hai still ‘overweight': Morgan Stanley

TAIPEI–Morgan Stanley has maintained an “overweight” recommendation of shares of Taiwan-based Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. (鴻海) amid optimism toward the manufacturer’s bottom line ahead of expected launches for the next generation of Apple iPhones. Hon Hai, the world’s largest contract electronics maker and assembler of iPhones and iPads, is known as one of the “Apple concept stocks” in the local bourse.


Thailand’s Data Center Providers Flourish While The Overall Economy Suffers From Political Turmoil

While Thailand’s overall economy is suffering terribly from the country’s ongoing political turmoil, the country’s data center service providers have miraculously been experiencing unexpected growth in business, researchers from Frost & Sullivan said. The Thai data center industry grew 21 percent in 2013, compared to the previous year, with total revenue in excess of 1,700 million baht ($51.84 million). Frost & Sullivan expects the industry to continue to enjoy strong growth of more than 15 percent in 2014.