New crowdsourced jobs site helps Japanese mothers get some income without joining the rat race

Japan is the worst developed country for working mothers as horrendous working hours combine with a culture that expects stay-at-home moms to stay home forever. That makes it tough for women with kids to get back into the workplace. Japanese web company CyberAgent (TYO:4751) has launched an online, crowdsourced jobs marketplace that allows these women to pick up small jobs and paid tasks as and when they have time. It’s called Mama and Crowd.

Indonesia’s design crowdsourcing site Sribu gets funding for regional expansion

We kick off this week with investment news from Indonesia. Today, the country’s design crowdsourcing marketplace Sribu 1 announced that it has raised a series A round investment from a publicly listed company in Japan called Infoteria Corporation (TYO:3853). According to the Japanese press release, Infoteria Corporation has acquired a 34.5 percent share of Sribu for an undisclosed amount. The new money will be used for regional expansion into Southeast Asia. Founder Ryan Gondokusumo comments: